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Video contact center kvs inglês


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How to improve and make a difference on customer service via a contact center?

The relationship is reduced by the client distance!
For this, we look for the closest contact with the client, an interaction in an effectively way, perceiving him (her) and be perceived. Interacting “eye to eye” demands presence, being “live” answers this business question: a video relationship is the special tool.

To control this relationship (operational and management visions) the entire control of video contact center was created. It incorporates itself to the existing service, on the same way the chat was incorporated to the traditional call center. It generates all the operating indicators from the operational infrastructure, queue control (with attendance priorities), attendance management, supervision and administrative visibility. This complete solution is available on this KNBS product, the Key Video Spot. -

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Video contact center kvs inglês

  1. 1. Being closer to customers anytime and anywhere hasbecome essential. The physical proximity, however, notalways leads to accessible costs making viable operations ofpersonal attendance,Key Video Spot (KVS) is the key business solution.It makes your company and prospects closest, aswell as your clients and partners, increasing pre-sales, sales and differentiating your post-sales.Allows new horizons for relationship!
  3. 3. How?
  4. 4. Joy in lookingA smile in the voice I know and I can fix it Value recognition
  5. 5. Who?
  6. 6. Innovate? customer proximity!
  7. 7. A complete solution What?
  8. 8. Video relationship terminal Contact supervision center Secure connectionsContact management and Video contact center monitoring servers atendence positons
  9. 9. Cameras allow a closer relationshipWITH CUSTOMERScanner and printer solve documentexchangeSpecialized attendantsbuild, maintain, expand thecustomer relationshipInnovation captivates and involvesThe quality of care can beexpanded, diversified and results!
  10. 10. Operational Terminal with: • Touchscreen or normal screen • Directional microphone and camera • Scanner • Thermal, laser or inkjet printer • Keyboard and mouse (optionals) • Nobreak • Internet or dedicated access Operational interaction: • Videoconference • Chat (optional) • Midia presentation and institutional movies • Documents exchange • Auto attendance (optional)
  11. 11. institutional video packet
  12. 12. 00:04:07 Maria
  13. 13. call center features into the video contact center• Services queues control• Terminal services control• Care time availability control• Attendants activities control• Attendants inactivities and pauses control• Interaction with attendance legacy systems• Availability to images transferring from legacy systems• Availability of documents printing in ATM• Availability to receive scanned documents and store them• Attendance call recording (video requires a lot of memory, but is also feasible)• Call attendance supervision via web• Management Reports• Satisfaction researches incorporated Chat and messaging = additional to videoconferencing (serving people with hearing disability)
  14. 14. Operative control:• services request queues control (ATM-Totems) and availability of service totems• Control and direction of calling done based on services• Presentation of ATM assets, dedicated occupation (use) in attendance• Supervision of visits (time of visits, days of attendants, availability and congestion)• Control of ATM operating states and attendants• Operating Thermometer• packages of videos and institutional control- ATM service time• software versions and priority queue exchange control and management
  15. 15. Supervision and control commands: • Coexist on the same care machine control system • sql server, oracle or postgres databases • Areas dedicated to storing exchanged documents during attendance, as well as to audit compliance with the voice call and chat records (video recording is still very expensive nowadays) • Management system calls access • Management reports and visits (customization - optional service) • Security and access levels • System Configuration (parameterization, user management, attendants and totems, totems remote operation) • Individualized totems service hours management
  16. 16. • Attendance Reports - Detailed and management: representing the calls made, determining the effectiveness of the work done by the attendants• Attendance Performance Reports: presenting Attendance performed and statistics date of service/efficiency, service times, break times and service availability types• ATM service Reports: presenting the sessions requested by ATM, duration and services• Statistical reports of care, service and availability of requested services• Attendance Report of service denied: Displays information on the attendance refused, including also the reason for refusal• Quality of service questionnaire (satisfaction survey): Reports of assessments made by the Appointments and Customer Attendants (after consultations)• Customized reports: system based on indicators, thus allowing ease customization of reports, as well as the creation of effectiveness indicators set by the contact center company
  17. 17. relationship with the client look
  18. 18. Carlos Alberto Fróes Telecomunicações e Informática +55 19 3295 3314Totens:Schalter Eletrônica