The Fallen Angel: A novel


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The Fallen Angel: A novel

  1. 1. The Fallen Angel: A Novel
  2. 2. Book Description● After narrowly surviving his last operation, Gabriel Allon, the wayward son of Israeli intelligence, has taken refuge behind the walls of the Vatican, where he is restoring one of Caravaggios greatest masterpieces. But early one morning he is summoned to St. Peters Basilica by Monsignor Luigi Donati, the all-powerful private secretary to His Holiness Pope Paul VII. The body of a beautiful woman lies broken beneath Michelangelos magnificent dome. The Vatican police suspect suicide, though Gabriel believes otherwise. So, it seems, does Donati. But the monsignor is fearful that a public inquiry might inflict another scandal on the Church, and so he calls upon Gabriel to quietly pursue the truth—with one caveat.
  3. 3. Book Description● "Rule number one at the Vatican," Donati said. "Dont ask too many questions."● Gabriel learns that the dead woman had uncovered a dangerous secret—a secret that threatens a global criminal enterprise that is looting timeless treasures of antiquity and selling them to the highest bidder. But there is more to this network than just greed. A mysterious operative is plotting an act of sabotage that will plunge the world into a conflict of apocalyptic proportions. . . .
  4. 4. Book Description● An intoxicating blend of art, intrigue, and history, The Fallen Angel moves swiftly from the cloistered chambers of the Vatican to the glamorous ski slopes of St. Moritz to the graceful avenues of Berlin and Vienna—and, finally, to a shocking climax beneath the worlds most sacred and contested parcel of land. Each setting in this extraordinary novel is rendered with the care of an Old Master, as are the spies, lovers, priests, and thieves who inhabit its pages. It is a story of faith and of the destructive power of secrets—and an all too timely reminder that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
  5. 5. Editorial Reviews● “It’s become almost obligatory for lovers of high level thrillers to read each new Daniel Silva novel as soon as it appears. With his by now trademark character, Gabriel Allon...Silva just about guarantees a couple of days of terrific entertainment.” (NPR, All Things Considered● “Daniel Silva’s The Fallen Angel soars with authenticity….The Fallen Angel delivers the goods….Riveting espionage adventures that have timely, real-world relevance.” (Dallas-Fort Worth Star- Telegram)● “Meticulously researched....The Fallen Angel is a first- class spy mystery painted on a grand scale.” (Columbus Dispatch )
  6. 6. About the Author● Daniel Silva is the number one New York Times bestselling author of The Unlikely Spy, The Mark of the Assassin, The Marching Season, The Kill Artist, The English Assassin, The Confessor, A Death in Vienna, Prince of Fire, The Messenger, The Secret Servant, Moscow Rules, The Defector, The Rembrandt Affair, and Portrait of a Spy. He is married to NBC News Today correspondent Jamie Gangel; they live in Washington, D.C., with their two children.
  7. 7. Customer Reviews● “Silva once again holds the readers attention with another fast paced mystery tale that keeps the reader from putting the book down until the very end. ” Bob C, | 106 reviewers made a similar statement● “Silva blends historical and political fact seamlessly with fictional events making his stories educational and exciting at the same time. ” Daune Robinson | 59 reviewers made a similar statement● “It was OK, the plot just seemed too contrived to me. ” John OKeefe | 37 reviewers made a similar statement
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