Disruptive technologies: a look into the digital revolution


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My talk about disruptive technologies, a look into the digital revolution given at Creative Mornings Madrid on April 26th

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Disruptive technologies: a look into the digital revolution

  1. Carlos DomingoDisruptivetechnologies:a look into the digitalrevolutionTelefónica Digital26.04.2013
  2. 2Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalMeet my fourmonths oldOliviaHer future willbe very differentthan ourpresent
  3. 3Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalShe will live in theworld after theDIGITALREVOLUTION
  4. 4Telefónica I+DTelefónica Digital1.- Unstoppable2.- Transformational3.- Winners and losers emergeAnd revolution is
  5. 5Telefónica I+DTelefónica Digitaltechnologies willcause the changeDISRUPTIVE
  6. 6Telefónica I+DTelefónica Digital“A new technology that unexpectedlyan established technology”Clayton M. ChristensenDISPLACES
  7. 7Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalWe don’t know the technologiesthat will be disruptive in theFUTURE……but we can somethingIMAGINE
  8. 8Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalIn the future, people will havemore than five SENSES
  9. 9Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalSensors will proliferateMEASURING our reality
  10. 10Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalNew objects willbe able toCOMMUNICATE
  11. 11Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalDIGITALAnd futureCONTEXTinformationASSISTANTSwill use our“It´s a cloudy day andthere is a traffic jam at theN-2. The meeting starts intwo hours. You shouldwake up now”
  12. 12Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalSome of them INSIDEour BODIES
  13. will becomethe doctor’seyes and earsRemote AssistantsBIOSENSORSeHealth NanotechnologyBIOSENSOR CHIPSIn the future,
  14. 14Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalDoctorswill takecare ofus in theDISTANCE
  15. In the futurepeople will feelin their eightiesandYOUNGHEALTHY
  16. 16Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalIn the future,CRAFTMENpeople will become
  17. 17Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalCLOSERFactories will returnto consumers
  18. 18Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalObjects will be fabricated AT HOME
  19. 19Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalWith the help of technologies like3D PRINTING
  20. 20Telefónica I+DTelefónica Digital
  21. 21Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalAnd SHOPSwill be mainly big display windows
  22. 22Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalThe heavy machinesA laser cutter and industrial CNC. Materials arehidden under the tables.3D designCAD/CAM software and 3D printerMounting stationSoldering, dremmeling and other noisy tasksstation.ElectronicsProbes, oscilloscope, source, polymeter andelectronic design softwareFirmware developmentDevelopment of the software embedded in thephysical modulesBackend and frontend developmentDevelopment of cloud services, cloud databaseand web/app frontendsTHE NEW GARAGE (Telefónica I+D)
  23. 23Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalCLOSERIn the future, people will be
  24. 24Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalToday you can them more often than everSEE
  25. 25Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalAnd will be able to bePRESENTin the distance
  26. 26Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalSoon you’ll be able to themno matterhow farthey areHolographic videoconferenceTelepresence 3DEye tracking Electronic AromasFEEL
  27. 27Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalIn the future, cities will get aBRAIN
  28. 28Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalSensor networks will createINTELLIGENTcities
  29. 29Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalTransport will beMODULAR and…SHARED
  30. 30Telefónica I+DTelefónica Digital
  31. 31Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalCars will beandCLEANSELF-DRIVEN
  32. 32Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalHouses will beOpen Loft “Chassis”Infill A Infill B Infill CEXTENDIBLE
  33. 34Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalIn the future, peoplewon’t use CASH
  34. 35Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalPhone will be thenewWALLET
  35. 36Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalMoney won’t beCOUNTERFEITED
  36. 37Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalAndCURRENCIESwill proliferate
  37. 38Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalAnd behind allthese changes
  38. 39Telefónica I+DTelefónica Digitalevolution is the mainINTERNETFutureENABLERunderlyingUltrabroadband InternetDistributed infrastructureThe Internet of thingsBig data
  39. 40Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalThis can be aREALITY
  40. 41Telefónica I+DTelefónica DigitalNOTor
  41. 42Telefónica I+DTelefónica Digitalfor this?PREPAREDNevertheless,are we really
  42. 43Telefónica I+DTelefónica Digital