Seminar of guillermo armaiz


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Seminar of guillermo armaiz

  1. 1. Seminar of Guillermo Armaiz<br />This seminar was characterized to create a relationship between the psychosocial factors and the progression of malignant tumoroginesis. Armaiz express during the seminar that there was researches that identified a relationship between the psychosocial factors such as stress, depression and many other psychosocial diseases and the progression of the growth of tumors in the body(malignant). This establishment is traduce that the neuroendocrine stress shoul help for the progression of the tumor. First of all it have to be established how a tumor will form in any part of the body:<br />Genetics Alterations<br />Growth or Proliferation<br />Vascularization and Invasion<br />Embolization<br />Evasion of the apoptosos (Armaiz 2009).<br />In addition there is two type of stress chronic and acute. Bis cases of the production of the tumor it refers to the crhonic stress. Armaiz established that the difference between this two types of stress was the terms.. In the case of the chronic stress this type of stress is a long term but in the case of the acute stress it is short. In the case of a human expose under chronic stress too much time most of the organ affects negatively because of the presence of glucocorticoid and catechalominane. The glucocorticoid can cause an imbalance of the metabolism processes that occurs in the mitochondria. This qaagent can be pro-factors of the cancer progression. This is because it can cause the creation of the excellent micro-enviroment to the development of the malign tumor (This is also related with the adrenal gland) With this micro-enviroment and all the fqctor that provide the molecules that was mentioned before cancer can metastasis and invade many other parts of the organs. Also some cells can embolize in the blood stream and metastasizes not only in that organ but in other organs. In addition to that exists the possibilitie of this tumor can made a better vascularization and improve the invasion of the malign cells that are part of the tumor. This tumor cells are evading the apoptotical activity and that provide it to the cell the opportunity to live more time. Also is important to mention that this factors that are provoke by the chornic stress it can also inhibit the presence of oxygen in the place that the tumor is developing. An area with hypoxia it is an excellent area of development for a malign tumor. <br />Armaiz also mentioned that behavioral stress effect on the tumor specifically in the intiation and the rprogress are very complex to analyze. If the scientific field investigate more in the cmpus thene we shoul obtain better improvement in the development of new drugs or treatment for Cancer that is the second cause of death in the United States. <br />Also it have to be mention theat the model of Armaiz to give the seminar during the RISE component was very interesting because of the form that he analyze all like in a Journal Club. Also we can conclude that the chronic stress is very negative no only for the formation of the tumor but for the progression and the metastasis of the Cancer. Also it can be mention that stress it is not only prejudicial to the Cancer Disease because it is also negative for the Heart Problemas and the blood pressure proble. That is why Armaiz mention that his problem is attackin the latino population very directly because the latinos are very propense to Cance and also the bloode pressure problems because ot the salt and sodium consumption that are a very bad part of the diet of the latinos. <br />