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Unit 8 great inventions 2º


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Unit 8 great inventions 2º

  1. 1. Great inventions Science UNIT 8 2nd grade
  2. 2. What is a discovery? What is an invention? Finding a use for something that already exist in nature , like oil or tomatoes, is a discovery.Creating something new, like the alphabet or the car , is an invention. Discoveries and inventions help people because they make life easier. Fire Salt Hairdryer Mobile phone Spoon
  3. 3. How do inventions happen? An invention happens when someone has a new idea. Later, people improve these inventions and make them more modern.
  4. 4. Which inventions use electricity? Every day we use machines and tools that make our lives easier. Many machines use electricity, like the fridge or the radio. Electricity is a form of energy. It was a great discovery.
  5. 5. Which inventions and discoveries are important for our health? Some inventions and discoveries are very important because they help to prevent or treat illnesses.
  6. 6. Which inventions help us to communicate or to move from place to place ? Many inventions help us to communicate with other people or to move from place to place. Pleople improve these inventions all the time and make them more modern.
  7. 7. What can we use a computer for? We can use computers for lots of things we need to do at home, at school and at work. A computer has different parts: C.P.U. Printer Screen Speakers Keyboard Mouse Webcam