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Slovenia: Things to See and Do


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Thinking about heading over to Europe for a vacation anytime soon? If you're still deciding which countries to include in your itinerary, don't leave out Slovenia!

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Slovenia: Things to See and Do

  1. 1. Slovenia What to see and do
  2. 2. The Guardian compiled several tips for visiting the central European country of Slovenia. There's so much to take in!
  3. 3. Eat Foodies and picky eaters unite!
  4. 4. Cafe Belvedere Located in the hills above Lake Bled A favorite of former president Josip Tito It has been fully restored and features the old furniture for a charming vibe
  5. 5. GP Trojane You’re going to want to try a Trojane krof, a large kind of doughnut Also get the soup with noodles and local sausages
  6. 6. Explore Getting in touch with nature
  7. 7. Logarska Dolina Landscape Park Located near the Austrian border Features a beautiful waterfall Be sure to bring a bike!
  8. 8. Bohinj Railway Train travel is a great way to get a scenic tour of any countryside Get a ticket to Nova Gorica The route will take you through the Italian countryside and the Sava River
  9. 9. Learn Soak in some history
  10. 10. Predjama Castle This is a must-see for history buffs 13th century fortress built into the mouth of a cave Home to the legendary Ezram Passage
  11. 11. Radovljica This old town is home to a medieval square Also has several museums that celebrate the country’s rich history and traditions