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Benefits of Sailing As Recreational Therapy


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Learning sailing sure has its own thrills and also brings with it a sense of accomplishment.

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Benefits of Sailing As Recreational Therapy

  2. 2. The Experience Of Sailing Have you ever considered the thought of sailingon a small boat all by yourself and experiencingthe joy of gliding across the ocean?Learning sailing sure has its own thrills and alsobrings with it a sense of accomplishment. Sailingis emerging as the new popular sport and alsodoubles up as an activity providing recreationaltherapy.
  3. 3. Learning to SailA planned sailing trip with your family or friendswhere you along with a team would beresponsible for maneuvering the vessel, comeswith a lot of benefits.If you are planning to do this every now andthen, then equipping yourself with sailing skillscan be a good idea. There are a lot of sailingcourses across the UK which can help you trainin this field.
  4. 4. Benefits of Sailing:1. It teaches social interaction: By providing a small interacting space, sailing expects from all those who are on board to interact closely. Indulging in this sport frequently is believed to improve the physical as well as your emotional health.
  5. 5. 2. It teaches teamwork While you are operating your vessel with a team, there would be lot of team building and collaboration activity involved. Dealing with the ropes, monitoring the navigation ,creating an awareness of the safety rules, and co-operating with the overboard manual procedures teaches you how to work together as one unit.
  6. 6. 3. Improvescommunication/comprehension skills The ability to carry out instructions and procedures for navigation would definitely help in improving the comprehension skills and also promotes non-verbal communication. The crew members ought to act as a team in navigating, tracking and manipulating the boat.
  7. 7. 4. Brings about awareness The crew members would actively participate in the activities which can help in promoting awareness in a way through which you will appreciate nature, the waterways, and the marine life. This activity also instills confidence in facing the hurdles and successfully accomplishing the mission.
  8. 8. Sailing Courses By providing a host of benefits, learning to sail definitely seems like a good option for those whose interest lies in it and also if you are looking to take it as a profession. RYA sailing courses offer a variety of sailing courses like motor boat lessons, day skipper courses, powerboat courses and many such others from which you can choose to master the art of sailing.