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Diario Negocio - Digital Strategy


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Case study about digital transformation of Diario Negocio (spanish newspaper), using digital strategy, social media integration, content marketing and drupal as the CMS.

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Diario Negocio - Digital Strategy

  1. 1.    Diario  Negocio   Digital  Strategy    Study   Case   
  2. 2. Carlose  Lopez  •  Working  with  clients   defining,  planning  and   execu=ng  marke=ng  &   digital  strategies  •  Vast  experience  in   marke=ng,  digital   transforma=on  &   change  management   Carlose  Lopez  
  3. 3. Descrip4on  •  Diario  Negocio  is  a  business  &  economy  newspaper   in  Spain  •  Problems:     –  Sta=c  website  (PDF  uploaded)     –  No  digital  strategy   –  No  digital  revenue   –  No  social  media  presence   –  No  digital  structure  /  integra=on   Carlose  Lopez  
  4. 4. Strategy  Defini4on    •  Workshops  with  the  top  management:     1.  Define  mission  &  vision   2.  Scan  environment  (SWOT)   3.  Set  priori=es   4.  Set  objec=ves     5.  Create  strategy   6.  Define  opera=onal  plans   7.  Develop  &  manage  project  plans     Carlose  Lopez  
  5. 5. Strategy:  Workshop  Results   Objec4ves:  news  portal,   Priority:  new  CMS  and   social  media  presence,   look  &  feel   digital  revenue  by  Q2  2010   Strategy:  To  make  everyone  at  Diario   Negocio  part  of  the  new  project  /   Internal  Communica=on   Management:  discovery,   Plan:  Zed  PM  leader,   defini=on,  design,   development  /  design  (3rd   development,   party),  450K,  6  months     deployment,  support       Carlose  Lopez  
  6. 6. Strategy  Implementa4on   1.  Align  digital  /  SM  /  marke=ng  strategy  with  business   goals   2.  Segmenta=on  and  crea=on  of  “buyer  personas”     3.  Content  Marke=ng  strategy   4.  Planning  /  publishing  calendar     5.  KPI’s  and  Metrics   6.  Con=nuous  op=misa=on   7.  Risk  analysis  and  con=ngency  plan     Carlose  Lopez  
  7. 7. Content  Marke4ng  &  Social  Media   Buyer  Personas:  iden=fy,  interview,   profile  crea=on       Content  Marke4ng:  crea=on  or   sharing  content  for  the  purpose  of   engaging  current  and  poten=al   consumer  bases  /  SEO       Data  Marke4ng:  use  of   addressable  marke=ng  media   channels  to  s=mulate  demand   Carlose  Lopez  
  8. 8. Internal  Key  Elements   1.  Social  Media  Guideline:  specific  set  of  policies:   no  sexual  harassment  /  content,  can’t  disclose   company  secrets,  can’t  speak  ill  about  the   compe==on,  be  transparent   2.  Training  Programme  focusing  on  the  new  CMS,   latest  digital  technologies  and  social  media   3.  Re-­‐u=lise  the  best  of  the  newspaper  and  create   digital  transforma=on  (HR,  Marke=ng,   Publishing,  Adver=sing)     Carlose  Lopez  
  9. 9. Top  Challenges   1.  Recognise  social  media  as  a  game  changer   2.  Customer  experience  must  be  seamless  across   different  channels   3.  Think  like  your  customer   4.  Digital  /  Marke=ng  /  Social  media  strategy  is  part  of   the  business  strategy  and  not  separate   5.  Customers  believe  on  what  other  customers  say  about   the  brand   6.  Work  with  editors  in  order  to  avoid  fric=ons  about  laid   offs  (digital  as  opportunity)     Carlose  Lopez  
  10. 10. Results  •  Powerful  news  portal  (Drupal),  SEM,  Social  Media   integra=on,  digital  revenue,  New  readers  /  registered  users   Carlose  Lopez  
  11. 11. Carlose  Lopez    Ideas  about  strategy,  digital,  marke=ng,  branding,   communica=on  and  e-­‐commerce