Beginners Guide to Types of Garage Door Tampa


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A quick start guide to garage doors. It explains the different types as well as their differences. Great for all ranges of knowledge on garage doors. Take a look!

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Beginners Guide to Types of Garage Door Tampa

  1. 1. Garage Door Tampa, FloridaPeople who live in Tampa may find themselves in need of a garage door. A garage door tampa retailerwill have many doors to choose from. Below are some types of doors that a garage tampa retailer willtypically have.Roller Garage DoorsPeople who have space problems with their garages will find that roller garage doors are ideal. Peoplewho have homes that have narrow driveways will also find that these types of garage doors are ideal.The best thing about these types of garage doors is that they are usually controlled with a remotecontrol. People love these types of doors because they usually do not have to even leave their car whenthey want to open their garage. These doors are very durable, reliable and they are very affordable.
  2. 2. Sectional DoorsWhat makes sectional doors great doors for the garage is that the size of the driveway is not relevant.The reason why the size of the driveway is not relevant is because the door simply stays within theframe. This type of garage door opens into the garages ceiling.Up and Over DoorsThese types doors swings towards the driveway and then the doors move up, and that is why they arecalled up and over doors. These doors are best suited for people who have driveways that are longbecause the doors do need some space due to the fact that they swing when they open up. These doorsare typically durable doors.Swing Hung Garage DoorsThese doors resemble traditional garage doors that are typically hinged to the part of the door thatopens. Since these doors swing they do need to be installed on a garage that has quite a bit of space infront of it. People who have driveways that are to short or very narrow because usually these types of
  3. 3. driveways are too small for these types of doors. These doors are typically very affordable, stylish anddurable.Garage Doors In Different MaterialsThe above are the most common garage doors that people will find. People may or may not know thisbut garage doors can be made with different materials too. Steel is the most common material that isused for garage doors. The reason why steel is used for many doors is because it is very durable. Justbecause a door may be steel, it can still look as if the door was made with wood. This is possible becausesteel can be textured to look that way.People who want a traditional garage door look can get a door in wood. Wood is known to rot over timedue to wear, tear and getting wet. However wood can easily be treat so that it can last for a very longtime. Wooden garage doors have a great look to them and this is why wood is still a top choice. Woodcompliments virtually any type of garage and is very easy to maintain when taken care of the right wayor when the wood is protected with a special kind of coating.
  4. 4. One of the most popular materials that is used to make garage doors with is vinyl. Vinyl doors tend to beresistant to dents and vinyl seems like it does not fade or peel. Vinyl is very easy to maintain as mostvinyl doors have a coating on it to prevent it from turning a yellowish color over time.Styles Of DoorsAs one can tell there are quite a few types of garage doors and they can be made with a variety ofmaterials. Garage doors can come in many different types of designs. People will find that they can havedifferent styles of windows placed on their garage doors, or they can have it in a specific color. Peopleare often able to get their garage doors in a color that matches their homes.More InformationAs one can tell a garage door tampa retailer will usually have many different types of garage doors tochoose from. A good retailer or manufacturer will be able to help people find the garage door that willbest meet their needs. The above doors are all unique in their own way but a person should make surethat the garage door they are going to buy suits their garage. Many people end up being stuck with agarage door that seems to big or small due to some of the things mentioned earlier on in this article.Author Bio:
  5. 5. Bayside Garage Doors is a Tampa garage door repair company. We are all about helpingcustomers and making sure they are happy with our quality of work. For moreinformation please go to or call us at 1-813-433-7395.