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The Need For Pat Testers


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Testing electrical equipments has become imperative in all fields to avoid electrical accidents that are arising everyday.

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The Need For Pat Testers

  2. 2. What is PAT testing? Why is it important?Testing electrical equipments has becomeimperative in all fields to avoid electricalaccidents that are arising everyday. A PATtester is one who is skilled to test the safetyoperation of the electrical appliances you use inyour daily life.
  3. 3. What PAT Testers Do PAT testing involves examining the electronic devices for any faults. These include your laptops, monitors, ovens heaters and even the dishwasher. The PAT tester would regularly inspect these devices and check their conditions. Only on passing the test, the appliance may be used safely.
  4. 4. PAT testing or Portable ApplianceTesting is an integral part of the policy ofHealth and Safety.For anyone to become a PAT tester, abasic PAT training course will have to bepursued. You can check the availableoptions for PAT training course
  5. 5. The whole process of service testing andinspection of the equipment will have to becarried out by certified PAT professionals.PAT testing courses enable you to do that. Theyhelp people qualify for the testing and inspectionprocesses.As a part of the course, you would study thevarious aspects of the appliances, thestructure, functionality and the necessary safetymeasures.
  6. 6. Any Qualifications?You need not have any specificqualifications to sign up for the PATtesting course. On enrolling, you would betaught the theoretical and practicalaspects of PAT testing. On successfulcompletion, you will obtain a certificatewhich will permit you to carry out PATtesting as per the IEE guidelines.
  7. 7. A trained PAT tester would have hugedemand in offices, hospitals schools ,industries and even homes. In manycountries like UK and Australia, PATtraining is taken very seriously. Thereare strict rules according to which theportable appliances need to bemaintained and used. This makes PATtraining a profitable business option.
  8. 8. Since there are no pre-requisites topursue the course and the duration inmost cases is just one day, anyinterested individual can consider theoption of pursuing a PAT course.There are a lot of courses across UKfor you to choose from and establisha career in PAT testing. You can visit tochoose a course for yourself.