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The Importance of Volunteering in Education


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Getting involved with your community helps to build for the future. Too often, though, early education is forgotten. Here are five ways that benefitting education benefits everyone.

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The Importance of Volunteering in Education

  1. 1. The Importance Of Educational Volunteering Five Ways that Giving Back to the Educational Facilities in your Community Benefits Everyone JULY 2016 | CARL TURNLEY
  2. 2. Education Today Where are you today? Do you have a career? Are you well-rounded? How much of that is because of the education you received? Unfortunately, early education is often forgotten or disregarded as an important part of children's' futures. HOW HAS YOUR EDUCATION IMPACTED YOU TODAY?
  4. 4. Community By volunteering at a local school or donating money or resources to helping to build the facilities, you’re effectively helping to improve the neighborhood as a whole. Education is paramount to the success of a community and those within the community–by building strong educational foundations for the children where you live, you’ll be setting them up for success in their future. BUILDING EDUCATION BUILDS A COMMUNITY
  5. 5. The Future By donating or volunteering at a local school, you’ll be able to invest in the future, giving the children in your community a better, more influential educational experience than you yourself received. By setting up the children and young adults in your community to receive a better education than you did, you’ll be preparing the business and professional leaders of tomorrow for success THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION, AND THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS
  6. 6. The Experience If you’re allocating time, money or resources towards bettering the educational system within your own community, you’ll actually get to see the effect you had! Another personal benefit of getting involved in any capacity is the satisfaction you get from helping others. Whether you're giving your money or your time (I recommend the latter), the satisfaction you'll get is an incredible feeling. THE SATISFACTION AND EXPERIENCE ARE UNPARALLELED
  7. 7. CARLTURNLEY.ORG | LINKEDIN.COM/IN/CARLTURNLEY How do you get involved in education? What do you think is the best, most efficient or most productive way to benefit education? Tell me in the comments, or visit my website below for more philanthropic causes.