Disruptive Technologies - Re´09


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Presentation about disruptive technologies at the Re´09 conference in Barcelona, 16th of October 2009

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Disruptive Technologies - Re´09

  1. 1. DISRUPTIVE Technologies A look into the future
  2. 2. “A new technology that unexpectedly DISPLACES an established technology” Clayton M. Christensen
  3. 3. TODAY, we know some technologies that were disruptive in the PAST
  4. 4. We don’t know the technologies that will be disruptive in the FUTURE… …but we can IMAGINE something
  5. 5. In the future people will be CLOSER
  6. 6. Not so long ago, people used to call their relatives ONCE a week 

  7. 7. Now, they can talk to them ANYTIME and
  8. 8. …and even SEE them

  9. 9. Soon you´ll be able to FEEL them no matter how far they are Holographic videoconference Telepresence 3D Eye tracking Electronic Aromas
  10. 10. In the future, people won’t get LOST
  11. 11. Not so long ago, people looked up PRINTED MAPS
  12. 12. Now, GPS devices are commonly used

  13. 13. Soon, real and virtual worlds will MASH UP in new GPS and Internet-enabled Physical World Hyperlinking devices Augmented Reality 3D content Virtual Worlds Augmented Vision Total Inmersion
  14. 14. In the future people will never be LATE
  15. 15. Our old alarm clocks are history
  16. 16. Today, mobile devices manage our AGENDA
  17. 17. DIGITAL Future ASSISTANTS will use our CONTEXT information Real Time Massive Data processing “It´s a cloudy day and there DIGITAL ASSISTANTS Sensors is a traffic jam at the N-2. The meeting starts in two Smart Cities Context modeling hours. You should wake up Indoor&Outdoor positionning now”
  18. 18. In the future people will feel YOUNG and HEALTHY in their eighties
  19. 19. Today doctors take care of us
  20. 20. even soon in the DISTANCE
  21. 21. In the future, BIOSENSOR CHIPS will become the doctor’s eyes and ears Remote Assistants BIOSENSORS eHealth Nanotechnology
  22. 22. In the future, the Amazonia will TRIPLE its extension
  23. 23. In the past, GUTENBERG revolutionized the written industry
  24. 24. Now almost everybody has a printer
  25. 25. But information consumption is evolving from PAPER to DIGITAL
  26. 26. In the future CONTENT will no longer be E-ink Plastic Polymer CONSUMED paper Flexible touch screen displays Organic Transitors e-Books on paper
  27. 27. And behind all these changes
  28. 28. Future INTERNET evolution is the main underlying The Internet of things ENABLER Ultrabroadband Internet Nano datacenters
  29. 29. This can be a REALITY
  30. 30. or 
  31. 31. Nevertheless, are we really PREPARED for this?