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Tema 5 scence


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Published in: Technology
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Tema 5 scence

  2. 2. HOW ARE ANIMAL HABITATS DIFFERENT? • Animals live in very different habitats. Some habitats are very hot and others are very cold.Some have lots of plants and lots of water and others have very few plants and very little water.
  3. 3. How do animals adapt to their habitats? Animals adapt to their habitats. For example, a squirrel lives in a forest. It has sharp claws for climbing trees and sharp teeth for eating nuts.
  4. 4. WHICH ANIMALS LIVE IN RAINFOREST? Most land animals and plants live in rainforest.
  5. 5. Which animals live in deserts? Few animals and plants live in deserts because there is little water and it is very hot during the day and very cold at night.
  6. 6. Which animals live in polar regions? The animals that live at the North and South Poles are adapted to very cold temperatures and to the ice and snow.
  7. 7. Which animals live in forest? Lots of animals and plants live in forest. Forest can be in cold and rainy regions or in a warm and dry regions.