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What are Multifunction Installation Testers


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One of the major concerns for most organizations and household is electrical safety.

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What are Multifunction Installation Testers

  2. 2. The Purpose..One of the major concerns for mostorganizations and household is electrical safety.Most of the electrical accidents involve portableappliances. So investing in the right PAT testingequipment is a must.Fluke installation testers emerge to help for thispurpose exclusively.
  3. 3. What Is A Multifunction Installation Tester Fluke 1653 multifunction installation tester is a battery powered electrical device that is designed for the purpose of conducting productive and functional tests on your electrical appliances. They are simple to use and the reports are easy to understand.
  4. 4. A high quality insulation system, a functioninggrounding system and an active protection willensure safety of people, the electrical applianceand the building against electrical hazards andfire.Fluke manufactures a multifunction installationtester that is responsible for assuring safety ofdomestic, industrial and commercial appliances.
  5. 5. Multifunction Testers By using the multifunction testers you can carry out a variety of tests. Below are few: The insulation continuity test: The fluke multifunction testers are designed for the purpose of diagnosing and avoiding breakdown of wires, motors and even transformers. The insulation quality assures continuous and safe functioning of the electrical circuit.
  6. 6. RCD device testing: Fluke’s installation testersalso check the functioning of the residualcurrent devices (RCD). RCD’s are responsiblefor disconnecting the circuit in case of currentimbalance between energized and neutralconductors. The imbalance usually indicates aleakage of current outside the appliance whichcan be hazardous. The multifunction testersmake sure that RCD does its job properly.
  7. 7. Loop testing: Loop testing is an easy, quickand an effective method of evaluating theelectrical circuits for their ability to engage thedevices likes fuses and RCD’s. There is aground loop that will determine the capability ofthese protective devices. The multifunctiontester helps in measuring this ability and detectproblems if any.
  8. 8. Resistance measurement: A properlyfunctioning grounding system is critical for thesafety of electrical appliances.The Fluke PAT testers are also capable ofpassing the verification tests that help inmaintaining the low resistance for electricalappliances making them safe for handling.