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Evaluation Task 1


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media studies- evaluation task 1 on conventions

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Evaluation Task 1

  1. 1. EVALUATION TASK1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenges forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. What are media forms & conventions? • A form is the overall shape of a media product and will typically determine the medium that is used, the length of the product, and the content that is contained. • Conventions are the established features and style of a media form. • Conventions can be split into technical conventions (how it is filmed, edited, lit, …) and symbolic conventions (how costumes, colour, performance,…, are used). • Conventions make it easier for an audience to understand what type of text they are consuming and enable them to situate a song and artist within a musical genre.
  3. 3. Camera • We used close ups of our artist to build recognition of our artist and also emphasise the link to the song . • Moreover we used dolly shots to add movements to the image and match the movement of the fabric and mirror the movement of the music. These shots also helped to give depth to our shallow set. • We found these conventions in the music video by FK Twigs and although our close up wasn’t as extreme we found that it worked very well
  4. 4. Camera • Moreover we used mid shots of Simy to show her smooth body language and emphasise her costume and attitude to give an inside in her as an artist and her star image. • We found similar conventions used in the music video Born To Die and thought these shots worked very well to show of her style and beauty in the video and thus decided to use them. • We also used a 85mm lens to show the detail og her face and make her look extremely flawless
  5. 5. Editing • Looking for more ideas we searched into slightly different genres and found overlaid shots in Rihanna’s video. Although she is more pop/ R’n’B we thought that we could still use this convention effectively • We thus cooperated it into our video and thought that it worked extremely way as it made our video more visually interesting
  6. 6. Editing • These overlaid shots combined with cross-cutting also helped us to convey her image as one which is different and away from mainstream. • Moreover we researched into more videos of our genre and found a lot oft them used rhythmic editing • An example we looked at was Lorde’s video to Tennis Court • We thus used cutting on the beat to reflect the music in our video and thought that it worked very well as a convention and helped us to represent not only the artists but also the video.
  7. 7. Set/ Lighting • For set and lighting we looked at videos form our genre and found that there was a lot of stylised setting, which seemed very interesting and intriguing to us. • Thus we created our own set out of chiffon material and used gold and black colours to make it look very luxurious and beautiful. • We also found the convention of rather soft and dark lighting which we used and thought worked really well to highlight the aesthetic image
  8. 8. Digipak • For our digipak we researched into similar artists and found that for our genre close-ups were not often used. The focus was more on an original and different style and look. Thus we went for something darker, featuring our artists in a whole body shot. Moreover we found the fonts used were mostly quite modern and stylish. This really helped us to find ideas and also supported the stylish image we wanted to create overall.
  9. 9. Digipak/ Pictures • For the stills we used in our digipak we researched into fashion shoots as well as we tried to create a very aesthetically beautiful and glamorous image. This really helped us although it wasn’t a digipak we found a lot of inspiration in those images. We then used a similar styling for our styling for the pictures we used in the digipak. This really helped us to achieve the look we wanted our artist to have an convey her image.
  10. 10. Website • For our website we also looked into conventions of our genre and thus researched into similar artists’ websites. We found they all featured social media pages such as Facebook, twitter and thus added those to our website as well. • We also found that a news section as well as tour dates, videos and a photo gallery were common, we thus included these on our website and we thought this worked well as it gave us ideas to what the audience would want to see. Moreover through videos and photos on the website we could support the star image very well. • We also found that basic, thin and modern designs were used commonly and decided to thus go for a similar design which worked well with the stylish image we wanted to represent.