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Crowdfunding - Funding For Indie Games


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With the growth of the Internet in recent years there has been possible a new form of financing, known as crowdfunding. Independent video game developers around the world have adopted this model unlike traditional funding to have more freedom and power to realize their creative projects.

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Crowdfunding - Funding For Indie Games

  1. 1. CrowdfundingFunding For Indie Games
  2. 2. ¿CrowdFunding?Collection of small amounts of capitalfrom many individuals to achieve a goal.Campaign lasts a certain amount of time.The "investor" gets a reward for theirmoney.
  3. 3. Benefits of CrowdfundingPre-ordering your game, obtain money tocomplete development.Validate your game idea.Control your actions.Creative independence.Earn more recognition.
  4. 4. DarkSide of CrowdfundingNot reach your goal and having to stopyour project.Say goodbye to publishers.Demand much time and labor out of youspend developing the game.Not adequately plan may complicatelegally.Don’t pay attention to Trolls!
  5. 5. Not so newYear: 1885Pedestal Statue ofLibertyPulitzer$102,000120,000 backersDuring 5 months
  6. 6. ¿and the indie developer?It is the individual or company that isdeveloping a video game without externalfinancing.Is not backed by a publisher.
  7. 7. Braid
  8. 8. Cart Life
  9. 9. Journey
  10. 10. To Leave
  11. 11. Amnesia: Dark Descent
  12. 12. Son of Nor
  13. 13. Benefits of being indieCreative freedom.Owning your IP (intellectual property).Larger % of profit from sales.Manage your own time.
  14. 14. x 0Can’t pay for talentLosing motivation onthe wayNot able to affordadvertising and marketingReject publishersupportDisadvantagesHigh costs of publishing,legal stuff and softwarelicences
  15. 15. TeamRealisticPrototypePresentationBudgetRewardsStretch GoalsMarketingCampaign Checklist
  16. 16. PresentationRecord a good quality video.Show the product.Gather a community that will help thecause.Be clear and transparent.
  17. 17. Be realistic ifyou plan to do this
  18. 18. RealistaIt’s like trying to makeAvengers with your 3 friends
  19. 19. You will not be able to do it.AAA games cost 50 million dollars.3-5 years of development.1000 people working (actors,programmers, artists, designers,marketing)Realistic
  20. 20. Ideas are worthless.What matters is execution.Execution is the multiplier.Idea vs. Prototype
  21. 21. Ideas are a nightmareAn idea is not a video game.A game design document is not a game.A drawing cannot be played.A video game can be played.
  22. 22. Awesome game never seen before wheremages that live in the dessert have to usetheir terraforming powers to survive.Idea Example
  23. 23. Prototype ExampleGameplay Trailer Son of Nor
  24. 24. BudgetCalculate the time needed to complete thedevelopment.Resources for the team.Salaries for your team or payment for externaldevelopers (concept artists, music & sound).Cost of crowdfunding rewards.Licensing and publishing fees.Crowdfunding platform commission.
  25. 25. ArtistsProgrammersDesignersMarketingAudio & MusicGame DesignersGather the Team
  26. 26. RewardsA reward could be a digital download game.(usually $10-$25)Being in the game credits.Participate giving ideas for development inexclusive forums.Concept Art Books.Merchandising of the game.
  27. 27. 100% Funded
  28. 28. Stretch Goals
  29. 29. When you pass the original goal you canoffer to your backers new goals to achievein exchange of new features for the gamelike New Game Plus or achievements.Stretch Goals
  30. 30. MarketingCreate a community before launch thecampaign.
  31. 31. MarketingSocial tools: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc..
  32. 32. MarketingFrequent Updates of the development duringthe campaign.
  33. 33. MarketingEmail to bloggers, journalists from differentgame sites.
  34. 34. Cases which exceeded the original goal.Divinity: Original Sin $400.000 -> $579,610Double Fine Adventures $400.000 -> $3,336,371Shovel Knight $75000 -> $311,502Torment: Tides of Numenera $900.000 ->$4,188,927Ominious $500 -> $1,171Telepath Tactics $15.000 -> $41,259
  35. 35. Distribution
  36. 36. Crowdfunding sites
  37. 37. Largest crowdfunding site.All or nothing. You have to reach the goal in agiven time.15% commissionExclusive for USA & UK.Kickitforward
  38. 38. Not as big as Kickstarter.Open to all countries.5% commissionNo need to reach the
  39. 39. No need to reach the goal.Hispanic audience.There isn’t muchcompetition with
  40. 40. Time is nowHaz el juego que quieras jugar.Ser feliz con lo que haces.Indie gaming is growing.Tools available to everyone.You can start learning on your own.Funding made possible by crowdfunding.Make the game you want to play.Be happy and love what you do.
  41. 41.