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2012 The Golden Age - English first chapters


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First Chapter of 2012 The Golden Age. The best sellers book in Brazil from the Carlos Torres. The same writer of The Law of Atraction, Message of the new world, Messages of Blue People and The Big Pulse.

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2012 The Golden Age - English first chapters

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. 2012THE GOLDEN AGE 2
  3. 3. Content 1. Preface 2. First Message of Rathal Zeh 3. First Message of Joahdi 4. Second Message of Rathal Zeh 5. Second message of Joahdi 6. First Message of El Morya 7. Third Message of Joahdi 8. First Message of Bem Pandir 9. Toth or Imhotep 10. King Tut and the Atlantean Ring 11. The Mayas 12. Message of the Intergalactic People under the command of Archangel Michael 13. Message of the Ashtar Sheron Team 14. Message of Hilarion 15. Second Message of Rathal Zeh 16. First Message of Khuan Yin 17. The Eight Laws of the Universe 18. First Message of Saint Germaine 19. First Message of Melchesidek 20. Second Message of Melchesidek 21. Message of Rathal Zeh and Joahdi 22. Fourth Message of Rathal Zeh 3
  4. 4. 23. Second Message of Khuan Yin24. Message of Joahdi about Brazil25. Channeled by Tania Resende on March 23, 200826. Last Message of Rathal Zeh and Joahdi27. Final Message of Master Jesus28. Channeled by Tania Resende on October 12, 200529. Contact with the Angels by Rosa Teubl30. Participating Masters31. Interdimensional Brothers32. About Nikola Tesla33. Mayan Glyphs – most correlated to the cardinal points in your calendar34. Final Tips35. Source of Research 4
  5. 5. PrefaceWelcome to the New Earth!It is not by chance that this book is in your hands. The Golden Age is arriving and with it a bigvibrational transformation. The changes have already begun and they are coming with total force.The world will change radically. Our objective is to activate you and prepare you for the newjourney, for a new world, a new model of integration amongst people.The government systems we believe are indestructible will also suffer great mutations, since theworld finds itself in an immense governmental abyss of extreme social-economic inequality, on thebrink of chaos. They must be modified and reformulated urgently to move towards the New Age,in which the events lived up to now will be the mere remembrance of a past that has gone by.People will feel these changes rapidly as of the end of 2008, in the world economy, in culture, inthe relationship with money and in their own way of facing life and personal relationships. Thepeak of this transformation will happen in the year of 2012, when humanity enters the GreatGolden Age of Aquarius. Everything will become more accelerated and the mental vibrations willaccompany this acceleration.As you read this book, you will come to understand that we are all walking towards an era ofdestruction and despair like many are preaching; yes, we are living something never seen bymankind, which happens cyclically in the Universe, and at the same time, we have never had theopportunity to witness it happen. We will have the possibility of seeing and feeling the passage ofthis new era. Many changes will come. However, they are meant to broaden our growth and ourevolution as human beings.Our finality is to help people prepare themselves and rid themselves of the fear under which theyare living. The Golden Age means the age of well being and abundance, but before that, there is aneed to prepare, for a passage in an era is not like erasing and lighting a light. You need a period toestablish this passage, in order to adjust the human consciousness of all beings and of everythingthat exists. You will come to understand through this reading what The New Golden Age reallymeans and where we are moving towards.Our previous book, entitled “The Law of Attraction” was nationally recognized and we nowunderstand that the real reason for this subject to expand throughout the world with suchstrength and acceptance. We have arrived at a critical point in our evolution with mankind. Theworld is ready and available to reactivate the ancient knowledge about the Universal Laws and toreconnect with the Creator S ource. The mysteries and secrets of the Universe are infinite, but ashumanity expands its needs, it faces the will to restore the truths that immediately begin to revealthemselves and thus an access, an energy channel of free information opens up, bringing to passthe information on a mass level. 5
  6. 6. We have noticed, however, that the knowledge about the Universe have remained in few hands.The age of doctrine and dogmas is also ending. We have entered the era of information andknowledge, and nothing more will stop our expansion.Many will still fight to witness the apocalypse and the end of times; many will continue submissiveto this model, but these efforts will be in vain. The force of expansion and the truth will prevail.Due to this, our intention is to show exactly the opposite, that the positivity, the abundance andthe well being are our universal inheritance to begin to manifest our entry into the era,establishing once and for all the full life of abundance which is our birthright.We have had help from people around the world to write this book. With great peace, all of themshowed up in our path; a connection to similar purposes and very strong intentions happened,uniting us towards this project and making it a reality. We also had the participation andmanifestation of our Interdimensional Brothers, who gifted us with all their knowledge throughthe most beautiful channeled messages exclusively for this book. They are information received bynon physical beings or spiritual beings, interdimensional mentors who have already ascended andvibrate at this moment with all their strength to help us in this new journey of evolution,manifesting in us through an intentional force, extremely strong, the power of unconditional love,unconditional love, the most powerful energy of the Universe.To us, authors, it was a great honor to have them with us in this long journey of spiritualawakening which we were a part of. At the request of the masters and mentors, we call them theBrothers of Higher Dimensions or The Interdimensional Brothers from now on.We wish you, the reader, to participate in this great transformation towards the Golden Age whichawaits you with open arms. Allow yourself to use this reading, not concerning yourself in believingit or not, questioning or doubting. Free yourself from judgments and prejudices. Open up to thetruths of the Universe. Feel at home and free, as you are about to reactivate something so intensethat already dwells within your soul. Our suggestion is that you read, believe in everything that iswritten; though take in only what is needed for yourself.Feel at home in the presence of God. 6
  7. 7. Chapter 1The First Message of Rathal ZehAbout Us – Channeled by Tania Resende on February 15th, 2008.You have never been alone. Throughout the history of humanity, you have been in the company ofFriends and Brothers of Higher Dimensions.We have always been here to guide you in your evolutionary path. Notice everything that evolvesand everything that moves towards the union with the Creator S ource of existence; notice thatyou are all part of a bigger process which involves the entire Universe, and we are united in Loveand Light, so that we can together learn and grow on all levels.I speak to you in the name of all these Brothers of Light!Everything in the Universe constantly moves, nothing is stalled, nothing is stagnant.You are souls that have chosen to experience form and throughout this experience, you opted forpaths which made you feel alone, disconnected and isolated from S ource. You forgot who youreally are, forgot that we are united, and your consciousness has become so fragmented that youended up feeling isolated from the Universe. And you really did isolate yourselves.We have been following you in all your most important moments and now we can be seen and feltby many. Now, we have more conditions to communicate with you because Earth is experiencing aseries of openings that have never happened before. Y have the opportunity to feel again, being oupart of the Intergalactic Brotherhood, from which you distanced yourselves and from which youfelt disconnected although we have always been here.We are in a great Project of Light that has the sole objective of reentering mankind within theDivine and Perfection realm, in the S acred Universal Laws, which are unique and real. TheUniversal Laws are Divine and act without distinction of race, religion and beliefs. They act eventhough you have no awareness of them. However, now, they need to be known so you can usethem in its full potential. You have the opportunity to be reinserted in a place within the Universefrom which you should have never left and we are grateful and happy to participate in thisimmense Project as you are loved beings by all of us and it makes us happy to have you again withus.As I have mentioned before, you forgot who you really are and what you came to do here in thedimension of form and mass. You disconnected yourself from your divine role in the Universe. Themoment now is to remember. The moment now is to know yourselves and know the Universe ofwhich you are a part of. The moment now is to feel connected to the Creator S ource. Now, youmust remember who you really are. 7
  8. 8. And I affirm: you are God-Creators and are part of the All which vibrates and emanates constantlythe purest form of Love. You are a part of us, and we are all together in this path of growth. Weare here to help you remember.We are here to tell you that you can and must request your place in the perfect and harmoniousUniverse and that you can and should request this position consciously within the Universe.We are Beings of Light like yourselves and we want you to remember this.We are happy to be able to reactivate our communication and shorten the distance between us.We suggest that you look inside and notice yourselves as Beings of Light, besides the physical bodyyou have. They are made of Light before even turning into a physical body. Request thereactivation of your stellar and divine memory. Request your Creator power and expand yourconsciousness to the point where you can feel yourself being a part of the Brotherhood of Lightwhich grows each day through humanity’s awareness in this process.Reestablish your positions as children of God, connected to Source, made in the image andsimilitude of God, in all His attributes.We share with you this Gift and we want you to only remember. Desire to remember. This is ourgoal.To have the opportunity to participate in this book and through it provide information is for us agreat advance within the process of humanity’s evolution.Know that there is an intense exchange of information and knowledge which are shared by allPeople of the Intergalactic Confederation and you are each time closer to becoming membersagain.We are immensely grateful to the authors of this book who have opened to us and placedthemselves in the service of the Higher Light in benefit of the collective. Our intention here is toreach many of you, activating your divined codes through the information we send you, guidingyou to remember your S oul’s Purpose.We welcome you and wish that this reading will bring you joy on all levels of Being!In light, Rathal Zeh – The Blue People – The Orion Constellation 8
  9. 9. 2012 – The Cosmic AwakeningIn the middle of the second semester of 2012, the S will shine so intensely that its golden rays unwill invade all the cells of each being alive throughout the planet. Before this great event, we willhave, due to the change of the Earth’s polarity, three days of extreme darkness. In this moment,the fear of humanity will reach its peak. During 72 hours, we will only have darkness, all thesystems of communication will enter into collapse and the greatest fear of mankind will manifestitself in its plenitude; reclusive and pensive, all will manifest a state of guilt and in this moment, wewill be under the dominion of Poseidon’s mind (Neptune, the King of the S eas). For the nonbelievers in God and for many, this will be the prelude to the end of times, but on the fourth daythe S will reemerge with a brilliant and golden light never seen before by any human being. We unwill see in the horizon a New S which will bring with it the true prelude: The Golden Age has unarrived!!In this moment, God will definitively show to all in the most sublime and powerful way, how thetrue architect of the Universe and will place us before Him again. The real message will arriveimmediately to the mind of all, all guilt will vanish; the love of God will remove the fear ofPoseidon and a long silence almost absolute will take over human minds. No sermons, lectures ordogmas, just truth presenting itself individually and each one will know exactly how to moveforward. Everyone will understand the message and from there, the concepts about the Universeand God will transform. We will finally understand that there is a greater force, a supreme energywhich governs all and we will notice that we are not who we think we are; the only sovereignowners of the Universe. Before Him, the masks will drop, the truth will come to reveal itself and anew cosmic cycle will begin.The big golden rays of the new sun will shine in the west and surprise everyone with itsmagnitude; the emotion will be indescribable and a feeling of victory will invade the Earth like anavalanche of peace and union. The fabulous and spectacular golden rays of the new S will finally unshow the power of the Golden Age on Earth. We will be able to definitively register the mostimportant historical moment for all of humanity; the big age which will last approximately twothousand years and will be marked by abundance and well being.But what about the disasters and the catastrophes which everyone is prophesying?Remember that the future always depends upon us. If we authorize and accept the condition ofdestruction, then it will present itself; if we fear, then fear and the forces of Poseidon willmanifest. If we have the conviction that the worse will happen, then prepare yourself for theworse. This is the premise of Creation, you create your own reality and together we create ourown realities. S ome things may be pre-determined but it doesn’t mean that they must happen;destiny is only one path, not a certainty.Then, what should I do? 9
  10. 10. Just, do not fear, do not give room to fear to enter into your life; the main message is to notaccept it as a condition. Overcome fear and neutralize it with love. Start by changing yourself andconsequently, you will change everyone around you.Forget the violence and it shall not be part of your daily life; forget the lack of money and it shallnever lack; forget the lack of opportunities and attract prosperity; forget the people who do youharm and they will disappear from your life; forget despair, because it does not exist; forget thenegative information that enters your home through means of communication. Why authorize thecatastrophes and tragedies to enter your own home? This creates a field of negativity, destructivein your own home. What for? Why feed off this? Notice that this will not add to anything, it onlystrengthens the negativity in your life. Evil only brings evil. Only neutralize this idea; thesemoments, turn off the TV and none of this will be part of your life. Choose to read a good book,practice some physical activity, listen to good music or simply change the channel; anythingpositive, as small as it is, is certainly better than something negative. You don’t have to omitevents, you will continue to know that it exists and happens, but you won’t be part of it. Finally,forget evil and feed yourself upon goodness. Goodness builds, and evil destroys, that is the greatLaw of Earth. S in which Earth do you wish to be in? o,Always choose love, always, this is the path and there is no other. Forget everything that makesyou feel bad, eliminate any sequel of fear, of violence, of the evil that exists within you; flood yourlife with positive words and let them manifest, flood yourself with prosperity, harmony, peace,trust, happiness, solidarity, compassion, gratefulness, gratitude, conviction, opportunities,perfection, beauty, enthusiasm, motivation, disposition, satisfaction, pleasure, growth, knowledge,strength, will, perseverance, courage, wisdom and love.This will be your protective shield. You will become a vibrational being of positivity, emanatingeach day more light and protection to the great aura of consciousness which is bigger than thebody of Earth.Feel at peace. Be yourself. Find yourself and you will find the treasures of the Universe. The mostvaluable ones are inside you. You are a creator being. This is exactly what you are doing in thisexact moment. Creating your own reality at each instant through your thoughts, desires andmemories, moving to create and modify your own life and of all those who surround you.Being conscious of this power of creation is a virtue which will place you in a sovereign positionand of comfort in a new process for your life, the most efficient form of attraction of newpossibilities and opportunities. To grow is to become conscious of who you really are and whatyou really want.Inner growth does not mean going higher, it means getting closer.If you do so, you will never feel hostage of your own condition. You will bring to pass theindisputable free will which was given to you as a gift when you were born and that you can use 10
  11. 11. after reading this book, one of the most noble and sublime feelings already experienced: thefreedom of consciousness.Wisdom is without a doubt, the most ancient and efficient power of freedom we have; however,at some point in history, we forget or we are made to forget. You will see that besides free will andthe power of choice, we have to improve our power of freedom. We will never be able to buy,exchange, bargain or negotiate the power of freedom, we will only be able to achieve it throughsearching and through inner will to grow and learn.The eight Laws of the Universe we describe in the final chapters of this book will make youconnect to the S upreme Mind, S ource of Higher Energy, the Light, the Cosmos, and the All, if youso desire. If you allow this reconnection, you will feel a new link to the Great Creator; you willdefinitively be together with God Father/ Mother, the magnificent and splendor being whom wecannot see, but we feel the presence and vibration in all the cells of our body every time we openourselves to it.“God is not out there, watching or judgment. He is present within. Within you. In each cell ofyour body.”You are a perfect replica of the Great Creator, that is why you have come into this world with themission of creating and so you should. If we have the power to think, feel, vibrate, create andmodify the world and people through our actions and thoughts, then, in fact, we are activeparticles of Him, creating and transforming the world as Him. You can be conscious of this or not,but believe it, you are sovereign and can be and have everything you desire. You only have toreally want it and truly wanting it means truly feeling it deep down in your soul.We bring with us all this potential for connection. In our consciousness energy, everything is wellintegrated; we just need to improve upon the gift that was given to us. Not only improve throughtechniques but especially through knowledge.We are used to the mechanization and prefer to always receive everything ready and completed.We choose to buy, open and consume, we are conditioned to do so; fragmenting our ownperception of reality and consequently, becoming beings susceptible to frustrations anddisappointments.We dream of the idea of going to a supermarket and buying happiness, prosperity, mental andphysical health, wealth, prosperity, etc. Though these goods are not consumption goods, we canonly obtain them as we evolve the awareness and understanding of the world which surrounds us,through a constant improvement of the emotions and intuitive perceptions and the forces ofcreation.Some people do not need any improvement. They are ready and they use this intuitive powerwithout even knowing that it exists. Others need to remember who they really are and needreactivation. Others are still in a state of hibernation or numb before the vibrational avalanche inwhich they find themselves, contrary to their own natural standards. Others feel a great 11
  12. 12. disconnection with the world in which they live, especially due to their thought patterns and oldbelief systems; they cannot find harmony and live in constant conflict with themselves, they donot understand the people who live around them and they don’t understand the reason for thiscondition. They constantly see themselves before diverse situations totally incompatible with theirway of thinking. They see an inexplicable moral discrepancy in society, accepting this situation asnormal for some time, but soon fall into the internal conflicts again. Many are perfectly healthyand active, apparently there is nothing wrong with them (externally), they are only vibrating indifferent frequencies and they put themselves in a situation of non resonance with the Universe.This is harmful, but perfectly able to be neutralized through a simple awareness that the world isgoing through changes in great proportions and that besides them, there are millions of peoplewho find themselves in the same situation, but are still unaware. S becoming aware is without a o,doubt, the first step.The changes in behavior, the changes of values will come with the vibrational acceleration thatEarth will suffer from now on. When this collective awareness becomes real, everything will beclear like the original light.Many of us bring as baggage experiential knowledge and wisdom, for in some place in time we alllived in places of extreme spirituality; we lived through great transformations and we had accessto the greater knowledge about the truths of the Universe. This information is all filed in eachindividual consciousness; we only need to reactivate them.We have a great potential, easiness and abilities that are necessary to have a prosperous andopportune life; we are extremely intelligent, well informed about all current topics, financialmarket, new trends, quality of life, real estate, relationships, healthy lifestyle, etc. However, wecannot turn off for a moment from the external reality and from the thinking mass in which we areinserted. We created a stressful and cruel reality and we are all diving in it. We have not evenstopped to notice that we are beings of Light, that we came to this world with a purpose, toachieve something greater for ourselves and for others. We forget to be grateful for what we haveachieved, for the fruits that we have already harvested, for everything that we planted and webegin to incessantly complain about what we don’t have, creating an existential emptiness whichdoes not correspond to some of the great S piritual Laws that rule our world. All of this instantlyprovokes a disconnection. We end up, believing that this type of situation is normal.Desperate and really in disbelief, we begin the addictive process which creates a world ofnightmares and great difficulties, false hope, anxiety and the incessant belief in lack, difficulty andcompetition as the norm; this is pure spiritual unpreparedness. We forget that there exists a greatCreator Source of extreme abundance, who is generous and who can provide us whenever weneed. But we are so stuck in our comfort zone and prefer to find other forms of energy, muchdenser and limiting to fuel us on a daily basis. Human beings need vital energy, but they haveforgotten how to find it. We have learned throughout centuries not to nurture ourselves from thisHigher Energy like the people in ancient civilizations. 12
  13. 13. Since we don’t know where else to search for this essential vital energy for our survival, we learnwith time to resist and to search for this energy in other forms; unfortunately, the only way wemanaged was to find vital energy from other people. We transformed ourselves in energy feedersand we feed upon each other and we do it unconsciously all the time. Notice how people feed offeach other, generating an enormous vibration unbalance. Through intolerance, fights, envy,attachment, emotional despair, judgment, fear, lack of love and so forth. This format is the maincause of all conflicts amongst people, from a small misunderstanding within couples, within afamily to a city and amongst countries, for this format fabricates fear, the reverse power of love.This condition must be transmuted and each person must become sovereign and whole, letting goof the huge descending spiral of dense energy and reconnecting with the true source generator ofvital energy that can nurture us perfectly under any damage or difficulty. We will guide youthrough this process and show you that there is a road that can take you directly to this pureenergy that comes from an abundant and infinite source.During this reading, you will notice the constant emphasis given to this word, reconnection for thisis the major objective of our work: to reconnect.The intention is to show that there is the possibility of doing this reconnection, with the Universeand definitively establish an internal and infinite contact with Him, with the neutral energy, theneutral energy of unconditional love which builds everything.There is the possibility of finding inner peace and moving ahead, supported by the power ofdetermination and conviction. Believe it, everything can manifest through the means of certainty.You only need to reconnect with yourself, with your personal purpose, with your personal mission,with your real intentions before life and your most latent emotions. If you so allow, then yourreconnection will be established once again and everything will flow into extreme perfection andwithout any effort. You will be reconnecting to yourself and vibrating from there in the samefrequency in which the Planets, the S tellar Systems, the S The Earth, all of Via Lactea and the un,great Cosmos. You will be in resonance with the neutral energy of the Universe, the energy oflove.“Know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.” SocratesReligions, throughout the centuries, were molded after standards based on each time period,creating ‘laws’ in which human beings became victims of the current system, hostages ofmanipulations and impositions which prevented the creator power to manifest in its plenitude.Suffering and judgment were looked upon as principles to be accepted. Humanity began to believein these concepts which came from God, the S upreme Creator of all Universe. But, if we weremade in the image and similitude of God, how could we live at the mercy of judgment andsuffering? If we were given free will, how do we judge our choices?“A Father does not judge a child. He supports him in his choices.” 13
  14. 14. Before this premise, how can a religion convince you that you do not have the power to createyour own reality?It is exactly this power that we need to reclaim. It is necessary to find another way of living the‘religious’ aspect. There is nothing wrong with having a religion, it is very important in our path ofspiritual expansion, but to live your religion, your reconnection, in the fullness of its meaning,without judgments, without prejudices, without blame, without impositions, you must be free tofeel God alive in every cell of your body.The word religion comes from the greek word ‘reli gare’ and its meaning is nothing more than toreconnect. This is the biggest intention of all existent religions in the Universe: that you findyourself again, reconnect with your God through yourself.God is not outside you but within you and you are 24 hours connected to Him, without effort orpenitence.This is the focus and the main message of our Brothers of Higher Dimensions who participated inthis work to spread the word. We like to emphasize the word ‘brothers’ when we refer to them, asthey requested. Though we are in different dimensions, they are always by our side supportingand guiding us in our learning. They explain repeatedly that the difference amongst us does notexist, what exists are the degrees of evolution but never as genre. We are all brothers; we havecome from the same place and will return to the same place. That is why we desire to be calledbrothers and not masters.Due to this specific moment that we are going through in the Planet and in all Galaxy, thecommunication with all non physical beings is being extremely facilitated around the globe. Theyare very present mainly to guide us in this passage that is so important and unique to humanity,for a New Age of wisdom, peace and evolution, the Golden Age which will last approximately twothousand years.We want to convey in the simplest way possible all the messages that are coming through, in away that helps you to rethink your condition, to guide and show you that you are not alone in thisword, let alone excluded for exclusion does not exist in the Universe. You are part of somethinggreater and you are essential as a being.The messages come through channeling. The channeling, as the word already states, is a channelthat opens to establish the communication with these non physical Beings. This channelestablishes for people who are more vibrational and intuitively sensitive. As time passes, thischannel can broaden and from there the person who channels becomes a loyal link andspontaneously participates only activating the intuitive and intentional power.We like to define channeling as:“The divine and inspired words of God, given to humans through humans.” 14
  15. 15. This means that not only the majority of the sacred scriptures of all religions were originallychanneled, but also that of artists and musicians. It is something absolutely common, as manyother emerging processes of the New Era are. God did not write the Bible but men did, while theywere divinely inspired.Our ascended friends desire that you read, believe and take in all the messages in a unique andvery particular way without prejudice or judgment. What is useful for you will automatically beabsorbed, for only this will matter.They are messages never before divulged to the public, they are thrilling and at the same timesimple and direct. They come to show us once and for all the reality that we are in, that we cannotsee or we don’t want to see beyond what we can see with our own eyes, because of the infinity ofsales and masks that have been implanted during millions of years throughout the centuries.However, we still have an alive consciousness. It keeps itself shielded and intact inside time andspace. It is ready to be opened again. The key is in your hands and it is only up to you to open it ornot.This magnificent creation, known as consciousness, is our biggest instrument of perception andunderstanding of the world. Our Eternal Eyes inside eternity, that can see, understand and feel all.When we speak of eternity, it is inevitable to speak of spirituality and reincarnation. In ourprevious book, The Law of Attraction, we did not focus on spirituality for very clear and specificreasons, in order to access as many people as possible. But now that the seed has been planted,we can and we must give the continuity to disseminate each day the maximum amount ofinformation, for the New World Order that draws upon us can be summarized in two simplewords: Share and Evolve.This can only be done in one way, through people; we are really the only vehicles capable of doingthis transposition with the help of Mentors, Angels, S upporters and S piritual Guides. Yes, but theresponsibility is ours and only ours. The knowledge and information is the path that will lead us tothe truth. We have to act and not live in hope, because those who live in hope are always waitingfor something distant to arrive. We should act, for those who act prosper. Our consciousness isalive, it is in constant expansion and never regresses; it is present in all things that existed, existand will exist.“Time is only a Portal, what is meant to be, already is.”When we become aware of the power within the present, which is eternal, the above quotebecomes almost like a personal Mantra.We begin to understand that we are the ones in command, that we are One, and we understandthat the only reality we have is the present, the eternal present. It is exactly in this that we areimmersed in and should shift our attention to. If we keep conscious and aware of this, then we willbe in complete command of ourselves and our reality. 15
  16. 16. The future is simply the exact representation of what is happening now. The future obeys thepresent with perfection for it depends upon it. S we need to concentrate in the present, the o,future is the simple result of what we desire now.Therefore, pay attention to what you desire, for your desires can come true. Awake, beconscious, believe and have faith, for what is meant to be, already is. 16