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Lego® serious play™ english


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Published in: Education, Business

Lego® serious play™ english

  1. Your organization at its full potential! LEGO® Serious Play™ Methodology for Business Performance Improvement
  2. Use LEGO® Serious Play™ - LSP to... ...go to the very core of the question/challenge/problem ...use all the resources/talent available in your organization ...turn visions into commitments ... and to design your actions!
  3. LSP is built around a fundamental belief: Everybody can, and want to, contribute in discussions, solutions and results.
  4. ¿What will be your organization’s gain in productivity if... • Everyone contribute REALLY with all his/her knowledge • Everyone become fully aware of all others’ perspective • Everyone collaborate to build a shared and committed approach?
  5. The LSP methodology is: • A 3D communication tool • A tool to generate shared perspectives • A process to produce solutions and strategies
  6. LEGO bricks bring hidden knowledge to surface. Building of metaphors triggers solutions we are not aware of. MORE, BETTER AND FASTER DECISIONS
  7. Open communication Deeper dialogues to discuss “issues” blocking your way to effective solutions.
  8. Talent is at your fingertips Harvest new perspectives, ideas and innovations available in your organization.
  9. Build systems, play scenarios, envision strategies. GET COMMITMENTS & ACTION!
  10. Applications, some ideas Branding Strategy Definition Product Development Teambuilding Project kick-off Process Improvement Decision Making
  11. If you are facing a complex problem and don’t know what to do next, this might be the approach you have been searching for. Carlos Martinez Certified Designer and Facilitator of workshops with the LEGO® Serious Play™ method More information: +34 610 495 535