The Great Pulse English Version


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First Chapter of Best Seller Book in Brazil. Carlos Torres the same author of other Best Sellers Books as 2012 The Golden Age, The Law of Atracttion, The Power of Love and The Law Of Sharing with messages of the Blue People.

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The Great Pulse English Version

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. The Great PULSE2
  3. 3. “Man believes he owns the destructivepower, but he is fooled by thinking this way. Man does own, the creative power. Mankind was born to create and not to destroy. For he was created in the image and similitude of a Creator being.”3
  4. 4. Acknowledgments: To all my family for the support and understanding. To the apometrists in Brazil for their assistance in the work they have done and for the great learning. To Dr. Hanz, spiritual entity, for the messages transmitted and for the example of trust and determination. To Cirineu, a friend who appeared in my life through affinity to guide me in this new path. Special thanks to all our readers and admirers who always motivate me to go further. To friends and mentors of so many eras, Mustah and Joadhi, for their patience and the instructions provided. To the Consciousness Guides for Planet Earth for their direct participation in this work and for God who provided me with several difficulties and placed many obstacles in my path in order to learn through them and obtain innumerous personal clarifications. I am so thankful to Him for taking me further and for showing me trust which is the greatest power and the only force capable of providing the fulfillment of our personal missions. I would also like to thank the opportunity that was given to me to share my learning and my experiences with so many people through writing. Thank you to all of Madras’ staff and to the editor, Wagner Veneziani Costa, for his trust. Thank you to all the friendships that came through the publishing of these books and for those friendships that will appear in the future. I truly believe that real friendships are the greatest treasures that we can find here on Earth and the only real memories we can take beyond this4
  5. 5. brief life. Thank you to all those who have helped me in this work! Table of Contents 1. Welcome 2. Clarity of Mind 3. The Supermechanism 4. Children of Hope 5. The Denial 6. The Cosmic Spirals 7. The Planetary Shell 8. The Awakening 9. The Blue People 10. Abraham. The Father of Many. 11. Abraham`s Test of Faith 12. After the Revelation 13. Abraham and Melchesidek 14. Melchesidek and the Blue People 15. The Process 16. The Collectivity 17. Love your Neighbor 18. The Law of Sharing 19. Example 20. The Rescue 21. The Great Pulse 22. The Membrans 23. The Acceleration 24. The Communication 25. Ashtar`s Protection Team 26. About Recognition 27. The War of Egos 28. The Evolutionary Pyramids 29. The Matriarchal Governance 30. The Spiritual Choices 31. The Project of a New Earth 32. Destiny 33. The Great Fall of Atlantis 34. The Hidden Scripture 35. The Cosmic Cycles 36. The Wheel of the Samsara Zodiac5
  6. 6. 37. The Roots of the Races A. The Adamic Race B. The Hyperborean Race C. The Lemurian Race D. The Atlantean Race E. The Arian Race F. Anthropogenetic Chart 38. The First Great Leap of Humanity 39. The Messengers of Time 40. The Galactic Spiral 41. Cosmic Consciousness6
  7. 7. Chapter 1: Welcome!Message received from the Blue People. February 2, 2010.As guides, we do not desire in any way, to alter your patterns of belief, nordo we desire that you believe in everything that is written in this book.Actually, we would like you to initially choose to question and doubt andalways search in order to have your own metaphysical experiences todiscover what really makes sense for your own lives.What really matters is not what you hear, but what comes out of your ownmouth.You have free will and we have no right to interfere. That is why we preferthat you question and that you do not passively accept what comes to you.You have the power to make your own choices and we want you to do so.If you prefer, read this book as though this were a work of fiction; this willfree you from prejudices and be opened to the revelations that may comeinto your mind.Let your minds free, without fears and without dogmas, because in realityyou are alone now, and you do not need to submit to rules and religiousand social norms. Read and absorb only what you feel is important to youand what does not serve you, return it to the Universe and continuesearching other sources of clarification.We would like you to know that in all moments that you are reading thiswork, we will be by your side. We are a large group in service, and we aremore than one hundred consciousness working for the development ofhumanity and like us, since mid 1992, there have been millions of groupsworking around the whole planet; all of them together with us, but eachone working with a specific function. We are all Christ workers with theobjective of making the Great Divine Project a possibility for the NewEarth.We have always said that in this work, it “is predicted”, understand it as it“is determined”. This means that, in one way or another, in one moment oranother, what is predicted will manifest in Glory on Earth, because in sum,it has been determined.If this book is now in your hands, it is because it must be, as the unique7
  8. 8. and very special moment is arriving for all of you; the moment has arrivedfor the great awakening of the Earth and everyone in some way, is being apart of this new evolutionary phase.We are the messengers of the Original Una Light and within a short timethis light will arrive in the center of the galaxy and invade our Solarsystem.Through the reflection of the Ours Star, your Sun, this light will rapidlyreach each planet of the Solar system, illuminating them from the insideout, one planet at a time in ascending order until it arrives in the form ofthe Fourth Ray to the Center of Planet Earth and afterwards until thecenter of your hearts and all the molecules of your bodies.From where we are, it is already possible to see the manasic light, bluefluorescent color which is moving towards your direction. Here, it hasalready passed and we have had our own revelations.From here now, it is already possible to see the past, present and future, allat the same time. We know that this is something not yet fullycomprehensible, but we can assure you that seeing the Divine Project withsuch clarity and lucidity is a very amazing vision! “Do not accept everything that comes to you so passively! Doubt is the first step one takes in the direction of great wisdom.”8
  9. 9. Chapter 2: Clarity of MindMessage received at 1.25h. February 3, 2010.Your planet will not succumb. Quite the contrary, it will shine even more!Dear brothers, this is the main message that we want to pass onto you inthis book. From it, all other messages can be understood in their fullness.We want you to know that within the annals of time, a future of glory ispredicted for mankind. With great pride, we have come with the intentionof beginning to announce the advents of the New Earth.We have also come to congratulate you for all the victories that you haveachieved until now. Contrary to what you might think, you are allvictorious, and you are not guilty of anything and never have been. We areproud of you.Brothers, you are ready to exercise your creator power with all thenecessary intensity, you are ready to act consciously and discover yourpotential and the human responsibilities.Yes, we know that there is still quite a bit to do, but now the paths areopened and you can act freely. Many of you are already in an advancedevolutionary state; others not so, but everyone is being part of the sameevolutionary genre.You are not different from one another, only separated by distinctevolutionary degrees, you live in the same plane and are all similaramongst yourselves, what differs you is not the genre each person findsthemselves in; this is the only unique difference existent amongstyourselves.Are the more evolved better than the less evolved?Spiritually, this affirmation makes no sense at all, for each person is wherethey are at based on their own merit, their own effort and courage to faceso many difficulties on Earth.You are living on Earth because you chose to live there; you are on Earthbecause you know that to move ahead you must face your greatestdifficulties and your deepest fears and Earth is the place that wasdesignated to experience this.9
  10. 10. Believe it. Your deepest fears are really your greatest obstacles and theones you need to face, though you must face them with trust andperseverance and never throw yourselves in the bitter flavor of disbeliefand abandonment. This is completely possible and we want you to knowthat you are prepared to face this.As we said before, many of you are in an advanced evolutionary state andcan begin to collaborate with us in the great fulfillment of this DivineProject which is foreseen for Earth.When we speak of different degrees of evolution that exists amongstyourselves, you need to know that the richest and most powerful people,for example, and your rulers, are not better or more evolved than the pooror less instructed intellectual people. When we speak of spiritual evolution,we are not speaking of social status or the degree of intellect, nor do wewant to lead you to the need of accumulating knowledge or scientificwisdom. What matters to us, as consciousness guides, is to show you thatthe real human evolution is directly linked to the evolution of the spirit andnot the evolution of the material world.The evolution of material world is under the responsibility of experimentalscience, now the evolution of spirit is under the responsibility ofexperiential living.Science and spirituality are extreme poles of the same thing namedknowledge, such as cold and heat are opposite poles of the same thing,entitled temperature. Both spirituality and science go hand in hand, andthat is why they seem so distinct, they are essentially equal, for both willalways have the same objective: discover new ways of knowing theUniverse in which you live.It does not matter if it is through science or through spirituality that youlive your lives in order to have the possibility of love and to appreciate thewonders of Creation.That is why, when we speak of spiritual evolution, we want you to placeyour attention to the evolution of your consciousness and when we speak ofthe evolution of consciousness, we will be referring to the specific quantityof light that you are capable of absorbing and at the same time you arecapable of reflecting beyond this world as though they were true mirrors,reflectors of light.The more light you can reflect out of your consciousness, the bigger thenumber of people who will be able to achieve their own light. This lightwhich is reflected to the exterior, can be called example.When you become examples to other people, it means that you are litwithin and through this irradiation of your own light, you become a pointof reference to other people. When this happens, you are serving asinstruments of the divine light; through your example, you are manifestingthe power of the Creator and you are fulfilling what you have come to do10
  11. 11. here on Earth. You are gradually becoming the true beings of light that youare.Some may doubt, but the subtlest and most efficient way to practice charityis without any doubt to be an example.This light potentially absorbed and reflected by your consciousness is whatdetermines the degree of evolution of each person, for the evolutionarydegrees are directly linked to the degree of lucidity that your spirit ismanifesting.This light that your consciousness absorbs come from the galactic centerthat raised you, a Source of life that pours nonstop, radiating manasic lightto all consciousness that one day was birthed through it.This light is the original light of life and the galactic center is the source ofthis divine manifestation. This light is the vibration of mind and thethoughts of the Creator. It is the voice that comes out of God`s mouth. "Yes, he humbled you, causing you to hunger and then feeding you with manna, which neither you, nor yourparents had known, to teach you that man does not live onbread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. Of this doth man live”. Deuteronomy 8.3All beings are essentially live consciousness inside an immense andamazing process of growth and learning.Everyone receives the Original Light of the Creator, the same way a childreceives the maternal milk from his Mother to grow and live.You are still children and need to be fed, you are consciousness in growthand for this reason must continue to receive nourishment from who oncebore you.This nourishment comes to you in the form of manasic light. It is onlythrough the nourishing your spirit, with this celestial bread, that you willbe ready to grow, expand and understand life as it should be understood.You are truly in the beginning of your evolutionary process, you are in thebeginning of your cosmic lives.You are gradually noticing that you need to leave the confusion of therational mind and you are noticing that you need to redeem the purity andlightness of the bigger desires of the spirit.Spiritual evolution is directly linked to the capacity of accumulatingknowledge about yourself and also about the higher being who created11
  12. 12. you. That is why we say that you are here to be in awe and appreciate thebeauty of Creation, for you do this, so that one day you can have theprivilege of meeting the supreme truth and to also have full awareness ofthe bigger divine projects which have been determined for Earth.You are divine sentinels and were created to one day become Gods. If wecould sum it up in a few words, the biggest divine objective, the answerwould be the following:“The desire to transform you in Creator Gods”.It is for this reason that you are gifted with the broadest range of creativepower, talent and special gifts; you only need to find the hidden virtuesinside your spirit and begin to use it efficiently. You don’t even imagine thepower you have, but unfortunately this power are shielded and surroundedby great layers of fear and hope.The evolution we want you to focus on is the evolution of consciousnessand of spirit, we are not emphasizing the evolution of the material, becausethis is not our mission.We are aware that the evolution of the material world is also necessary butregarding this area, you have the capacity and the intelligence to advancein it alone; in this area you do not need our guidance.The word evolution, when applied to spirituality, has the same meaning asthe word lucidity. The more evolved you are, the more lucid you will be andthe more lucid you are, it means that you can absorb more light inwardly,inside your consciousness, that is, the more light you can accumulate, themore clarity and more illuminated become your minds, and when yourminds have more clarity, then you become more enlightened. Therefore, thegreater the clarification, the greater the degree of lucidity andconsequently the greater the degree of the spiritual evolution.To be lucid means to be full of light. Lucidity is directly linked to thequantity of manasic light, potentially absorbed and accumulated by yourconsciousness inside the evolutionary process in which you are allinserted.All the pre-requisites, references, awards, experiences, phenomena, beliefs,obstacles, relationships, gains, losses, happiness or sadness that you mightexperience in the physical plane, are only offered to you, with the solepurpose of Bringing light and clarity to your consciousness!It does not matter which formats are presented, all manifestations, whetherthey are good or bad, are a source of learning and personal growth.Finally, the word clarification has the same meaning as the wordillumination.Clarity is nothing more than the act of clearing the mind.Each learning, each knowledge, each new discovery means that one morecosmic photon was absorbed and acquired by your consciousness and one12
  13. 13. more divine word has entered your ears, reached your spirits andilluminated your consciousness as though it were a small fragment of asupreme truth. Each learning is a direct way of clarification, a divine gift,a light that invades and illuminates the most obscure parts of yourconsciousness.This is the way the human consciousness expands itself and the spiritgrows. It is through the absorption of the original cosmic light, themanasic light, the true source of illumination, that gradually acquires moreand more lucidity.When the smallest particles of matter from your consciousness areilluminated by the original manasic light, it means that you are absorbinganother new information and when this new information is understood, itbecomes something real and intransferrable. A personal truth establishesitself in the mind which receives it and from then on, these particles beginto light themselves and expand.When this phenomenon happens, these particles can never return to theirprevious size, for now they are swollen and full of light. These smallmanifestations of the matter begin to accumulate more energy each time,more light each time, and more information until the moment they cannotcontain such concentrated energy and end up exploding.Yes, exploding!In this moment, all the energy that was accumulated in the form of lightinside that small particle of consciousness is launched externally,transforming that miniscule particle into a micro manufacturer capable ofirradiating its own light. This emanation of energy is known here asExemplar Free Energy.From the moment that this free energy irradiates, it provokes millions ofminiscule luminous reactions which end up altering all the other particles.Then it creates a chain luminous reaction and all the other particles alsobecome small light factories and vehicles of information.This phenomenon of illuminated particles and grouped is what we call theevolutionary leap of consciousness. The explosion of these subatomicparticles is what determines this leap. When a particle of consciousnesssuffers an explosion of this magnitude, it never returns to its original state.13
  14. 14. Demonstrative IllustrationIn sum, my brothers, when a mind gains clarity, it extinguishes all forms ofignorance.This process of illumination is what we call Awakening. Awakening isnothing more than a form of illumination.Whenever we speak of awakenings we will be speaking of evolutionaryleaps; the reception, the absorption and the energetic reflection, finally, wewill be speaking of absorption of knowledge and divine clarity.Therefore, our desire is that many small explosions and many evolutionaryleaps happen in your consciousness during the reading of this modestbook.These awakenings can be individual or collective.The collective awakenings are extremely powerful and have an enormoustransformational power.For example:The possibility that you have of seeing your Planet Earth fluctuating inouter space some decades ago was a spectacular phenomenon, the last andmost important evolutionary collective leap humanity witnessed.To see Planet Earth from above was for you, without a doubt, one of thebiggest awakenings of consciousness ever documented. Till now, your livesare still rotating around this brief moment; till now, the shrapneloriginated from that great explosion of consciousness is being shared byhumanity due to the great collective leap that happened at that time. Seehow many transformations human society has witnessed around the world14
  15. 15. after this extraordinary event.That image really caused an explosion in the collective consciousness. Thehuman mind changed, the entire consciousness of humanity changed, for itopened a new portal of knowledge about cosmic and spiritual subjects.Before that, you had no idea of what the place you came from looked like. First image of Earth published.This is one of the biggest examples of the collective evolutionary leap.We are here to tell you in brief that you will have other collectiveawakenings and all of them will be amazing and revealing as this one.We know that there are many dark parts that have yet to be illuminated inyour mind, yet we also know that you are ready to receive your divine gifts. “You already know who feeds you: the Sun. You already know who shelters you: the Earth. Yet you do not know who created you.”15
  16. 16. Soon, your consciousness will expand spontaneously. We are introducingourselves in this moment of great planetary transitions to guide andprepare you for this unique moment to arrive.If you are not prepared, you will not absorb the necessary information andyou can lose yourselves in the middle of this enormous avalanche ofinformation which will come with the original light.We are referring to the information in this moment, as an aspect of theillumination that comes from the Universal Creator Source.Clarification can only be obtained through information and the ManasicLight is the source of clarity.The great light is arriving, because you need this new information tocontinue your mission on Earth, for you will not be able to move ahead fora long time, without there being a new leap, an expansion of collective andindividual consciousness.A new wave of information full of new possibilities is about to arrive,possibilities that must be adequate for the new standards of consciousnesswhich are manifesting rapidly and in great quantity in the terrestrialatmosphere.This new consciousness, which is arriving, is extremely advanced andcannot stand lies, doctrine and fear as a condition of life. They are moreevolved consciousness that glorify ethics, love, moral, justice and otherforms of sharing; they abominate competition and do not understand themeaning of wars.This consciousness that are leaving here and arriving on Earth; all of themhave the mission to reorganize the planet and human society as a whole.This new consciousness will not accept to live in this world as it is today,that is why you must begin to understand the world better and theuniversal laws that rule it in order to prepare to receive these newinhabitants.But who are these consciousness, who are these people?These new consciousness are the beautiful and restless children. Logically,they are not all children, but for now just some of them, but in brief, therewill be many and many others to come. Care for them well, have patiencewith them for these amazing consciousness are very determined.Now, we are also being illuminated in this moment, for we have includedourselves within this evolutionary process to which you are also a part of.Though it may not seem real, we are not different form you, quite thecontray, we are similar, we are cosmic brothers, we are only in distinctevolutionary degrees and in different existential dimensions.Only one thing differentiates us: the degree and not the genre.16
  17. 17. Chapter 3: The SupermechanismWe are also in the evolutionary process, we also need illumination,learning and clarity to continue our journey towards the most advancedlevels. Our divine purpose is similar to yours and for this reason weobserve such symbiosis between our and your consciousness.We would also like to keep your mind alert and aware so that youremember that we are all small pieces inside a super mechanism that isalive and in a constant process of transformation.We are all miniscule cells from this super organism that is alive and thatconstantly feeds us. We are spiritual molecules, that is why in essence, orin one way or another, we are all part of this huge cosmic body.For some of you to accept this might still be difficult, for you are still tiedto your ancient, religious dogmas. You were conditioned to see God as abeing of forms and human facets and not as a Great Intelligence CosmicCreator. We understand you and we do not want to judge you for this; thesedogmas were created by your ancestors and have become mentalcontributions which are very difficult to be dissolved, but gradually, withthe due revelation that is to come, each one will have an individualawakening and their own illumination.As you obtain more clarity, your consciousness will be illuminated and theacceptance of God, as a great Una Cosmic Intelligence, will become eachtime more natural. It won’t be an acceptance based on the feelings ofsubmission, but an acceptance based on the feelings of the purestgratitude.Though you may feel smaller in the midst of all of this, we all have apersonal purpose, a mission, a determination and it is exactly thisdetermination that moves us towards our individual missions, gives usdirection and gives us meaning to our lives.Fortunately, we already fully understand our individual missions and thatis why life makes so much sense to us. Yet we also know, that for somereason, you cannot yet see your individual missions and that is why youcannot give real meaning and a sense of completion to your lives; you keepfooling yourselves and constantly corrupting yourselves as you give falsemeaning to your existence. We desire that you calm yourselves, for in a17
  18. 18. near future, you will have great revelations about this.You have the determination inside your spirits and you are only alivebecause you have a purpose and this purpose was one day determined. Itwas not ordained by another person or by anyone else; this purpose wasdetermined and chosen by your own selves, by each one of you and theymust be fulfilled and achieved right there on Earth.If you want to find real peace, you must follow what you determined and ifit is so done, you will not only find peace but also real prosperity, realenthusiasm, motivation and trust. Follow what you have determined andyou will reconnect to the highest.We are here to help you in this process of reconnection.The purpose or your personal mission, besides giving you meaning anddirection in life, provides you with a function and aptitude. When youunderstand this, you will begin to understand that there is no cross and noburden to be carried. And you are not fated to be rejected or to be sent toexistential exile.You are definitively a part of the All, you are all micro pieces at the serviceof a super cosmic organism. You do not need to feel frustrated orminimized. Each one of you have a mission and each of these missions isessential to the All. From now on, you will become more aware of thiscondition and soon you will feel immensely grateful for this.Your function does not matter. You are essential and irreplaceable withinthe Universe. Your purpose or your mission is part of a project, that is whyas a human being, you are a complement and not an exclusion inside whatwe call the Great Project.We want to see you fight, win and reach all your dreams. We want you tobe obstinate and persevere to achieve what you desire; do not stay in yourcomfort zone on Earth, waiting for miracles to come to you gratuitously orto fall at your feet. Continue creating and strengthening your creativepower and you will see the real miracles happening in your own lives. Youwill be aware of this but it is necessary to stop wasting so much energy asyou currently do, busy with all the tasks that are no longer good, norconvenient for you.The moment has arrived for each person to begin to value their creativepower and to begin to use it on behalf of the fulfillment of their personalmissions on Earth. Each person has a different mission and each one mustfind their mission individually again. This is very personal, only the personcan awaken from their sleep and achieve what they have come to do.However, many of you want others to do this for you instead of doing ityourselves. By acting this way, you are gratuitously giving away yourgreatest creative power and your greatest gifts. You must reclaim themimmediately.18
  19. 19. You should know that your future achievements are directly linked to yourcreative power, your gifts and personal talents. These talents are your mostancient abilities and it is exactly through the use of these abilities that youhave brought as baggage through past lives, that you will be capable ofmanifesting wonders on Earth. The real miracles are manifesting when youleave your existential sleep and awaken to real life.Your personal talent is totally linked to your highest purpose in thislifetime and your purpose is directly connected to the Source who createdyou; for this reason, the closer you are to fulfilling your personal purpose,the closer you will be to yourselves and the closer to yourselves, the closeryou will be to who created you.God is not in a distant and inaccessible place; He is closer than you canpossibly imagine.Everything is in its rightful place, there is nothing that isn’t where it shouldbe. Everything is interconnected and connected as though they were bondsof a great chain; even though you might think in certain moments thatnothing is in the right place, that everything we are saying is not true andthat chaos really reigns on Earth. Forget it! You are mistaken, everything isas it should be.Reality, through eyes that can see is nothing more than a reflection of theUniversal truth. The Universal truth is whole and it works through prism oforder and in the most perfect organization. Chaos is not part of theUniverse, even seemingly chaotic, the Universe is extremely orderly andorganized.Watch the planetary orbits, the solar system and the galaxies, they obey anorder, a rhythm and an extremely organized movement; nothing iswandering by chance, everything is integrated; you are like micro pieceswithin this great mechanism, and you are also a part of this giganticuniversal integration.Universal reality is whole and immutable, which molds the reality that yousee; what shapes it in form is the point of view you project upon it.Universal reality does not absorb anything, it only reflects what is thrownat it, as though it were a big mirror. Reality only reflects with exactnesswhat was offered, returning to the observer, with the same force andintensity from which it was launched, that being, that reality is unique, butfor each person, for each of the six billion egos that dwell upon PlanetEarth, it presents itself in a very distinct and specific way.This leads us to conclude that the way to observe your own lives is whatpotentially builds our heavens or our hells.For example:A pessimist and a person who holds grudges only see the bad side of theworld and other people; they certainly have the conviction that they live in19
  20. 20. a violent and chaotic world, but this same chaotic world, which thispessimistic person resides in, is the same world that another person, who isoptimistic and enthusiastic lives. This pessimist faces the world entirelydifferent than the optimist, and they don’t need to be far, nor in anotherpart of the world; they can be neighbors and work in the same place. If youask the pessimist about the world they live in, they will tell you that it iscruel, unfair and unbearable and if you asked the same question to theoptimist, certainly they would say their world is rich, prosperous and fullof possibilities.But isn’t this strange?The world is one, it does not change.How can a whole world and equal to all be so different for two people wholive in the same city, in the same street and work in the same place?This is the question! It is not the world that changes, what changes is theway by which each person observes it. Reality is only one, truth is only onebut each one of you have a direct relationship with this reality and thisrelationship is called relative truth.Reality is whole, but through your beliefs, you can modify it and thereforecontinue building what you believe to be your own reality. Your world isnot equal to your neighbor’s, as it is also not equal to anyone’s world.Your world is as you desire it to be. Your world is your own reality.Reality will never be imposed, it will always be proposed. You can changeit when you want to, all you have to do is change your pattern of beliefs. Ifyou do not accept the world as it is, then, free yourself from your deepestbeliefs and create a new reality for your life for the world is mental andeverything you truly believe in is manifested.It is of extreme importance that you understand that there is a direct andintense relationship between you and the reality that surrounds you.That is why we want you to stop once and for all to search for the absolutetruth for where you are, you will never find it. Where you are now, you willonly find relative truth for as we stated previously, you are submitted to anintense relationship between who you are and what you believe you are.We are not going to explore this at this moment, but we want you to knowthat your scientists are very focused and interested in this subject; theyhave noticed that this is not only philosophical, but also that this reality isintimately connected to the power of consciousness and they also knowthat it won’t be possible for a human being to live within a world with amind separate from it.We say this knowingly, for here, all we desire and concentrate on is totallyintegrated with what we have.We create everything we need holographicly through the power of ourminds. This process works in the following manner:We visualize what we want, we verify if this desire is available and in20
  21. 21. accordance to our higher purpose and we wait for an authorization. If thedesire is authorized, we wait for guidance and potentialize it with ourindividual intentions, followed by joining these individual intentions withthe similar collective intentions of those similar to us and through the willpower and the trust of all and together, we lovingly ask that which wasdesired to manifest into our physical plane in the best way possible.This is the way our desires are realized; here, they first come from aboveand after they precipitate below; it is an abundant environment and thereis nothing really that we do not have, for everything is available as thougha great fountain of water never stopped flowing.We have explained our manifestation process step by step, however, allthese steps we described happen at the same time, simultaneously,everything in real time and very fast.This whole process is only possible to practice through the power ofhumility. Very few of you really believe in the power of the collective and ofhumility but it is for this that we are here, to tell you that this power istotally possible to manifest.Here, each process is considered a miracle.Do you believe what we are telling you is too fantastic?It can be a real utopia and illusory but you already do this subconsciously.It is already possible to perform miracles there on Earth. These miraculouspotentials are totally connected to your deepest personal purposes.The medieval alchemist was the one who could transform metal into gold,but the real alchemist of the new millennium is the one who is capable oftransforming dreams into reality.Everything is a questions of reunion, when you se reunite, you will findyour personal purpose and when you find your personal purpose, you willfind your divine gifts.Once you find it, use it entirely. As difficult as it may seem, they have beengiven to you to be used as vehicles for the manifestation of miracles onEarth.Don’t you know what we are talking about?Remember your deepest dreams, the ones you left behind, when you were achild; remember the dreams that seemed impossible, but brought you greatenthusiasm and such comfort.Remember those beautiful images, those desires, those unique momentsyou experienced when you were playing alone in your bedroom and keptthinking, creating wonderful worlds as though you were participating in afilm. Believe it, those images are more real than you imagine.Do you remember these dreams?Well, those were pure dreams, there your mind was clean and exempt ofany type of fear, conflict or social conditioning. There your lower ego was21
  22. 22. in development and for this reason reality presented itself to you in whole,without any interference.Remember your dreams as a child and accept them as possible dreams, itis not because you are an adult now that these dreams should be despisedand forgotten in the depths of your mind. Deep inside, you are still thesame child of the past, you will always be that child, the only difference isthat now you are wearing slightly different clothes, that’s all.Even when you turn eighty, deep inside you will still be those pure andserene children. The physical body wrinkles and stiffens, but the spiritnever grows old.Would you like to find your spiritual essence, your real enthusiasm and thereal meaning in your life?Stop for an instant and find the inner child that still resides within you. Sheis there. Everything is there, guarded and filed. Leave the conduct andrules aside for a while and reflect upon this. You will find answers not evenyou will believe in.Your creative power does not need dogmas, nor magic and nor doctrines tobe manifested, it only needs self trust and enthusiasm and we know thatyou are following steps to make this possible.It is true that you are going through an obscure period of time on Earthand therefore are not being able to have confidence nor sustain it for along time. You are going through very drastic lower vibrations and thiscauses great discomfort.You are feeling very alone and are feeling very alone and this feeling ofloneliness and emptiness that you feel inside your souls only exists becauseyou do not know who created you. As we previously said, you alreadyknow who nourishes you and you already know who shelters you but youdo not know who created you.To have self confidence, it is primarily necessary to know the source ofcreation and to trust in it fully, it is only after this that you will be ready tobelieve in yourselves. This is the basic premise of faith, to believe and trustin that which you cannot see.Unfortunately, you learned that faith needs to be linked to the feeling ofadoration and the feeling of hope.Why have you reversed the meaning of this noble feeling, faith?The word hope that you preach and pronounce, has already been extinctfrom our vocabulary a long time ago, as it is not possible to exercise anytype of creator power here, having a mental pattern based in the feeling ofhope.To create and manifest any type of divine gift, it is necessary to have trustand not hope. Whoever has hope cannot create for in order to create it isnecessary to believe and to have faith.22
  23. 23. Whosoever lives in hope, in reality, will always be cheating themselves, forwho lives in hope is always waiting.Whosoever lives in hope, deep in his soul, is always doubting, for whoeverhopes does not trust. Now, whoever trusts, has no doubt and does not wait.Whoever trusts, lives with certainty within their hearts.To trust is to practice real faith.Faith is the noblest feeling in the Universe. To have faith and to trust in thecreator and in your projects.Notice how today hope has become a dominant vibration pattern ofhumanity. Notice how you live in a world ruled by the feelings of hope andnot by the feelings of trust. These hopeful feelings that you like to repeat inyour daily lives is totally opposite to the pattern of trust we desire that youlive in.It is necessary for you to urgently stop living in this world of hope for thisis a world of illusions.We want you to change this pattern, we want you to relearn to trust andreactivate your real codes of faith.It is not easy, though we know that your lives can change radically if youdo not break this strange paradigm that has been ingrained in your mindsfor such a long time.23
  24. 24. Chapter 4: Children of HopeMessage received on February 2, 2010.There is really an enormous abyss between you and the intelligence thatcreated you. You are forgetting to thank Him. You are used to only blamingHim for difficulties, challenges, anguish, obstacles that are presented toyou.You only remember Him to request the diversity of requests that are doneon a daily basis. However, it is known that you never really receive theserequests.Do you know why you do not receive them?Because you ask for Him and not for yourselves. You prefer to ask and waitfor miracles instead of offering your potential and believing that you aretotally capable of performing these miracles you so desire.Also, because sometimes you ask randomly and you do not want to put anyeffort into it, you prefer to receive everything ready, without at leastpreparing yourself for it.So, what is the first step to give direction to your accomplishments?Gratitude is the first step that you need in your lives. You should stopcomplaining for what you don’t have and start thanking what you do have.We know how difficult it is for you to exercise gratitude. We want you tostop for an instant during the day and begin being grateful for everythingyou have already received. Stop and see how much you have alreadyreceived!Is this not sufficient to begin being grateful?Try to get in touch again with the creator and notice how He is generouswith you. Reconnect with the Creator Source, for He is the real source ofabundance.The best way to reestablish the contact with the Creator is through thepower of gratitude, that which is practiced without rituals, withoutreligious dogmas, without submission and which springs from the pure and24
  25. 25. limpid that comes from within our souls.Many of you are feeling lost and are really lost. You are in reality,hypnotized by the system which you created. Unfortunately you believe inthis system and fight to keep it alive at any cost, and you do this becauseyou cannot see another plausible alternative.Do you honestly expect that this system is capable of keeping you alive forall of eternity?You know that this system cannot sustain you for a long time and you willhave to go through drastic and necessary changes. Unfortunately, you donot want to see what is happening to it, because deep inside, you are afraidof losing control of this fragile model you have created. You don’t reallytrust it, but you hope that it will remain strong and rigid until the moment itcannot sustain itself and then enter into collapse.This is the biggest hope, you expect that this system is capable enough tosustain you, but unfortunately it won’t be. In reality, you don’t trust it andthat is why you live in anguish and in anxiety. If you truly believed in it,you would live in peace.Your rulers know this, and that is why they do not want to change thispattern for the simple fact that it is a convenient pattern. Hope is nothingmore than a way to maintain this power.As we have previously seen, the power of personal belief is what molds theplan of your existence, that is, reality. Many people are using occultknowledge in a negative way, so as to go against purpose and rulesdetermined by the Project. This is why they would like you to liveconcentrated in this current system based on the feelings of fear and hope.You are conditioned to this because there is control over you and you arebeing conditioned to live in a world full of hope and illusions andunfortunately you are accepting to live this way. You are forgetting to lookwithin yourselves and thank the source who created you; you choose tostay in your comfort zone and to obey the rules that are imposed upon you.You are being submitted to a gratuitous mental conditioning.This system of hope in which you are conditioned has built a world ofurgency and emergencies. Notice how you are losing more each day,believing that everything is a question of extreme necessity. Notice how youare living a world where everything must be immediate, ruled by anxiety. Aworld of false pleasures and constant frustrations. We are specificallytalking about material wants.This pattern of hope produces immense discredit and despises the present25
  26. 26. time for it is ruled by a world of hope; all the desires of today, arelaunched instantly into tomorrow, creating a vicious cycle of anxiety andfrustration.Perhaps this is the reason for being in a hurry.Why do you need to be in a hurry?Why such urgency?What do you think you are really losing?Why are you running so much?What are you really after?What is the real reason of missing so much?What are the reasons that bring you so much fear?Why do you feel this constant emptiness in your souls?What is really missing in your lives?Why do you feel so alone even though you are surrounded by people all thetime?You will certainly answer in the following way:We are after money for without it, it is impossible to live!We say `no`. We say that money is only a crutch you have found to supportyourselves and fill the emptiness that exists within you. We say this becausethe cause of all this is hope!This is the cause of your major concerns. Hope is the biggest proof of thelack of faith that you have. Faith means trust and hope is the opposite oftrust. The feeling of hope has no connection to the world faith.Do you need money?Well, money only comes through trust and not through hope.We ask you:Do you know anyone who is prosperous and rich being hopeful?Certainly not, for the ones who trust have access to wealth and abundancein the world.But look at how many representatives of your society preach hope asthough it were something divine and wonderful.Don’t believe it. They only want you to have hope because they need it tomaintain their own richness, for hope is an enormous factory offrustrations and frustration is the great force of the system you arecurrently living in.The more frustration you experience as you consume futilities, the biggerthe need to consume. It is a vicious cycle to which you are conditioned.The need for consumption is directly linked to the emptiness that is withinyour souls, while your consciousness is empty and obscure, you will needexternal things to fill it with. Unfortunately it is a big utopia, for to fill theemptiness of your spirits with material things means to continue to befrustrated on a daily basis.26
  27. 27. Then, is everything wrong and do we need to throw everything out?The answer is simple.No! You don’t need to. You need to restore conscious consumption in yourlives, spiritual balance and discover the wonders of sharing your assets.This is the key to the future, dear brothers!But, do you think this is acceptable in the current standards of society?Logically, you don’t accept this yet.Forgive us for the intrusion, but you need to know that what your heartsneed can never be bought.When you preach hope, you are launching all the possibilities and all theopportunities of the present directly into the future.You are living in a world of tomorrows, everything is being launched intotomorrow and it is increasingly difficult to get you to enjoy today, for yourminds are deeply immersed in the tomorrow, always tomorrow. For thisreason, you live in a world full of anxiety and urgency, never enjoying whatis really available now, for you always need what lies ahead. You cannotstop and thank what you already have. You prefer to always complainabout what you don’t have. You prefer to believe in that which is availabletomorrow instead of what is available now.Notice how tomorrow is much more important to you than today.This is the point we want you to understand. You only have hope intomorrow and you do not trust today. If you think this way, you will beconditioned to live inside an eternal way of hope.Hope is a synonym for doubt. Trust is a synonym for certainty.See how everything is a question of mental beliefs and ways ofconditioning.Notice how the feeling of hope launches what you really want in thedistance. Stop hoping and begin to trust and you will take advantage ofwhat is available in the present moment.Why do you need to believe that the world is better than tomorrow?The Universe is abundant today, everything you need is available to youtoday. What is available today, will also be available tomorrow and theday after tomorrow and so forth.The planet will not agonize. The Universe and Nature are inexhaustiblefountains of energy, it will never allow you to lack anything for what isavailable to you today will be available forever. The first inhabitants of theplanet, your beloved Indians know this and are aware of the true meaningof the word trust for Nature has never abandoned them nor will it ever. Tryto learn more from them.It is only through the true practice of trust that your concerns and yourfeelings of lack will be totally dissolved.Concern is something so unreal as hope itself. The feeling of concern and27
  28. 28. the feeling of hope go hand in hand but incredible as it may seem, neitherone really exists for concern is nothing more than the act of occupyingoneself with something that does not yet exist.Notice how you constantly confuse the word hope with the word faith. Youare used to telling yourselves:“But I am guarding myself from the evils that may come from what canhappen to me in the future.”“I have to save money because I am afraid I might not have it.”“I am afraid of the lack of opportunities, and I am afraid of beingunemployed one day. I am afraid my children will not survive this chaoticworld that is to come. I am afraid of being incapable, afraid of aging andso forth.”If you think this way, you will be living in a vicious cycle and you willalways feed the feelings of fear and lack in your minds. This lowers yourvital and corporeal vibration frequencies and make you vulnerable tochallenges and difficulties.Calm yourself for there are no plausible arguments for you to take soseriously. Anxiety, concern and nervousness are feelings of low vibration,they are all secondary vibrational tentacles of a greater feeling thatconstantly attacks you, the fear of dying.The Mother of all fears is the fear of death and this is the original fear andthrough it all other fears and human conflicts have ramified.That is why we want you to begin to dissolve your greater concerns fromthis crucial point, the fear of death.If you want to become true spiritualists, you need to know once and for allthat death does not really exist; you need to set everything aside anddefinitely believe this. Do not fear death for death is only one of the phasesof life.Life is eternal, then, choose to live life. Life is the only thing that reallyexists.Dear ones, you are eternal and can never die!28
  29. 29. Death will always be linked to the feeling of fear and fear will always be linked to the feeling of hope. Now, life will always be linked to the feeling of love and love will always be linked to the feeling of trust. Life is love. Life is light. Life is eternity!You are going through a period on Earth where you need to assimilate thenew information to bring more light into your consciousness. As it isilluminated, you will be able to anchor efficient tools to dissolve thesefears that have resided within your minds for such a long time.Choose to trust and you will see real changes in your life. Believe inyourselves and in the higher spiritual powers that command you.After all whatever is meant to be, already is and nothing will lack for thosewho trust.Trust! Trust! My dear brothers on Earth!29