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Publicación1 jornal

  1. 1. NEWS OF THE DECADE 1920 1920’s Vol. 01, Nº 01 DAILY NEWS Cultural event The Week of Modern 1 The Week of Modern Art Photo Gallery 2 Celebrities 3 Science and History 4 Cine 4 Sports 4 The Week of Modern Art in 1922, held in Sao Paulo, at the Municipal Theatre, 1118 February, had as main purpose to renew, to transform the artistic and cultural context of the moment in the form of literature, the visual arts, architecture and music. That was the year when Brazil commemorated the first centenary of Independence and the young modernists wished to rediscover Brazil, freeing them from the shackles that bound art to foreign standards. They deny, first of all, the academicism in the arts. At this point, were already esthetically influenced by trends and movements such as Cubism, Expressionism and various ramifications post-impressionists. The catalog of the Week features names such as Anita Malfatti, Di Cavalcanti, Yan de Almeida Prado, John Graz, Oswaldo Goeldi and others, in painting and drawing; Victor Brecheret, Interesting  Brazilian literature reached its zenith during the week of modern art  The construction of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro  Cinema of the 20s  Brazil's first Olympics Hildegardo Leao Velloso cation. Also it denounced and Wilhelm Haarberg in the alienation of the people Sculpture ; Antonio Garcia Moya and Georg Przyrembel in architecture. Among the writers were Mário and Oswald de Andrade, Menotti Del Picchia, Plinio Salgado, and more. The music was represented by renowned authors such asVilla-Lobos, Guiomar Novais, Ernani Braga and Viana Fruitful. Tarsila of Amaral, Anita Malfatti, Oswald de Andrade, Mário de Andrade and Menotti del Picchia, Marked the beginning of modernism in Brazil formed the "Group of Five." Although the modernist movement did not summarize the Week of Modern about the reality of the Art or Sao Paulo, was this country and criticized the event that spread the ideas social problems, issues that expressed modern times even a century later, still the boldness, dynamism very present in Brazil. and simplicity in communi- THE WEEK— 13, 15, 17. February 13 - Official opening of the event. Exhibition of paintings and several sculptures. Beginning with the conference Graça Aranha, entitled "The aesthetic emotion of Modern Art." February 15 - Lecture by Menotti del Picchia about art aesthetics. Ronald de Carvalho reads the poem entitled The Frogs of Manuel Bandeira, openly criticizing the Parnassianism and its adherents. February 17 - Musical performances of VillaLobos, featuring various musicians.
  2. 2. Página 3 The Statue of the Christ The proposal for a landmark statue on the mountain was made in 1921 by the Catholic Circle of Rio. The group organized an event called Semana do Monumento ("Monument Week") to attract donations and collect signatures to support the building of the statue. The donations came mostly from Brazilian Catholics. The designs considered for the "Statue of the Christ" included a representation of the Christian cross, a statue Christ the Redeemer of Jesus with a globe in his hands, and a pedestal symbolizing the world. The statue of Christ the Redeemer with open arms, a symbol of peace, was chosen. Local engineer Heitor da Silva Costa designed the statue; it was sculpted by Polish-French sculptor Paul Landowski. Construction took nine years, from 1922 to 1931 and cost the equivalent of US$250,000. The monument was opened on October 12, 1931. The Corcovado Mountain before the construction of Christ the Re- Celebrities Former US President William Howard Taft dedicates The Lincoln Memorial is an American national monument built to honor the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. It is located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. across from the Washington Monument. The architect was Henry Bacon, the sculptor of the primary statue – Abraham Lincoln, 1920 – was Daniel Chester French, and the painter of the interior murals was Jules Guerin. Dedicated in 1922, it is one of several monuments built to honor an American the Washington Monument. One hand president . The monument was unveiled by Warren G. Harding on May is closed, while the other is open. Be30, 1922, and was attended by the low them, the Roman fasces, symbols only surviving son of of the authority of the Republic. the former president, Robert Todd “The probability that we may fail in the struggle Lincoln. Daniel Chester ought not to deter us from the support of a French. French Precause we believe to be just.” sident was so thoughtfully, looking -Abraham Lincoln east toward the reflecting pool and The Nobel Prize in Physics The Nobel Prize in Physics 1921 was awarded to Albert Einstein "for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect". Albert Einstein received his Nobel Prize one year later, in 1922. During the selection process in 1921, the Nobel Committee for Physics decided that none of the year’s nominations met the criteria as outlined in the will of Alfred Nobel. According to the Nobel Foundation's statutes, the Nobel Prize can in such a case be reserved until the following year, and this statute was then applied. Albert Einstein therefore received Pie de imagen o his Nobel Prize for 1921 one gráfico. year later, in 1922. Notable awards: - Matteucci Medal (1921) - Copley Medal (1925) - Max Planck Medal (1929) - Time Person of the Century (1999).
  3. 3. Página 4 Science and history The Tomb of Tutankhamun KV62 is the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings (Egypt), which became famous for the wealth of treasure it contained.[1] The tomb was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter, underneath the remains of workmen's huts built during the Ramesside Period; this explains why it was spared from the worst of the tomb depredations of that time. KV is an abbreviation for the Valley of the Kings. By being open, it still contained gold pieces, fabrics, furniture, weapons and sacred texts that reveal much about Egypt 3400 years ago. The items found in the tomb were all loaded into the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Tutankhamun Cine Cinema of the 20s 1920 - Robert Wiene launches in Germany The Cabinet of Dr.. Caligari, considered one of the best movie of the 1920s. 1921 - It is established that the Fleischer Studios in the next decade, would create a Betty Boop. This year is launched in Brazil the first magazine in Hollywood productions - A Scena Muda. It launched the classic Charles Chaplin, The Kid. 1925 - In the U.S., Charles Chaplin reaches the apex of his character bum Sports with The Gold Rush. Universal Pictures performs Phantom of the Opera, following horror movies, innovating the art of makeup. 1926 - Is launched in Brazil the magazine Cinearte, most notably the production of the country. 1927 - Launch of first talkie The Jazz Singer. 1928 - Walt Disney releases the Mickey Mouse character. “Life is a play that does not allow trials ... So, sing, laugh, dance, cry and live intensely every moment of your life ... before the curtain goes down and the play ends with no applause.” - Charlie Chaplin Brazil's first Olympics Brazil's first Olympics was the 1920 Games in Antwerp when they were represented by 16 athletes competing in swimming, diving, rowing, water polo, and shooting. Brazil's first Olympic champion was Guilherme Paraense who won gold in 30 meter military pistol shooting at the 1920 Games. These were the countries that competed in Antwerp: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Spain, United States, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom , Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and Yugoslavia.
  4. 4. “The reading of all good books is a more honest converNews of the decade 1920 DAILY NEWS Década de 1920 Editora: Fabiana Da R. S. Almeida Redatora: Shirley Carvalho Revisora: Profª Ariane sation with the people of centuries past.” - René Descartes “Reading after a certain age overly distracting the human spirit of its creators reflections. Everyone who reads and uses more of the brain gets less laziness of thinking.” - Albert Einstein Organización