Geek Is Good Innovation In The Networked Society Cp Mexico 09


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Presentation at Campus Party Mexico in Nov´09

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Geek Is Good Innovation In The Networked Society Cp Mexico 09

  1. 1. Geek is Good<br />Innovation in the Networked Society<br />TELEFÓNICA I+DOctober 17th, 2008<br />
  2. 2. Let’s start with some background information<br />On the surface, I am a pretty serious and “normal” guy: <br /><ul><li>Master in Computer Engineering for the Tokyo Institute of Technology,
  3. 3. PhD in Computer Engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
  4. 4. Postgrad studies at Stanford Business School
  5. 5. CEO, CTO and CXX in several software companies
  6. 6. Awarded this year with the “II PremioNacional a la TrayectoriaProfesional del Ingeniero en Informática”
  7. 7. Two arms, two legs, no hair and a taste for good meal and good wine</li></li></ul><li>Let’s follow with a confession: I’m a geek<br />You know that you are a geek when:<br /><ul><li>Trying always the latest web site or gadget
  8. 8. Your petsisa Pleo
  9. 9. You write things in Twitter like: </li></ul> “Trying MetaX, looks cool but does not work for me as I have avi files, resorting to screen grabbing from IMDB...painful but works” <br /><ul><li>Do not remember when was the last time I saw a TV series from broadcast TV, just see it from my computer plug into the TV</li></li></ul><li>Meeting some of my geek idols…<br />
  10. 10. But not any kind of geek: I’m a social networked geek<br />Social Media<br />750+ Friends<br />730+ Contacts<br /><br /><br />It’s not only about being present, its about being active. In terms of MalcomGladwell (“The tipping point”), is being a mix between a Connector, a Maven (information brokers) and a Salesman<br />Now microblogging (before blogging)<br />900+ followers<br />350+ following<br />A blog called &quot;Un poco de todo” that started in 2005 but have not updated in one year<br /><br /><br />
  11. 11. Real life example: my birthday two years ago<br />
  12. 12. And last but not least: I’m a social Telefonica’s geek Executive (hard to believe but true)<br /> In 2006, I was headhunted to be the director of Internet and Multimedia in Telefonica I+D and run the Barcelona center<br />“Carlos, I’m your father”<br /> It is one of the many steps Telefónica is taking in order to promote innovation<br />
  13. 13. ... And it is not coincidental, because particularly in this time of crisis Innovation seems to be sooo necessary(*)<br />... And networked (society) based innovation has a lot to say about this<br />“Greed is Good”<br />“Geek is Good”<br />(*) And overall a good savings management <br />
  14. 14. So, what a socialTelefonica’sgeek executive can do: facilitate the harnessing of the benefits that networked (social) Innovation provides at different levels<br />Share Everything<br />Conversation<br />Culture & Organization<br />Co-Creation & Crowdsourcing<br />Innovation Networks<br />
  15. 15. Share EverythingSometime ago we shared with our nearest peers, now with the world<br />A first characteristic of a networked society is that we build and share digital assets making them publicly available and very easy to reuse, comment, expand or simply reach them and it is one of the basic characteristics for a new innovation revolution<br />Den of healthyAutocriticism (*)<br /><ul><li> Everything is digital
  16. 16. We all communicate by email, mobile, Web conferencing/video…
  17. 17. In times of the Web2.0 all share, all can feed from other interesting and useful peers,
  18. 18. it is possible to get the information faster,
  19. 19. to work remotely but together
  20. 20. It is very easy to be updated and to have more sources of reference,
  21. 21. Access to (long-tail) content</li></ul>Impact & Innovation<br />13 hours of uploaded video each minute<br />2,8 million geotagged pictures during October<br />(*) Taken from “El Jueves”, if you like it buy it<br />
  22. 22. Share EverythingInside Telefónica I+D<br /><ul><li>From a miriad of text based document repositories to that no one read to ….video!!! </li></li></ul><li>ConversationNow we can shout out wide... And get an answer <br />Hyperconnected society permits a continuous conversation about almost any subject, … It is Social time!!!<br />Facts & Examples<br /><ul><li>New sources of information, data, comments, ideas
  23. 23. New sources for internetworking, making contacts and finding desired profiles
  24. 24. New ways of working, distance (in space and time) are shorter and time for doing things is reduced too
  25. 25. “Virtual Coffe Machine” Effect</li></ul>&gt;370 MM users<br />+60% Y/Y growth<br />Den of healthy Autocriticism<br />Impact & Innovation<br />
  26. 26. ConversationNow we can shout out wide... And get an answer <br />How do we take advantage of “Conversations”:<br /><ul><li>Still a lot of email but conversational
  27. 27. Blogs, wikis and now microblogs!!!!
  28. 28. ... It is also a cultural change, the process of speak out loud in order for the rest to comment, understand and being informed</li></ul>350+ users in Yammer in less than a month<br />
  29. 29. Co-creationRevolution on Innovation is Social and is here<br />In the networked society, users are increasingly participatingin the creation of the contents/services they consume by combining available resources , creating value for all contributors.<br />Facts & Examples<br /><ul><li>Leverages “Sharing All” and “Conversation” levels
  30. 30. Consumers willingness to participate: prosumer
  31. 31. Crowdsourcingand co-creation
  32. 32. Now, companies can co-create with the user
  33. 33. Wisdom of the Crowds</li></ul>From March´08To July´08more than 500 Apps<br />Prosumers<br />Networked Customers<br />Paradigm Change<br />More than 2.5Million articles (English Version)9,25 Millions (combined) <br />Web 2.0<br />A story of co-creation for a video with more than 15 million of downloads<br />
  34. 34. Co-creation<br />Understand the power of “US” empowering various initiatives in order to foster and to harness co-creation:<br />Litmus, Open Movil Forum,...and now Movistar Developers Community<br />Not only with the users and the developers community but also with our own employees<br />Idea marketplace allows any employee to propose an idea for a new business opportunity<br />Living Labs<br /><br /><br />
  35. 35. Innovation NetworksA special corporate side of co-creation based on open innovation<br />“Network Innovation”<br />Old World<br />In a more “formal” way, co-creation is leveraged inside companies through the innovation networks, built ad-hoc to address a project, product or particular problem. It is the assumption that in this complex world closed innovation is the hard way<br />&lt;10% of innovation<br />from outside<br />Scope<br />50% of our innovations form outside “Proudly found elsewhere”<br />Across the board …Cooked, Disruptive, CommercialProducts and technologies<br />Focus<br />Mostly technologyleads that we reducedto practice<br />Pay for and owneverything<br />Risk/Reward<br />Shared<br />Organisation<br />Manage Know-How and Know-Who<br />Manage know-how<br />Intellectual Property<br />Take-out where appropriate<br />Keep it inside<br />Den of healthy Autocriticism (*)<br />(*) Came on, you know it’s Scott Adam’s DILBERTtm<br />
  36. 36. Innovation NetworksInside Telefónica<br />Venture Capital<br />Startups and SMEs<br />Large Corporations<br />
  37. 37. Culture and OrganizationOf course, Networked Innovation also applies to organizations<br /><ul><li>Assume that self-management is possible
  38. 38. Challenge highly mindful organizations characteristics:</li></ul>Preoccupation with failure, <br />Reluctance to simplify <br />Sensitivity to operations, <br />Commitment to Resilience,<br />Deference to Expertise.<br /><ul><li> Is it possible to have a networked, structure-less, collaborative, transparent, self-managed organization?
  39. 39. With less ambitious target, networked innovation ask for a change of culture</li></ul>To take full advantage of the Networked Society and the Networked innovation is not enough to have tools and use them<br />(*)<br />(*) You really need to read this!<br />
  40. 40. Organization<br />Inside Telefónica<br />Telefónica I+D has now the mission to be the spearhead on a cultural change inside Telefónica... Some interesting projects has been launched not only for Telefonica I+D<br />Ambassadors for Innovation<br />HHRR Initiatives<br />Mejores<br />Proyectos<br />Innovadores<br />Patenta<br />Idealab<br />Patenta<br />Emprendedores<br />
  41. 41. After the Discovery Channel segment and to finalise, let’s make a little bit of criticism about positive and negative things around networked (society) based Innovation<br />First of all, a glimpse at digital demographics (Marc Prensky + Gerri Sinclair)<br /><ul><li>Digital Aliens (Silent Generation) 1925-45</li></ul> mostly not interested in the internet, music downloads, - gaming, podcast wireless networks – some use email<br /><ul><li>Digital Immigrants (Baby Boomers) 1946-64 </li></ul> some adopt + embrace technology but some reluctant<br /><ul><li>Digital Adaptives (Gen X) 1965-79 </li></ul> were teens when video games and PC´s became widespread: most enjoy and consume technology <br /><ul><li>Digital Natives (Gen Y / Millenials) 1980-2000 </li></ul> grew up immersed in technology – occupy hybrid realities<br /><ul><li>Digital Avatars (Gen V) 2000 </li></ul> relationships, communication, and services primarily take place in virtual words, online games and social networks<br />
  42. 42. Positive Impact of these new wave of Innovation(*): Geeks get out of the closet<br />Geeks are nearer to digital natives than to digital Inmigrants (me for example)<br /><ul><li>Better adapted for navigating on these Networked Society</li></ul>There is an opportunity to get the most out of the Digital Geeks/Natives<br /><ul><li>Giving them a voice
  43. 43. Taking advantage of their “altruistic” dedication and... </li></ul> ... Their digital capabilities (multitasking, techno-skilled, etc)<br />An important issue: expand the Digital Native and Geeks capabilities in order to make them a enabler <br /><ul><li>To integrate Digital Inmigrants
  44. 44. To prepare the ground for Digital Avatars </li></ul>(*) Besides what has been told before, of course<br />
  45. 45. Negative Impact of these new wave of Innovation: Digital Divide<br />Differences between digital types could be applied to Working Environments<br />Geek or Digital Natives could be stopped by Bosses that are Digital Inmigrants or ,even worse, Digital Aliens to them<br />In the same way, Networked society has to face an important challenge:<br />Find a real way of innovation that erode the growing digital divide between immigrants, aliens and natives but even more important with avatars<br />
  46. 46. At last, it ends: Key Takeaways<br />To innovate in the networked society, you need to think how your organization needs to evolve along these five axis:<br />Share all<br />Conversation<br />Cocreation<br />Innovation networks<br />Organization<br />Being a geek is good in a networked society, get out of the closet and let your company know…<br />But mind the digital immigrants and avoid the digital aliens<br />