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Questions of the seminars


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Questions of the seminars

  1. 1. Questions of the seminars<br />Eileen Rodriguez<br /><ul><li>What if the patient or the model in vivo have hypocalcaemia or hypocalcaemia?
  2. 2. You say in the seminar that calcium is used to activate the production: of we foun a form to modify the calcium or modify the levels of Calcium: can we inhibit the production of Nitric Oxide or we will activate it?
  3. 3. The use of Tegaserad that is antispasmodic can inhibit the production or can activate the production of NO?</li></ul>Jesus Vazquez<br /><ul><li>Why do you selected the Vanadium Oxide as part of the nanomaterials that you will utilize for the creation of the microchip?
  4. 4. Does this chip can be use to identify what type of allergy the patient have?
  5. 5. Why is this specific type of pump the gravity pump so important to mimics the function of the blood circulation through the body?</li></ul>Guillermo Armaiz<br /><ul><li>The catecholamine and cortical = can affects the metabolic pathways that are pare of mitochondrial processes (bioenergetics production)?
  6. 6. Does these stress agents can affect the synthesis or the pathways to the protein that are tumor suppressant?
  7. 7. We can established then that the Warburg effect that occurs in the tumor cells is presence because of the synthesis of molecules that only occurs during Chronic Stress?</li></ul>Mary Chely Quinones<br /><ul><li>This process can be used with any type of protein?
  8. 8. Does this establish a relationship (the graphic) between the absorption spectrum and also the action spectrum?
  9. 9. We can established then that faster magnetic activity less activity of the protein?