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1. carlos microscopy ed


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Published in: Technology
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1. carlos microscopy ed

  1. 1. Microscopy<br />Microscopy is a technical field that changes all of the disciplines of science, especially Biology. But why? Well for one thing, because of the microscope, Robert Hooke was able to discover the basic unit of life, the cell. In addition, now Scientifics have different types of microscope depending of what they needed to view. The types of microscopes that we studied during Dr. Robert Ross’ microscopy conference were: the stereo microscope, the light microscope, and the electron microscope. The stereo microscope is commonly called the dissecting microscope, and is used to observe things that are bigger and also to dissect organisms. The light microscope is more potent in comparison with the stereo microscope and it is used to observe little things. Also this kind of microscope has different types of application because of the techniques that you apply to observe the sample. With this type of microscope you can observe cells but not all the organelles. The electron microscope is used to observe things that are little like the organelles. In conclusion, microscopy is a field that has many applications because of the variety of techniques available in this technical field. <br />Carlos Santos Perez<br />804-10-8280<br />University of Puerto Rico<br />Cayey P.R.<br />