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How does it work


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How does it work

  1. 1. How does it work? SCIENCE UNIT 10
  2. 2. Tools and machines Tools and machines make work easier but machines are more complex. A pick is a tool A road drill is a machine Both make holes, but the road drill is more complex
  3. 3. Tools
  4. 4. Machines Car Washing machine Crane Watch Road drill Hairdryer Fridge Microwave Iron
  5. 5. Machines: Means of transport bicycle car tractor bus plane motorbike lorry helicopter
  6. 6. Machines: Means of communication computer television telephone radio
  7. 7. Parts of a computer Central Processing Unit
  8. 8. Machines that use petrol
  9. 9. Machines that use batteries
  10. 10. Machines that use electricity
  11. 11. What tools do different professions use?
  12. 12. doctor farmer
  13. 13. firefighter mechanic
  14. 14. hairdresser cook
  15. 15. teacher builder
  16. 16. cleaner pilot