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4. carlos dn ato proteined


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Published in: Technology
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4. carlos dn ato proteined

  1. 1. From Gene to Protein<br />Patricia Casbas; Daniel Dominguez; Sean Bailey; Rodrigo Gonzalez<br />This three day workshop consisted of 5 protocols. The five protocols were related with the topic: From gene to protein. It can be established, after attending the workshop, that the synthesis of proteins is regulated by the expression of the genes. I think that these five protocols taught us this main idea. The first protocol was about DNA extraction with common materials. Materials like detergent and eye contact liquid were used to extract the DNA from our saliva. In the second protocol we did a Polymerase Chain Reaction of the gene that code for the green fluorescent protein (GFP). The third protocol was about electrophoresis of the DNA. It is very important to know that the electrophoresis technique is principally used to separate the molecules of a substance. In the fourth protocol, we did an electrophoresis that was only for protein. Then, in the fifth protocol, we looked at how the E.coli express the protein of GFP and Lux, and how a scientist can observe the sample through a microscope. Lux contrasts from GFP because Lux can be directly observed. This means that without the presence of UV light the expression will be observable. But, in the case of GFP, there has to be UV light or a source that excites the Green Fluorescent Protein. <br />Carlos Santos Perez<br />804-10-8280<br />University of Puerto Rico<br />Cayey P.R.<br />