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5 & 6. carlos dna & bioinformatics ed


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Published in: Technology, Education
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5 & 6. carlos dna & bioinformatics ed

  1. 1. Bioinformatics by Dr. Belinda Roman<br />Bioinformatics is the application of statistics and computational science to Biology. This realm of science works in conjunction with genetics almost all the time. This seminar was about how to use bioinformatics databases of the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI). In this web site is collected all the genomes known to science. We used it to identify and compared the genome sequences of different species. NCBI provides scientists with the possibility of knowing if two species are similar or are different. This represents an advantage because if you want to study the synthesis of a specific gene or protein then you can identify the species that are not human or primate that are similar. This is the case of Mus musculus and Rattus novergicus. These two species are very similar to the biological system of the humans. <br />Carlos Santos Perez<br />804-10-8280<br />University of Puerto Rico<br />Cayey P.R.<br />