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  2. 2. Content  Introduction  Network Relationship  Business Activities Undertaken  Selection Procedure  Eligibility Criteria – Business Partner  Investment and Infrastructure Needed – Business Part  Eligibility Criteria - Franchisee  Investment and Infrastructure Needed – Franchise
  3. 3. Content  Sections of the Portal  PetroMag  Petroleum Bazaar Magazine  DataMag  Tie up with Logistic companies  Trading opportunity –Bulk-Lube- LPG  ISO 9000 and ISO 14000  Insurance
  4. 4. Petroleum Bazaar  (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai (India) based company exclusively for petroleum products and services.  Petroleum Bazaar is Business Development Associate of M/s Bharat Petroleum Corporation for Marketing Lubricants.  Petroleum Bazaar provides Bio Diesel for sale from reputed manufactures.  Petroleum Bazaar has tied up with manufacturers for Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsions, Rubberized Bitumen etc.  Petroleum Bazaar can supply FO, LDO of Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum.  Petroleum Bazaar can provide Lubricants of other PSU oil companies.  Petroleum Bazaar can provide imported Base oil, Bitumen, Wax, Rubber processing Oil.  Petroleum Bazaar has one of the largest and most exhaustive portal The site gets updated on daily basis. Home
  5. 5. Petroleum (I) Pvt. Ltd.  Petroleum Bazaar publishes “PetroMag” a daily e-zine the readership is over 50,000.  Petroleum Bazaar Publishes a Monthly magazine “Petroleum Bazaar”.  Petroleum Bazaar publishes another Monthly Magazine “DataMag”. This contains industry performance, stock, production and sales data.  Clients include BPCL, HPC, RPL, Castrol, Caltex, IBP, Shell India, MRPL, IOTL, Elf gas, Port of Pipavav, Crisil, UTI Securities, etc. Home
  6. 6. Petroleum Bazaar Business Partner Franchisee FranchiseeFranchisee Industry Trader IndustryAssociated Franchisee The Network Relationship Home Associated Franchisee
  7. 7. Trading Opportunities  The opening of the market provides an increased opportunity for trading of products available from different refineries / importers and trading companies.  We are appointing Business Partners / Franchisee all over India for trading in petroleum products.  Every city will have 1-2 Business partners (BP).  Each BP will control 25 Franchisee Home
  8. 8. Business Activities for Franchisee-1 . • Lubricants and LPG : B2B , B2C• Payment Gateway : HDFC Bank • Trading of FO, LDO, MTO and Substitutes • Trading Bio Diesel • Marketing of BPC Lubricants • Fuel Managers • Trading – Lubricants, Bitumen, Base oil, LPG, Wax, RPO and other petroleum products Home
  9. 9. Business Activities for Franchisee-2 . • Lubricants and LPG : B2B , B2C• Payment Gateway : HDFC Bank • Marketing “Petroleum Bazaar” & Advertisement • Marketing PetroMag & Advertisement • Buying / Selling Petrol Pumps, Infrastructure • Events Management and Training • Marketing DataMag : Extensive Database Home
  10. 10. Business Activities for Franchisee-3 . • Marketing Additives, speciality products • Petroleum Audit • Advertisement, Consultancy, Classified • On line Buy / Sale , Pricing : B 2 B • Engineering Services Home
  11. 11. Trading Bio-Diesel  Bio-Diesel industry is growing very fast and replacing LDO, FO and HSD.  Bio-Diesel is stored at Mumbai and Kolkata storage points.  The order along with payment is collected from the buyer.  The order is passed on through Business Partner to the nearest PBL associated storage points for supply.  The product has application and sold to industries, Pump sets, for Boilers as fuel, Generator sets and manufacture of some chemicals. Index
  12. 12. Trading of FO, LDO and MTO  Furnace oil and LDO are available from Mumbai and Koyali (Gujarat)  MTO and MTO substitutes are available from UP, Mumbai and Delhi  The imported products are also available from port locations of JNPT, Kandla, Mundra and Mangalore  FO and LDO and their substitutes are primarily used as fuel oils and partially for running generator sets.  MTO and its substitutes are used primarily in paint, pigment and chemical industries as solvent / applicator. Index
  13. 13. Marketing of Bharat Petroleum Lubricants  Petroleum Bazaar is Business Development Associate of M/s Bharat Petroleum Ltd. for Lubricants  The company is mainly interested in marketing Automotive and Industrial Lubricants to the industries and automobile users.  On receipt of Indent and Payment BPC releases products to the customers.  The company pays attractive discount to PBL, the majority of such commissions are passed on to the Business partners and Franchise of respective territories. Index
  14. 14. Fuel Managers  Working as fuel manager is a novel concept in the petroleum industry.  PBL will co-ordinate with all the oil companies / importers and private players to source the product at most competitive rate  PBL will arrange for loading, transportation and unloading under supervision of the company.  Study storage loss, fuel consumption, total lubricants management in the plant by specialists  Guarantee product saving and reduction of fuel consumption cost. Index
  15. 15. Trading Opportunities  We propose to import and market following products – Base Oil Lubricants Bitumen Paraffin Wax, Slack wax and residue wax  Depending upon price competitiveness and volume the products can be imported for trading as well as directly for the end users. Index
  16. 16. PetroMag  PetroMag is an e-zine which is sent daily morning by e-mail to all the subscribers.  The e-zine contains daily National and International News, Petroleum Tanker position at all major ports, share prices of petroleum companies, product prices – India and International, futures and bunker prices, events, sales statistics of oil companies etc.  Advertisement in PetroMag provides a tremendous and unlimited opportunity  Present clients : Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Reliance Petroleum Ltd., IBP Co. Ltd. ,Caltex India Ltd., Shell India, Indian additives and Many more Index
  17. 17. Petroleum Bazaar Magazine  Petroleum Bazaar a Monthly Magazine launched in July 2002.  The Magazine is target to the subscription based readers who do not use e-mail or prefer a hard copy to read at leisure  The magazine contains sections on Exploration and Production, Marketing, Projects and Logistics, LPG CNG and LNG, Events, Tenders, Job search, Prices and Industry Data.  The magazine is subscribed by oil companies, industries using petroleum products, share brokers, financial institutions, dealers and LPG distributors, Lubricant shops, Automobile show rooms, financial analysts and professionals.  Advertisement in Petroleum Bazaar provides a tremendous and unlimited opportunity Index
  18. 18. DataMag  DataMag is a monthly e-zine launched from 01.03.2002.  The document covers all sales, operations and production details of all the refineries and all the marketing oil companies.  Target customers Petroleum companies (Indian and Foreign) Indian and foreign importers and exporters Petroleum traders Industries using petroleum products Fund managers / Financial institutions Stock Brokers Professionals Index
  19. 19. Buying Selling Petrol Pumps & Infrastructure  Due to opening of petroleum sector, the oil industries are in a position to open retail outlets at potential sites.  There is shift in logistics requirement and many old depots / terminals are on the verge of closure  There are number of petrol pumps up for sale and purchase in the market place.  The present policies on appointment of dealers does not allow free purchase / sale of retail outlets. Hence with proper permission from the oil companies, the same can be achieved. Index
  20. 20. Assist Development and Mgmt. of Petrol Pumps & Consumer pumps  The govt. and private companies advertise for appointment of new dealers. With proper knowledge of procedure and capability to assist in demand projections, we can be of help to the interested candidates prepare getting petrol pumps.  After getting the petrol pump we can provide engineering and operations training for management of stock, loss, sales and finance.  We can help getting consumer pumps for the industries, transporters and direct users. Index
  21. 21. On line Buy / Sale : Bulk Products  The customer has facilities to compare rates, transportation rate, import parity charges and decide from where he would like to purchase the product.  The customer logs on to the portal and provides his requirement of product along with delivery schedule.  Payment is sent directly or through the payment gateway  Payment is forwarded online to the supplier and transporter is advised to pick up the product on behalf of the customer. Index
  22. 22. Petroleum Audit  The cost of petroleum products have become very expensive. To assist saving and conservation in the fuel cost, we provide services of Petroleum Audit.  In the Petroleum Audit, we undertake complete study of the product. Right from procurement, price, transportation, storage, handling, preheating, process design and furnace / boiler or the equipment.  We discuss the finding of the study with the management and if needed we are ready to make the necessary changes in the design etc.  The provide extensive training to the manpower towards proper storage, handling, loading / unloading of vehicles and use of the products Index
  23. 23. Engineering Services  We provide Engg. services towards manufacture of storage tanks, oil depots, licence requirements etc.  We along with our associates have undertaken several LPG storage tanks, Auto LPG stations, LPG user systems etc.  We can provide design and erection of plants, equipments, furnaces, columns, reactors and necessary equipments.  Development of Bio Diesel Manufacture plants for various capacities. Index
  24. 24. Marketing Additives / Speciality Products  Use of Fuel Additives, Lubricant additives and additives for various purposes like anticorrosive is growing in indian market.  We have access to the manufacturers and suppliers to market the product through our marketing network  The specialty products and consumer durables like Fire extenguisers, gas detecting equipments, cooking range / stoves and many such products primarily used in petroleum industries will be made available to the network Index
  25. 25. Events Management and Training  Events Management Company to arrange seminars, Buyer – Sellers meet and exhibition on petroleum and related industries.  Training To provide training to Retail outlet dealers, DSMs, Junior- middle- and senior level executives, industry specific needs. Index
  26. 26. Miscellaneous Activities  Consultancy Company maintains a list of Management and Petroleum consultants to provide consultancy services in the sector  Advertisement (Space marketing) The portal has large viewership and sector specific huge database and hence tremendous scope for advertising in the portal.  Classified The portal is in the process of add on / association with other portals on related subjects i.e. job search / car marketing (New and Seconds) / petroleum infrastructure and Property buy and sale / Confederation etc. Index
  27. 27. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION 1 2 3 4 5 Maharashtra Mumbai Pune Ahamednagar Kolhapur Nagpur Gujarat Ahamedabad Surat Vadodara Kandla Rajasthan Jaipur Bikaner Ajmer Udaipur M.P. / Chattisgarh Bhopal Indore Raipur Jabalpur Punjab Chandigarh Jallundhar Amritsar Ludhiana Delhi Delhi Gurgaon Goa Panjim Haryana Panipat U.P. Lucknow Kanpur Allahabad Agra West Bengal Kolkata Siligudi Durgapur Orissa Bhubaneshwar Paradeep Cuttack A.P. Hyderabad Vizag Vijaywada Kakinada Tamilnadu Chennai Coimbatore Trichy Pondichery Kerala Trivendaram Kochi Quilon Karnataka Bangalore Mangalore North East Guwahati Gangtok STATE Location of Business Partners
  28. 28. Selection Process  Provide Application Form and Information  On receipt of duly filled Form find suitability  Field Visit and conduct Field Investigation Report  Interview  On selection Give Letter of Intent  Make deposit Sign Agreement  Develop Office, Infrastructure, Manpower  Training of Man power and Information Sharing  Get the required licenses  Commence Business Home
  29. 29. Eligibility Criteria – Business Partner  Individuals , firms, Pvt. Ltd., Ltd., societies and associations can apply  Individuals of Indian Nationality  Foreign nationals are not eligible as individual  Educated – computer literate  Preferable business experience  No family member convicted by any court for any illegal act  Able to dedicate personal attention to the business  Found suitable for such business and working attitude Home
  30. 30. Investment – Business Partner  Office space – 1000 sq. ft., Godown space – 300 sq. ft.  Minimum Initial Investment required 25-30 lakhs  Rs. 10.0 Lakh refundable deposit – Against which product will be supplied.  Rs. 2,50,000 security deposit towards meeting tax liabilities.  Rs. 12 Lakh Licence fee, per annum, payable prorata monthly  Require 1 Laptop computer, 1 desktop computer, 1 printer, 1 fax machine and 2 telephone lines.  Company will provide on cost, accounts software, access to site which will assist in trading and tracking the deals. Home
  31. 31. Eligibility Criteria – Franchisee  Individuals , firms, Pvt. Ltd., Ltd., societies and associations can apply  Individuals of Indian Nationality  Foreign nationals are not eligible as individual  Educated – computer literate  Preferable business experience  No family member convicted by any court for any illegal act  Able to dedicate personal attention to the business Home
  32. 32. Investment – Franchisee  Office space – 200 sq. ft.  Minimum Initial Investment required 5 - 7 lakhs  Rs. 5.0 Lakh refundable deposit – Against which product will be supplied  Rs. 50,000 security deposit towards meeting tax liabilities.  Rs. 2.00 lakh towards licence fee, per annum  Rs. 50,000 towards signage and advertisement material. Installation will be undertaken by the Franchisee at his cost  Require 1 desktop computer, 1 printer, 1 telephone and 1 fax machine  Company will provide on cost accounts software, access to site which will assist in trading and tracking the deals. Home
  33. 33. Eligibility Criteria – Associate Franchisee  Individuals , firms, Pvt. Ltd.  Individuals of Indian Nationality  Foreign nationals are not eligible as individual  Educated – computer literate  Preferable business experience  No family member convicted by any court for any illegal act  Able to dedicate personal attention to the business Home
  34. 34. Investment – Associate Franchisee  Office space – 100 sq. ft.  Minimum Initial Investment required 3 lakh  Rs. 25,000 towards licence fee per annum  Rs. 25,000 towards signage and advertisement material. Installation will be undertaken by the Associate Franchisee at his cost  Associate Frn. Should have at least 1 desktop computer, 1 printer 1 telephone and 1 fax machine  Associate Franchisee to pick up initial stock of Rs. 50,000 worth of Lubricants, Fire fighting equipments, Accessories, and subscription to the Magazines etc. Home
  35. 35. Tie up Logistics companies We shall be able to receive imported parcels at the following ports :  Budge Budge (Kolkata)  karwar  Mundra, Gujarat  JNPT at Mumbai In addition to the above, we shall be able to tie-up with majority of tanking companies at the port locations. We are in touch with several interested parties who are ready to build storage tanks inland. Home
  36. 36. .