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Virgin Care

I was asked to design a PowerPoint Presentation for Virgin Care.

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Virgin Care

  1. 1. It’s our people that make us who we are Virgin Care Our story “Convention dictates that a company looks after its shareholders first, its customers next and last of all worries about its employees. Virgin does the opposite. For us, our employees matter most. It just seems common sense to me that, if you start off with a happy, well-motivated workforce, you’re much more likely to have happy customers. And in due course the results will make your shareholders happy.” Richard Branson
  2. 2. Our story so far It’s been quite a journey. We started in 2007, when we were known as Assura Medical. Since then we have grown rapidly. After the Virgin acquisition in 2011 we were proud to add Surrey Community Services to our existing services. Last April Devon Integrated Children’s Services joined the family, bringing us to 5,500 members of the team. Number of service types, growth by 20 each stage 80 60 40 20 0 2007 2008 2010 2012 2014
  3. 3. Our journey 2007 2008 2010 2012 2014 Assura Medical opens first services Surrey TCS Surrey TCS Surrey TCS Go-live Apr 2012 Go-live Apr 2012 Go-live Apr 2012 Devon ICS go-live Apr 2013 175 Live services 175 Live services 175 Live services 1m feedback responses 50 service types 50 service types 50 service types 60+ service types 2.2m patient contacts annually 2.2m patient contacts annually 2.2m patient contacts annually Circa 4m customer contacts 3,500 employees 3,500 employees 3,500 employees 5,500 employees
  4. 4. Our range of services Community Services – we provide adult and children’s community services across 8 community hospitals and 10 community wards, community nursing, specialist nursing, diagnostic services, equipment services and mental health services in community settings serving over one million patients. Our pioneering “virtual ward” has enabled thousands of patients to be discharged early from hospital to recover at home in a supported way Primary Care Services ‒ we hold 19 contracts for delivery of core GP services covering a registered patient population of 48,000 Urgent and Unplanned Care – we operate 15 “walk in” urgent care Centre across the country, including three nurse-led minor injury units. We see and treat over 700,000 walk-in urgent patients annually. We are the second largest provider of urgent care in England
  5. 5. Our vision Objectives and Values Having that wow factor in everything that we do, with the ability to surprise even ourselves by providing great quality and standards. Ensure service quality and customer safety Be recognized as an outstanding employer Develop and maintain effective partnerships/ relationships Employ robust governance systems Provide services highly valued by customers and staff Create and build a sound, scalable and profitable organization
  6. 6. Caring Innovative Outcome-driven Outstanding Fun In everything we do, we must always live by our values: Take the First Steps