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This is a basic Michael Jordan bibliography presentation. His background, his high school,college, and NBA accomplishments.There is also an embedded video of some of his highlights, they are pretty cool. And some photos of what MJ is today and what he represents.

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Michael jordan presentation

  1. 1. By: Carlos Granados
  2. 2. Michael Jordan’s background  Michael Jeffrey Jordan  Michael was born February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, NY  Michael is the fourth of five children.  His family moved to North Carolina as a toddler.  As a kid he played basketball, football, and baseball
  3. 3. Basketball…  Jordan attended Emsley A. Laney high school  As a sophomore he tried out for his high school varsity basketball team but was deemed too small to play at that level and got cut  The following year he made the junior varsity squad and had a several of 40 point games.  Jordan finally made the varsity team his senior and averaged a little over 20 pints per game.
  4. 4. College  Jordan earned a scholarship to the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Michael Jordan made the game winning shot in the 1982 NCAA championship game against Georgetown.  Michael was an outstanding player at NC and won several awards during the 3 years he was there.  He played 3 years at NC and decided to forgo his senior year to enter the NBA draft.
  5. 5. The NBA  Michael Jordan entered the 1984 NBA draft and was selected in the 1st round as a 3rd overall pick to the Chicago Bulls.  He won 6 titles with the Chicago bulls (1991-1993, 1996- 1998)  Rookie of the year  5 time MVP of the league  6 time finals MVP  A gold medalist in the 1984 and 1992 olympics  And many more.
  6. 6.  Michael Jordan has inspired many athletes around the world not just in basketball but other sports
  7. 7. Michael Jordan and Nike  Michael Jordan and Nike was probably the best deal of the decade at that time  Shoes  Pants  Shorts  Cleats  Hoodies  Shirts  Book bags  Hats  Snap backs  Socks  Etc.
  8. 8.  Michael is someone you can look up to not just as an athlete but as an person.  His success came from his hard work and will to be great.  He will always be the greatest basketball player to ever live.