Traditional French Cuisine


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French food is highly valued all over the world and is made from exquisitive ingredients.

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Traditional French Cuisine

  2. 2. ● French food is highly valued all over the world and is made from exquisitive ingredients. But like many other people you may be unsure of what French cuisine really is.● For example, when we think about Italian food, we connect it with pizza, lasagna and spaghetti. So what comes to your mind when you think about french food?
  3. 3. A culinary tradition● The French have one of the oldest and best culinary tradition in the world. Some of the most famous culinary schools are located in France.● Food in France varies from region to region. This is the reason many people are unsure, what to refer to as French food. People in one area of France eat completely different food than people who live in another part of France.● The French have used local French ingredients in their food for thousand of years. Those who live on the coast eat a lot of fish food, while those who live on the farmlands have a diet rich in diary products and meat.
  4. 4. The foreign influence● France borders many other countries, so a clear foreign influence can be seen in the food. For example, French areas that border Spain, mix traditional French cuisine with a dash of Spanish flair.● Similarly, when you buy French food near the German border it will be flavoured like many traditional German foods.● French territories lying in the Mediterranean have a cuisine rich in tomatoes, olive oil and herbs.● In the French northwest, you will find food rich in butter, apples and crème fraiche.
  5. 5. French steak● Steak is an important item in French food. The French enjoy their steak rare. However if you order steak, you will be asked how would you like to have it. If you dont speak French the task can be a little difficult. Some may not order steak altogether. Here are some tips on how to order steak in French.● If you say you want your steak bleu(very rare), you will receive a steak that has a warm exterior with a cool, uncooked center.● If you say you want your steak to be saignant(rare), your steak will have a warm center, but then it would be rare and bloody.
  6. 6. French steak continued..● If you say à point, your steak will be cooked to a point until it has stopped bleeding.● If you want your steak to have a center that is pink and warm, say plus à point.● If you say you want a bien cuit, you will receive a well cooked steak with a little bit of pink in the center. If want it fully cooked, then say bien bien cuit.
  7. 7. French cheese● France is very famous for its cheese. There are many kinds of cheese in France. This is because every region in France has its own type of cheese. French cheese is known for its exceptional texture and flavor. A store that sells cheese is called fromagerie in French. French food hampers will usually contain cheese, as will some gift hampers.● Some popular french cheese are mentioned below.
  8. 8. ● Camembert and Brie This cheese is made from cows milk and a strain of pencillin called the camemberti bacteria. Both these cheese are soft and creamy. If you are looking for a cheese to fill pastries with, then Brie it is. Camembert will loose its flavour if you heat it and it is primarily eaten raw with meat or bread.● Tomme de Savoie There are many kinds of Tomme cheese. It is mainly identified by the region it is made in. It is a semi solid cheese, with a grey brown rind. It has a pleasant nutty flavour. This cheese is known for its low fat content (it is made of skimmed milk). Many French food shops in the UK stock this cheese.
  9. 9. ● Roquefort This blue cheese is made from sheeps milk. It is slightly moist, rindless, white, tangy and crumbly. The cheese has a salty exterior and contains green veins that give it a tangy flavor.● Reblochon This cheese made from a cows second milking, is made in Frances Savoie region. It has a soft texture with a washed rind. It has a rich nutty flavour with a herbal aroma.● When you buy French food online, be sure to include these cheese in your purchase.