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Start Smart: Essential Tips for the Next A-Team


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Building a strong team early in your company's life-cycle is one of the key attributes that pre-disposes your company to success and to gathering investor interest. In this presentation, I cover some of the attributes that makes an A-Team compelling.

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Start Smart: Essential Tips for the Next A-Team

  1. 1. Start Smart: Essential tips for the next A-team Carlos Eduardo Espinal @cee | Partner - Seedcamp
  2. 2. Up first: Review the funding journey of a startup
  3. 3. The Pre-Seed round is about the team & prototype The Seed round is about the product & early traction The Series A round is about accelerating market adoption. The Series B ++ round is about scaling & market domination.
  4. 4. Let’s focus on a key driver of the Seed stage: The team
  5. 5. The greater the depth of the relationship between founders, the better #hackathons & #half-commitments
  6. 6. Founders that can take feedback without getting defensive, learn faster while building relationships with mentors. 
  7. 7. Founders that can pick up new skills quickly and have a desire to learn the skills necessary for their companies fare better.
  8. 8. Founders that can iterate on learnings from tests or feedback quickly move faster. #positioning & #techdevs
  9. 9. Founders with a positive outlook on life see opportunities. Inherent optimists have a resourcefulness mentality.  The Luck Factor: The Scientific Study of the Lucky Mind.
  10. 10. Founders that can inspire others find it easier to hire and raise money.
  11. 11. Founders with integrity build trust with their team and shareholders
  12. 12. Three Tips on what you can do now to improve your team dynamics
  13. 13. Set up cleanly & early - Founders Collaboration Agreement | Understand your weaknesses and hire when possible | Set company values which will determine your culture & decisions
  14. 14. A little about us…
  15. 15. We’ve been around since 2007 & have over 140 companies in our family.
  16. 16. For pre-seed companies, we partner with accelerators or founders can apply directly to our Minis and Seedcamp Weeks.
  17. 17. For seed companies we accelerate early traction and growth.
  18. 18. Apply to Seedcamp at