Fool Me Twice


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Fool Me Twice

  1. 1. Fool Me Twice ● Obamas Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed
  2. 2. Book Description● This is the game changing book revealing the blueprint for a second term that President Obama and his progressive backers dont want you to know.● Months of painstaking research into thousands of documents have enabled investigative journalists and New York Times bestselling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott to expose the secret template for Obamas next four years -- the one actually created by Obamas own top advisers and strategists.
  3. 3. Book Description● Just as Obama concealed the true plans for his initial term behind rhetoric of ending partisan differences and cutting the Federal deficit, Obamas re-election theme of creating jobs conceals more than it reveals about his real agenda for a second term.● All the main areas of domestic policy are covered -- jobs, wages, health care, immigration overhaul, electoral "reform," national energy policy. Each of the plans exposed seek to permanently remake America into a government-dominated socialist state.
  4. 4. Samples from dozens upon dozens of specific schemes unveiled herein:● Detailed plans to enact single-payer health care legislation controlled by the Federal government regardless of any Supreme Court decision to overturn Obamacare;● The recreation of a 21st century version of FDRs Works Progress Administration (WPA) program within the Department of Labor that would oversee a massive new bureaucracy and millions of new Federal jobs;● Further gutting of the U.S. military in shocking ways, while using the "savings" for a new "green" stimulus program and the founding of a Federal "green" bank to fund so- called environmentally friendly projects;
  5. 5. Samples from dozens upon dozens of specific schemes unveiled herein:● The vastly reduced resources of the U.S. Armed Forces will be spread even thinner by using them to combat "global warming," fight global poverty, remedy "injustice," bolster the United Nations and step up use of "peacekeeping" deployments;● An expansive new amnesty program for illegal aliens linked with a reduction in the capabilities of the U.S. Border Patrol and plans to bring in untold numbers of new immigrants with the removal of caps on H-1B visas and green cards.
  6. 6. Book Description● Fool Me Twice is based on exhaustive research into the coming plans and presidential policies as well as the specific second term recommendations of the major "progressive" groups behind Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership - the organizations that help to craft the legislation and set the political and rhetorical agenda for the president and his allies.
  7. 7. Book Description● While many have general concerns about Obamas second-term ambitions, Fool Me Twice lays bare the devastating details of a second Obama presidency. If he wins re-election in 2012, the America of equal opportunity for all, Constitutionally-limited government, economic freedom and personal liberty will be but a distant memory.
  8. 8. About the Author● Aaron Klein is a New York Times bestselling author, journalist and radio host. He is senior reporter for WND and hosts Aaron Klein Investigative Radio on New Yorks WABC Radio, the nations largest talk station. His previous books include Red Army, The Manchurian President, The Late Great State of Israel and Schmoozing with Terrorists.
  9. 9. About the Author● Brenda J. Elliott is an award winning historian, researcher and New York Times bestselling author. She is the blogger who created RezkoWatch (RW), TheRealBarackObama (RBO), and RBO2. She has appeared on hundreds of local and national radio shows, has contributed to numerous articles and publications and is the co-author of Red Army and The Manchurian President.
  10. 10. Customer Reviews● “The information has been well researched. ” R. Hantson● “This book tells you exactly why our country will not survive another Obama term. ” Travi● “Only scarier political situation is in "1984" but this is NOT fiction. ” loretta gregory
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