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CWT Meetings And Events


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At a typical company, meetings & events represents, on average, between 25% and 40% of total travel spend. That’s a large area of opportunity for improving savings, services, and control. Taking control of your meetings & events can help you achieve savings of 10% to 30%. CWT Meetings & Events delivers savings and success. Most importantly, we can help you increase the effectiveness of your meetings & events program to ensure your company’s unique business objectives are achieved.

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CWT Meetings And Events

  2. 2. CWT Meetings & Events delivers savings and success Do you want savings AND satisfaction? CWT Meetings & Events can help you: Improve the quality of your meetings & events Would you like to have control AND creativity? Increase your return on investment With CWT Meetings & Events, you CAN. Gain access to leading tools & technology Increase the efficiency of your employees At a typical company, meetings & events represents, on average, between 25% and 40% of total travel spend. That’s a large area of opportunity for improving Satisfy your attendees AND stakeholders savings, services, and control. Taking control of your meetings & events can help you achieve savings of 10% to 30%. Most importantly, we can help you increase the effectiveness of your meetings & events program to ensure your company’s unique business objectives are achieved. CWT Meetings & Events helps you achieve savings AND success. 2
  3. 3. Meetings & Events offering CWT CWT Meetings&Events CWT Meetings Solutions Events CWT Meetings & Events has the expertise and hands-on experience you need to optimize savings, improve services, increase control, enrich attendee experiences, CWT Meetings & Events helps you improve and reach your organization’s unique strategic objectives. risk management efforts by ensuring With CWT’s help, you can take control. Our industry-leading technologies and meeting attendees can be tracked in an proprietary optimization models improve process efficiencies and provide emergency. worldwide data consolidation, benchmarking capabilities, and reconciliation reporting. CWT Meetings & Events also helps you improve risk management efforts by ensuring meeting attendees can be tracked in an emergency. From a menu of services in logistics, sourcing, and consulting to end-to-end management, we have meetings and events covered. 3
  4. 4. Unparalleled control: CWT Meetings CWT Meetings offers a flexible range of services, expertise and resources to meeting planning and execution with the power of a truly global player and the professionalize meeting planning and execution, strategically source suppliers, and personalized approach of someone who knows your market. accurately report on your company’s meetings and events. We can complement your in-house resources and processes, offering expertise in specific areas of CWT Meetings has best-in-class technology enablers to facilitate efficient processes need, or deliver an end-to-end solution for your planners and attendees. and provide the meeting tools and services planners need. We can also help you prove the value of managing meetings and events by tracking and reporting CWT Meetings can also help you eliminate costly supplier penalties and spend and savings, attendee satisfaction, and how well your meetings achieve negotiate favorable terms and conditions in meeting contracts. With worldwide their business objectives. presence and local expertise, we can assist you around the globe in all areas of Success Story: CWT Meetings Services: CWT Meetings handled sourcing, accommodations and operational Pre-planning & approval reporting for a critical client meeting, ensuring a successful event for Supplier sourcing & contract the client and their 450 attendees from around the world by bringing management On-site operation together global resources, services and reporting. The client was Attendee management Payment and reconciliation pleased, saying “CWT Meetings & Events is continuously seeking Transportation Risk management higher levels of performance, a trustworthy business partner Accommodations Performance measurement committed to offering industry-leading products and services.” From on-demand support to end-to-end solutions, CWT Meetings gives you unparalleled control over your company’s meetings. 4
  5. 5. Uncovering potential: CWT Meetings & Events Solutions CWT Meetings & Events (M&E) Solutions consultants can help you gather and CWT M&E Solutions consultants can also provide specialized reviews for specific analyze the information you need to build a best-in-class M&E program initiatives such as your company’s commitment to the environment, corporate and improve it year after year. They can help you identify who is planning meetings social responsibility, risk management, or technology use. They can help you and events in your company, what types of meetings and events you hold, and contribute to company cost-savings targets and improve your company’s what processes are followed. They’ll find out how much your company spends, bottom line. with which suppliers, analyze that information and benchmark it against customized peer groups. CWT M&E Solutions consultants offer customized recommendations that fit your company’s culture and M&E needs. They provide a complete analysis of your spend and step-by-step assessment & strategy, implementation & change CWT Meetings & Events Solutions gathers data management and ongoing program optimization recommendations—focused in the areas of M&E policy, processes, sourcing & supplier management, and to analyze and benchmark your company’s performance measures for savings and satisfaction. CWT M&E Solutions helps M&E profile and build a 3-year strategic plan. you turn assessment into savings while also providing actionable recommendations for continuous program improvement. CWT Meetings & Events Solutions is completely focused on uncovering potential in your meetings and events program. 5
  6. 6. Unforgettable experiences: CWT Events CWT Events has the creativity, knowledge, and experience to ensure your company CWT Events can help you develop creative concepts that meet your business delivers world-class events that meet strategic objectives and maximize objectives, then plan, fulfill, and execute events that accomplish those goals. And return on investment. We understand that event planning is inherently more we’ll do it while providing single-source accountability and unmatched complicated than standard business meetings, often involving a variety of critical proficiency. Do you need end-to-end event management, detailed reporting or simply personnel at your company who may not interact directly with travel procurement logistics support? Either way, CWT Events has your needs covered, with market- teams. We will help you engage and motivate event attendees like never before specific event services tailored to your company’s unique requirements. by delivering events that impress and captivate them in a whole new way. CWT Events can handle the most complex events for even the CWT Events handles most demanding clients. Our expertise in pharmaceutical events all types of events, including: allows us to handle the details of critical investigators’ meetings, Incentives Congresses annual meetings, incentives, or congresses with style and Conventions Gala dinners professionalism. Product launches And more! CWT has the style and expertise that ensures success, and the From the simplest table decoration detail to creating an original event concept market knowledge needed to make your events relevant in each that engages your clients to the complex logistics of moving 1,000 people from country. around the world to a single location, CWT Events professionals help you make it happen. When your company needs to provide an unforgettable experience, you can count on CWT Events to deliver. 6
  7. 7. Unbeatable Innovation: CWT Meetings Strategy Plus CWT CWT Meetings&Events CWT Meetings Solutions Events CWT Meetings Strategy Plus Strategy plus execution. Insight plus foresight. Creativity plus control. With CWT Meetings Strategy Plus, you get a partner who knows M&E, is an expert CWT Meetings Strategy Plus — CWT’s approach to strategic meetings in business travel management, and can leverage our expertise in both for management — offers you a customized package of both services and increased savings and single-source accountability. This holistic approach of specialized consulting. We take a flexible, innovative approach to developing consistent, professional services plus expert analysis and recommendations helps an enterprise-wide meetings and events program, leveraging best practices you realize your financial, risk management, and satisfaction objectives in sourcing, logistics and specialized consulting for each customer. year-after-year. We could just help with one meeting or one event. But when you approach M&E With help from CWT, a worldwide technology leader achieved with a strategic and enterprise approach, you can achieve incremental savings and control by evaluating spend and behavior at an aggregate level. 26% savings across their entire M&E program. When you need an M&E program that can deliver it all, you can count on CWT Meetings Strategy Plus 8
  8. 8. Unmatched Expertise: Carlson Wagonlit Travel Carlson Wagonlit Travel is a global leader in travel management, focused on With flexible delivery models, dedicated professionals, and decades of experience, helping you derive greater value from your travel program. We offer a range of we can help you ensure that your M&E program meets your company’s unique services to help integrate meetings and events into your travel program to optimize needs while maximizing savings and your attendees’ experiences. We’ll listen to savings, enhance process control, improve risk management, and enrich attendee your people—your meeting planners, business unit executives, or event experiences. attendees—and deliver to their expectations. CWT Meetings & Events has the global expertise and local presence to handle all of your company’s meeting and event needs. CWT Meetings & Events: Operates in: 40+ countries CWT M&E specialists: 800+ worldwide Annual meetings: 15,000+ Annual attendees: almost 1 million worldwide. That’s the unmatched expertise of CWT Meetings & Events. 9
  9. 9. CWT Head Offices Worldwide Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America 31 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia 75904 Paris Cedex 15 France Tel. +33 (0)1 41 33 65 00 North America 701 Carlson Parkway Minneapolis, MN 55305 United States Tel. +1 (800) 213-7295 Asia Pacific 3 HarbourFront Place #08-03 HarbourFront Tower 2 Singapore 099254 Tel. +65 6511 9200 For more information, go to CWT Presence For more information, go to Carlson Wagonlit Travel is committed to promoting environmental sustainability. This document was printed on 100% recycled paper. We used no-glue binding for cleaner production. Copyright © 2009 CWT