WISekey Global Clinton Initiative Commitment Status Report


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WISekey Global Clinton Initiative Commitment Status Report - In the past year, the company donated $1.5 million in cash and in-kind support to programs on migrant mobility issues in Geneva and Malaga, Spain. Since 2005, WISeKey and its partner foundation, the International Organization For Security and Electronic Transactions, have donated over $20 million in cash and in kind contributions to raise the global awareness of the importance of digital identity encryption technologies and standards.

The new projects will revolve around microfinance and the nascent mobile phone industry in developing countries. Partners organizations already include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the GSMA Development Fund, Equity Bank, MPower Ventures, which enables money transfers through prepaid debit cards, and Tostan, a mobile banking services provider in rural West Africa. Wizzit Bank from South Africa and Western Union are also on board. The project will focus on 13 countries and over 20 million people in sub-Saharan Africa. The company expects the number of partners to grow. Due to this commitment over 10 million people are alraedy using Mobile Digital IDs from WISekey.

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WISekey Global Clinton Initiative Commitment Status Report

  1. 1. 2010 CGI COMMITMENT PROGRESS REPORT Commitment Name: Development of a Mobile Payment Telco Platform Commitment ID: I understand that all information provided here will be posted on the CGI website. s Please check this box to indicate your approval. COMMITMENT PROGRESS COMMITMENT SUMMARY: CGI works to communicate the efforts of CGI members and their commitment partners throughout the year. Please provide us with a brief summary of the progress of your commitment to use on our website and in all communications opportunities. Please limit your response to 150 words or less, but make sure to include the impacts you have achieved as well as any key lessons learned. In 2008, WISeKey, in partnership with OISTE, committed to provide a platform to enable any individual with a mobile phone to conduct payments and transactions that are otherwise inaccessible. WISeKey offers a platform of service that will enable any individual to access information and secure services (public and commercial) to perform mobile transactions, elearning, ehealth, etravel, eGovernement (local & regional), e-environment in an efficient and sustainable manner enabling to empower individuals, enterprises, governmental entities and communities through enhanced social network and web 2.00 technologies. From 2008 to 2010 more than 10 million people have downloaded a Example: In 2008, Operation HOPE and HOPE Global Initiatives (HOPE) committed to train and mobilize a minimum of 200 Peace Corps WISekey Mophile Phone ID for free allowing them to activate their mobile phones as payment devices. Volunteers over the following two years to deliver financial literacy, dignity, and entrepreneurship training to 10,000 South African youth, young adults, and women. 250 millionthe initiativewill be connected youth and women in2013 in cooperation communities that would have the Another The structure of people enables HOPE to reach from 2010 to smaller rural South African with Telcos around otherwise been out will become the largest ID Peace Corps South Africa Initiative inhelping million ofSouth Africa. In the first ten world. This of reach. Operation HOPE began the based ecosystem on earth June, 2008 in Pretoria, unbanked people to use their mobiles for day to day transactions. months, 80 Peace Corps volunteers have been trained and are teaching the curriculum at their sites. Each new group of PCVs arriving in South Africa is being trained as part of their orientation. DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: Please list all activities from your initial project plan that have been accomplished as of this year. List all important milestones, hurdles or challenges faced. Please limit your response to 300 words or less. 1. launch of pilot project with Airtel in India connecting 100,000 people with WISekey ID mobile phones 2. launch a project with Brasilinvest in Brazil interconnecting 2 million people with WISekey ID mobile phones 3. Launch a with the members of Malaga valley on the project EURO Hub. OISTE and WISekey are helping the government of Malaga to become the new Euro-African Hub, with the aim of optimizing the expansion of the commitment from Europe to Africa. 4. WISekey and AIM to demonstrate their Mobile Payment Service Platform at the International Conference “Dialogues in Prague: Rebuilding the European Model of Social Development” held in Prague, the Czech Republic, May 13 -15, 2009. The Conference was organized by the World Public Example:"Dialogue of Civilizations" and the Czech Club “Russia” and launched a regional project to Forum - Developed special curriculum for women’s entrepreneurship training. support the WISekey Commitment. - Assembled inaugural class of 21 female students. - 5. WISekeyquarterWI Harper Conducted first and of classes. Signed Partnership Agreement at the World Economic Forum in Dalian With New Champion WISeKey To Bring Mobile Remittances and Digital E-Solutions To China http://www.wisekey.com/en/Press/Pages/WI-Harper-Partnership-with-WISeKey.aspx
  2. 2. IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD Over what period of time did you implement the activities described above? Example: 09/01/2008 – Present 1/1/2009 - to 31/12/2009 WHEN DO YOU EXPECT TO COMPLETE YOUR COMMITMENT? 31/12/2012 HOW MUCH FUNDING IS STILL REQUIRED TO ACCOMPLISH THE ORIGINAL OBJECTIVES OF THE COMMITMENT? $ 10,000,000 Additional Comments? PARTNERSHIPS Since the Clinton Global Initiative's inception, we have strived to make partnerships a core component of CGI commitments. Please list all current partners who have been actively involved in the implementation of this commitment to date. Partners listed must have received prior notification of their participation in this commitment. OISTE Foundation, WISeKey, World Trade Center Geneva, Association International Mobility, Malaga Valley, Valencia Hub Foundation. As appropriate, and subject to member interest, CGI strives to connect ongoing commitments and members so they can build productive partnerships. The section below will better enable our team to fulfill this objective. The information provided will be featured on the CGI website and in communications about your commitment. If you are seeking or offering resources for partnerships, please list them below and explain the details of what you are looking for or able to provide. SEEKING Which of the resources below are essential to the completion of your commitment? Please check all options that apply. Financial Resources Implementing Partners Best Practice Information Media/Marketing Opportunities Other Please provide specific information on the types of partnerships you are seeking here: Telco's helping to implement the solutions at national level, financial institutions, joint venture partners to finance deployment at national level of the commitment.
  3. 3. OFFERING Are you offering any resources or assistance for other commitment makers and potential partners? Please check all options that apply. Financial Resources Implementing Partners Best Practice Information Media/Marketing Opportunities Other Please provide specific information on the types of partnerships you are offering here: eSecurity and Digital Identification, funding to create Joint Ventures to deploy the commitment FUTURE PARTNERSHIPS In order to better understand your partnership needs, please provide us with three examples of potential partners from our membership list and the type of partnership you are envisioning. CNN, Banks, Telcos ROLE OF CGI We are interested in learning about your experience with CGI and welcome suggestions for improvement. Please share your feedback on the commitment process, an integral part of CGI membership. HAS CGI HELPED YOU WITH ANY OF THE FOLLOWING? Forming new partnerships Attracting additional resources Catalyzing new initiatives Meeting your business objectives Other (please specify) improving the human condition around the world In what ways, if any, has engagement with CGI helped your efforts to address critical global challenges? Please list any role that the CGI platform may have played in bringing your partnerships together. Our Action Areas for the 2010 Annual Meeting are: Women and Girls, Human Potential, Information Communication Technologies and Market-Based Solutions. If possible, please indicate which cross-cutting Action Area your commitment would fit into.
  4. 4. PROGRESS ACHIEVED Please provide numerical values for the performance metrics below that apply to your commitment. If the performance metric does not apply to your commitment, please leave the field blank. If you would like to include additional performance metrics, you may do so at the bottom of the section. NOTE: The numerical values in the “Progress Achieved” column should reflect progress that has been achieved to date. The values in the “Original Target” column should reflect the performance targets set on your CGI Commitment to Action form. You will be asked to explain the values included in these columns in a field at the end of the section. Progress Original Lives Affected* Achieved Target Total number of lives DIRECTLY affected as a result of your commitment 10 million 150 million Total number of lives INDIRECTLY affected as a result of your commitment Progress Original Education* Achieved Target Number of children who gained access to education (formal or non-formal school programs) Number of children who gained access to improved quality of education Number of girls reached by interventions targeting female enrollment Number of children reached by school feeding programs Number of people who benefited from skills-based professional training programs Number of people to become actively engaged in efforts to promote education Progress Original Environment and Energy* Achieved Target Amount of greenhouse gases avoided (in CO2 equivalents) Megawatts of clean/renewable energy generated Number of people reached with clean energy Acres of forest protected or restored Number of clean jobs created Number of people actively engaged in efforts to promote climate change solutions Progress Original Global Health* Achieved Target Number of people with increased access to health services Number of people with increased access to maternal-child health and survival programs Number of children who benefited from malnutrition interventions Number of people who received treatment for neglected tropical diseases Amount of research and development funds dedicated to new vaccines, medicines, and diagnostics (USD)
  5. 5. Number of people with increased access to safe drinking water Number of people who benefited from skills-based professional training programs Number of people to become actively engaged in efforts to improve global health Progress Original Economic Empowerment* Achieved Target Number of people who generated sustainable income through self-employment or new job opportunities 1 million 10 million Amount of new capital invested in or loaned to small and medium enterprises (USD) Number of people with improved access to capital and financial services Number of farmers or small-scale producers who gained access to inputs, supports, and markets Number of people with increased ability to cope with the risks of environmental stress and natural disasters Number of girls/women supported through empowerment initiatives Number of people who obtained access to information technology Progress Original Other Metrics* Please provide any additional metrics below, if applicable. Achieved Target *Calculations Please use the space below to qualify any numerical values you provided above. The number of people now using their digital ids on mobile phones to conduct save transactions. Our digital identity encryption systems are becoming platforms people and organizations customize and use to manage their lives. They often do it in creative ways we hadn’t even imagined. It feels good to empower people to shape their own fortunes.” Governments, both federal and municipal, regularly hired WISeKey to help increase the safety and effectiveness of their internet services. Corporations in industries as varied as retail and high-speed sailboats praised WISeKey’s customized and original digital transaction systems for helping them stay a step ahead of counterfeiters of their products and data thieves. Furthermore, WISeKey stayed true to its public service spirit and continued to collaborate with a few non-profit organizations. At the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative, we announced plans for WISeKey to create digital identity solutions for mobile phones to help the world’s immigrants, both legal and illegal. Few companies can pull off these projects, for they require that WISeKey be skilled and trusted enough to play the role of honest broker, coordinator and service provider to a country’s often competing key stakeholders: government ministers, business operators, the news media, corruption watchdog groups and, last but far from least, consumers.
  6. 6. MULTIMEDIA We encourage you to send us photographs of your commitments. Doing so will allow us to potentially feature your work in our materials, online, and at the Annual Meeting. Please submit hi-resolution JPEG images online: http://www.clintonglobalinitiative.org/submitphotos/ CGI MEMBERSHIP RECOMMENDATIONS If you would like to recommend anyone for a CGI membership, please provide the following information. Individual, Title, Organization: Individual's Email: Reason for recommendation: CGI ISSUE RECOMMENDATIONS What issues do you feel CGI should address at future CGI meetings? Mobile Payments, Creating Hubs in Poor Cities to foster innovation and wealth. THANK YOU Thank you for completing this form. Please save the file and send it to membercommitment@clintonglobalinitiative.org. Though we conduct progress reports on an annual basis, we welcome updates on your efforts at any time. Doing so allows us to showcase the important progress of our members as well as alert relevant parties to partnership opportunities. Our Commitments Department can be contacted at membercommitment@clintonglobalinitiative.org.