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Leaders For Tomorrow


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Bulletin Informative 2008

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Leaders For Tomorrow

  2. 3. Benefactors of the Dollars for School Children Program, Team of the Tomorrow’s Leaders Program, Rotary Friends and Young Leaders
  3. 4. PROGRAM "LEADERS FOR TOMORROW" FOUNDERS TERESA Y JOSÈ ADAMS 2001 EARL MILBRATH, MIKE LEONARD Program Benefactors ROTARIOS Chanhassen, MN Rafael Armas Bardales Dollars for School Children Director Carlos Alayo Mecola Coordinator Leonor Olano Chávez Translator Orlando Bermúdez García Tomorrow’s Leaders Director
  4. 5. We, young members of Chimbote’s Tomorrow’s Leaders program, welcome each and every one of you, Rotary friends from Minnesota. It is an honor for us to be able to work on behalf of our community with youthful persevering courage in search of our ideals. We believe that this work will let us reach the goals we have set for ourselves. The basis of the success of any task depends on joint effort and collaboration. We, as an enterprising group, work hard and proactively in order to accomplish our objectives, being involved, this year, in substantial projects to improve the education of Chimbote’s children. PRESENTATION Children are our constant inspiration, since we are aware of the human potential they represent and the human values and possibilities we can count on in our beloved city of Chimbote. We want to thank every one of you, friends, and also other people and various companies who have collaborated with us to help us carry out our projects and make them succeed. The greatness of a country depends on its people. We invite and encourage you, then, to keep working on behalf of our Chimbotean community. Tomorrow’s Leaders Young Leaders
  5. 6. LIST DE STUDENTS 2008 YOUNG “LEADERS FOR TOMORROW” 2008 SANTA NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Ivon Mujica Narro ( Primary education ) Máximo Roque Sánchez ( Aquiculture education ) Susana Jara Izaguirre ( Early education ) Diana Mestanza Hurtado ( Early education ) Evelyn Pino Matta ( Primary education ) Jessica Quispe Novoa ( Primary education ) Ángel Uhua Ledesma ( High School education ) Deisi Ramírez Díaz ( Technical Nursing ) Jovana Miranda Luera ( History and Geography ) Margarita Yupanqui V. ( Psychology and Social Sciences ) Linda Córdova Celis ( Early education ) Cintia Alipio Santander ( Language and Literature ) Ángel Díaz Carrión ( Civil engineering ) Rubí Echevarría Valderrama ( Language and Literature ) Luis Pérez Carrión ( Language and Literature ) Jessica Obando Velesmoro ( Primary education ) Wilfredo Núñez Villarreal ( Technical Nursing )
  6. 7. INSTITUTE CARLOS SALAZAR ROMERO Miguel Moreno Flores ( Auto mechanics ) Carlos Santa Cruz Díaz ( Technical nursing ) Katerin Marcelo Tomas ( Computer technology ) Iván Medina Basurto ( Computer technology ) Fiorella Gonzáles Vilela ( Technical nursing ) Alexander Salazar Alvarado ( Auto mechanics ) INSTITUTE SENATI Jhorlyn Ulloa Garbozo ( Food processing ) Luis Valera Cotrina ( Machines and Tools ) Albert Echeverría Valderrama ( Diesel engines ) Paolo Díaz Carrión ( Cooling systems ) Cinthia García Yovera ( Industrial administration ) Sheyla Cier Ignacio ( Industrial administration ) Luis Tafur Carrión ( Metal structures )
  7. 8. PROJECTS 2008 GROUP I Youngsters and teachers presenting the project (Recycling). Talking to students about the importance of recycling.
  8. 9. GROUP II Young Leaders and promoters (Choi) talking about recycling. Workshop with young people about the environment and the protection it deserves.
  9. 10. GROUP III Activities with students on global pollution. Giving out containers to collect selectively different types of inorganic waste materials.
  10. 11. GROUP IV Explaining how to carry out the recycling project. Giving out containers to recycle organic waste.
  11. 12. GRADUATES Carlos Julca Mendoza Robert López Azaña Hamilton López Mendieta Computer technology Tech. Auto mechanics Tech. Diesel auto mechanics Tech. Bitec`s Institute Senati`s Institute C. E. O. Mundo Mejor 2002 – 2004 2002 – 2004 2002 – 2004 Silvia Floriano León Isabel Casazola Blanco Luís Albarado Carhuapoma Computer technology Tech. Accounting Tech. Computer technology Tech. Bitec`s Institute Carlos Salazar Romero`s Institute Bitec`s Institute 2002 – 2004 2003 – 2005 2002 – 2004
  12. 13. Magaly Núñez Idrogo Dennis de la Cruz Celestino Elvis Castañón Varas Computer technology Doc. Production Mech. Tech. Electronic Tech. Pedagogic`s Institute Carlos Salazar Romero`s Institute Carlos Salazar Romero`s Institute 2003 – 2005 2003 – 2005 2004 – 2006 Marcos Preciado Zúñiga Lía Inaquispe Ramírez Echevarría Peñaloza Vanessa Accounting Tech. Computer technology Tech. Primary Education Doc. Carlos Salazar Romero`s Institute Carlos Salazar Romero`s Institute Pedagogic`s Institute 2004 – 2006 2004 – 2006 2003 – 2007
  13. 14. Arias Hernández Johana Holguín Sánchez Juan Villanueva Reyes Alex High School Education Doc. Primary Education Doc. Primary Education Doc. Pedagogic`s Institute Pedagogic`s Institute Pedagogic`s Institute 2003 – 2007 2003 – 2007 2003 – 2007 Rodríguez Espejo Amada Asunción Juárez Maribel González Videla Fiorella Primary Education Doc. Primary Education Doc. Nursing Tech. Pedagogic`s Institute Pedagogic`s Institute Carlos Salazar Romero`s Institute 2003 – 2007 2003 – 2007 2005 – 2007
  14. 15. Rotary Library: serving Young Leaders and the community of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel, it is of special importance for university students. Young Leaders receiving their Leaders Program graduation diplomas from the Chimbote Rotary Club in the presence of Rotary benefactors from Chanhassen, MN – USA.
  15. 16. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In the name of all this program, made up by us, youngsters of Tomorrow’s Leaders, this great family we have built throughout the years, contributing and offering a bit of ourselves to young people, children and parents as well as to all our community, we want to let you know that it is with great joy that we are able, with your support, to keep doing our work, to the best of our ability. Thus, we want to thank you for all your firm, generous and trusting support during this year 2008 and also during the previous years, with which we have been able to contribute to make this city a bit better, this city of ours which needs to improve so much more. Thank you, Rotary friends! CHIMBOTE – ANCASH – PERÚ E-mail: