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  1. 1. Executive Summary BedRock Software, LLC (BedRock) has been providing the AggFlow program to the global aggregate industry since 1993. AggFlow, the first fully independent simulation program, is recognized as the global standard plant flow analysis tool. AggFlow Simulations Help Improve Production and ProfitabilityBy:  Providing Total Plant Flow Simulation and Analysis.  Calculating Both Aggregate and Water Mass Balances Simultaneously.  Significantly Reducing Calculation Time.  Identifying Inefficiencies and Bottlenecks in Plant Flows.  Accurately Assessing the Impact of Proposed Changes or New Equipment Before Implementation.  Reducing Plant Down-Time and Production Errors.  Tracking and Reducing Emissions and Fuel Consumption By Refining Overall Plant Efficiency. The program is extremely popular because it is accurate & easy to use. AggFlow, and its sister program, AggFlowSite, are currently available in English, Spanish and French versions. A complete help system is built into the program. Aggregate producers, equipment manufacturers and dealers around the globe use the program to simulate aggregate and mining operations. Users can calculate mass aggregate and water balances flowing through a plant simulation using stationary and mobile equipment. Thus optimizing and maximizing production of desired products. Users can select from the pre-populated equipment data library or install their own equipment models in the program using the generic equipment application. Currently, the program provides calculations for more than 3,000 models of aggregate crushing, screening and washing equipment.
  2. 2. About the Company History The initial concept for AggFlow was born in 1989, after company founder and AggFlow inventor, Bryan R. Lewis realized manual plant flow calculations were time consuming, inefficient and often simple mistakes could lead to costly production errors. Mr. Lewis understood that knowing exactly what was happening at any point in the flow process was critical to the overall production and profitability of any aggregate operation. After several years of research and development including live operation testing, the AggFlow program was brought to fruition. Mr. Lewis holds a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree in Nuclear Engineering from Oregon State University. He has worked as an engineer for Portland General Electric where he performed safety analysis for the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant and for Impell Corporation where he analyzed nuclear power plants in the US and the United Kingdom. He also served as the Senior Nuclear Engineer in the Space Power Division at General Atomics before founding BedRock Software, LLC. Who We Are Since 1993 BedRock Software, LLC has been providing the AggFlow simulation program to the global aggregate industry. AggFlow is recognized for delivering quality results with extraordinary accuracy. Headquartered in Brush Prairie, Washington USA, BedRock is renowned for its integrity, honesty and constant effort to improve and develop the AggFlow program. The company has a proven track record of delivering a high quality, reliable product to customers. Global Reach BedRock maintains regional representatives in USA, Mexico, Australia, South Africa and the UAE. The AggFlow program is employed by aggregate Producers, Equipment Manufacturers, Dealers and Consultants in more than 70 countries globally. All of the top 25 global aggregate production companies employ the program. Our Mission:  Help Producers Maximize Productivity & Profitability  Be the best, most trusted and admired software company in the aggregate industry Our Core Values: Honesty Integrity Service Excellence Accountability The Global Standard In Plant Optimization
  3. 3. Features & Benefits Find Out Why All the Top ProducersUse AggFlow:  Explore Unlimited "What If?" Scenarios Instant calculations allow you to easily investigate the results of changing or adding equipment to maximize your operations.  Achieve A New Level of Accuracy Enter your own field values and gradations rather than relying on averages. Use Sample Buckets, Screen Carry Over Calculations and Washing options for unprecedented real- life accuracy.  Choose Most Any Crusher Manufacturer AggFlow is provided by an independent company so the results are unbiased. The program provides the greatest range of equipment data possible with new equipment being added every day. You can even create your own equipment & gradations using the "generic" option or simply contact us to add your equipment. AggFlow contains more than 3,000 equipment models. See our website for an indicative list.  Calculate Both Aggregate and Water Mass Balances Optimize and maximize production of desired products by calculating both the Mass Aggregate Balance and the Mass Water Balance flowing through a plant.  Simulate Track-Mounted (mobile) Equipment Starting with the Powerscreen equipment lineup, AggFlow has developed this new and innovative capability. As we build our track-mounted data library to include additional manufacturers this will be an important, and we believe revolutionary, development for the industry.  Improve Your Profitability AggFlow improves profitability by reducing plant downtime and production errors. It also helps reduce emission and fuel consumption by refining overall plant efficiency. No Limit to Plant Simulation Size Custom Reports Example Simple Plant Flow Example Wash Plant Flow Example The Global Standard In Plant Optimization
  4. 4. Producers AggFlow, the world's most sophisticated aggregate plant flow analysis tool, is used extensively by aggregate producers around the world to reduce calculation time and increase productivity in aggregate and mining operations. The firms who use AggFlow range from the largest corporations to the smallest family owned businesses. AggFlow is extremely popular with users because it is accurate and easy to use. Even beginners can model an entire plant within one or two hours. Producers use AggFlow to establish a benchmark for plant operation then compare different set-ups, easily identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks and optimize the entire operation. Using "Sample Buckets" it is easy to input actual field data and achieve incredibly high simulation accuracy rates of 95% and higher. Aggregate Producer Testimonials "AggFlow has been tremendously useful in optimizing our plant production. It has also been very helpful in new plant design and is an extremely good teaching tool. The program has multiple uses and is an excellent investment." George Fox, Process Manager, Luck Stone Corporation "Since AggFlow is provided by an independent company I know the results I am getting are unbiased. That knowledge, combined with the accuracy of the program is critical to my business and my profitability." Sam Turner, Cadman Inc., Heidelberg Cement Group “We have used AggFlow to design all new processing installations for the last 10 years. AggFlow enables us to design innovative plants using the minimum of assets to provide the highest level of flexibility and yet remain tailored to our sales demand.” Derrick Holmes, Head of Engineering, Tarmac Aggregate Products, UK “AggFlow proves invaluable when reviewing plant upgrades, manufacturer recommendations on equipment and market changes that affect product balance and material flow. It saves time and money by allowing independent analysis of available options” Miles Dobson. Head of Manufacturing, Lafarge Aggregates, UK The Global Standard In Plant Optimization
  5. 5. Manufacturers, Dealers & Consultants Equipment Manufacturers, Dealers, and Aggregate Consultants around the world use AggFlow as a valuable tool in their businesses. From the smallest independent firms to the world's largest conglomerates; engineers, designers and salespeople rely on the dependability of the program; the accuracy of the results and the ability to compare multiple equipment designs in one, simple to use program. Dealer and Manufacturer sales teams use AggFlow extensively to demonstrate the benefits of one piece of equipment over another in a plant flow process and to send plant design files to colleagues and customers for consideration and comparison. Engineering teams use AggFlow in all aspects of their design processes. These features and attributes have made AggFlow critical to this segment of the industry. Manufacturer/DealerTestimonials "AggFlow is crucial to our sales process. We are able to quickly determine the correct equipment and process flow to meet the customer requirements. The ability to present the process in a visual manner to the customer is very valuable and greatly simplifies the quoting and engineering process." Andy Bryan, Sales Engineer, Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc. "AggFlow has the data base and the speed required by the aggregate industry which makes it possible to give accurate, cost-effective flows to our clients." Dan Slife, Terex-Cedarapids "We always need to recommend the best possible plant layout for our dealers and customers. AggFlow helps us achieve this. AggFlow plays a key role in our business." Wayne Van Antwerpen, Terex Finlay, Ireland “AggFlow really saves time and increases productivity.” Pavel Fursov, Mine Equipment Services, Russia The Global Standard In Plant Optimization
  6. 6. Educational Partnership Program AggFlow is a critical part of the Engineering & Mining curriculum at many universities and educational facilities around the world. The Management Team at BedRock Software believes the future of the aggregate industry depends heavily on the continuing development of young professionals in the world's educational systems. Every year since 2006 the annual Society for Mining & Engineering (SME)/NSSGA Student Aggregate Design Competition has been won by teams using AggFlow in their design analysis. Increasingly, “AggFlow Experience” has become a common requirement for industry job postings. Educational Partner Testimonials “In the Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering at Virginia Tech, AggFlow has been a required part of our curriculum. For our younger students, it is an outstanding way to learn about aggregate operations and the interactions between various types of equipment. For our seniors, it has become an integral design tool for their Senior Design Projects. Considering that we have placed nearly 100 graduates in the aggregates industry over the past ten years, it is important that our graduates leave with a working knowledge of industry standards.” Dr. Greg Adel, Professor & Department Head, Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University “We routinely use AggFlow to design the crushing/screening portion within the Capstone Senior Design course. AggFlow has become extremely useful in our curriculum. Our students have also used it in the annual SME Mine Design Competition.” Chuck Kliche, P.E., PhD, Professor of Mining Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Through our Educational Partnership Program, BedRock partners with universities and technical institutes to provide free AggFlow programs for their curriculum. In every case the program has become a critical and required portion of the aggregate engineering course study. In addition, several large producer conglomerates take advantage of the Educational Partnership Program and employ AggFlow in their management training courses. The Global Standard In Plant Optimization
  7. 7. Training AggFlow is so easy to use that most beginners are able to begin modeling aggregate plants almost immediately. The AggFlow HELP system provides a simple and excellent overview for new users. HELP is imbedded in the program and always available for reference. Access the system by selecting HELP/Open Manual or simply select the button from any operating window to go directly to that topic. A few minutes spent reviewing the HELP system will allow most users to be up and running in no time. Bedrock Provides Three Different Levels of Training:  Group Training We provide training for groups at various times of the year based on regional demand. Also in conjunction with major industry events. Group training sessions typically cover one to two full days. Standard cost is $995.00 USD per person.  Corporate Training We provide training for corporations that have multiple AggFlow Licenses and want to provide comprehensive training for the AggFlow users in their organization. We can arrange an AggFlow training session at corporate offices or at annual meetings and other off-site events. These can vary from a simple introductory sessions to full-day multi-level training sessions. Corporate Training prices arranged individually per session. We can travel to your location and execute a full day training for as many participants as you can assemble. Standard cost is $9,000.00 USD plus travel & accommodation for the Trainers.  Individual or Small Group Training (1-5 participants) Individual training can be arranged via on demand on-line sessions. From the introductory level to the most advanced users improve your AggFlow analysis by ordering a program review with our training staff. Typical sessions run 1-1.5 hours. Price determined based on your requirements. Also see the LEARNING tab on our website: for a growing library of videos and tutorials. HELP The Global Standard In Plant Optimization
  8. 8. Indicative Equipment List: Over 3,000 Crushers & Growing Review it on Indicative User List: All of the Worlds Largest Producers Employ AggFlow Review it on The Global Standard In Plant Optimization
  9. 9. 2 Simple Examples Showing How AggFlow Simulations Impact Productivity The Global Standard In Plant Optimization
  10. 10. Frequently Asked Questions CanAggFlow make my operationmore profitable? Absolutely!This is the primary reason so many companies around the globe employ the program. Developing an accurate plant simulation that includes live field data will increase accuracy, impact your decision making processand providea new standard from which you can operate. It is easy to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.This, combined with the ability to performunlimited "What-if?" scenariosquickly and accurately, is significant when it comes to new investment decisions. Producersand Dealers around the globe rely on the program for quick,efficient and accurate analysis. All agree employing the program creates significant and identifiable savings in time, money, materials, equipment and man hours. Howaccuratecan the program simulations get? It is common for the program simulations to exceed ninety-fivepercent (95%) accuracy. As with any complicated calculation processthe results are completely dependentupon the data you put into the system. By taking actual field samples and inputting that data to the program using "Sample Buckets" it is possible to replicate yourplant with incredible accuracy. CanI put actualfield samples and real life data into the program? Yes.Using "Sample Buckets" and other unique features you can customize the program to simulate your plant almost perfectly.This allows you to establish a benchmark for the plant and then define the effects of equipment or process changeswith extreme accuracy. Are multiple purchaseor corporatediscounts available? Yes.Multiple purchase and corporate discounts are available for both program purchasesand operating license renewals. You can review the multiple purchasediscounts on the "Order Now" tab of the website. If you are part of, or affiliated with, a large organization please let us know as corporate discountsmay apply. Please contact the BedRock Sales Team directly formore information. Howdoes AggFlow compare to other simulation models? What is the difference? Theprogram is unique in two distinct ways: First, it has been provided to the aggregate industry since 1993. From the beginning,BedRock Software has worked in close collaboration with global industry leaders to ensure the program is simple to use, extremely accurate and completely effective.Throughoutour history the program features and components havebeen developed to meet specific needs outlined by the industry users. Second,and most importantly, it is an independentprogram which contains data for all equipment manufacturers.Other simulation programs are highly effective tools in analyzing specific manufacturer'sequipment. However,AggFlow/AggFlowSite is the only simulation program that can model an entire plant from start to finish and include all of the equipment in the operation. With more than 20 years of custom development,AggFlow will continue to be an industry leader in total plant simulation. CanI have multiple copies of the program on different computers? Yes.The program can be downloaded to as many computersas you like. AggFlow users must connect the USB Security dongleto the computer to operate the program. AggFlowSite users must be connected to the internet to operate the program. CanI submit new or additional equipment for inclusion in the program?How? Yes,we are always prepared to expand our equipment database to meet your needs. If there is aggregate equipment that you would like to have included in the program please contact our sales team directly. The processis very simple. We simply need the equipment details (manufacturer, make and model number, operating parameters and gradation data) along with any brochuresor specification sheets. You can send us the equipment in an AggFlow file or via our simple EquipmentSubmission Form which we will send you. The Global Standard In Plant Optimization
  11. 11. Frequently Asked Questions Howis AggFlowSite different from AggFlow? AggFlowSite is the same operating program as AggFlow, but is designed for single site analysis (AggFlow is unlimited in the number of sites that can be analyzed). AggFlowSite is especially usefulfor small, independentand family owned firms. AggFlowSite is differentfrom AggFlow in several key aspects: Is there an Operating Manual for the program? Where can I find it? Yes.The HELP system and several training videos are self contained inside the program for immediate access. Simply start the program and select "HELP” from the menu list. Is there a demonstrationversion of the programavailable? Yes.A demonstration video of the program is available Free of Charge. After you see the program in action we will arrange a one-on-onedemonstration and even help model yourplant or operation during the demonstration. To request the video or to arrange a demonstration, please contact the AggFlow Sales Team directly on (USA) 360-576-5403. Does the program provide Water Processing and Water Mass Balance calculations? Yes.The program incorporatesmany differentaspects of water processing in its calculations including Log Washers,Sand Screws,Classifiers and Clarifiers. For Water Mass Balance calculations the program also incorporates Pumps, Spray Bars, Cyclonesand even a "Black Box" capability to customize yourown water processingcalculations. CanI perform calculationsin Metric? Yes.All base calculations are executed using Metric units. By adjusting "User Preferences"you can customize the program fromseveral differentmeasurement units and currencies. CanI import or export program data files with Excel or other sources? Yes.You can easily import and export data with Windows Excel. You can also export data to PDF, and other format styles. Is there a mechanismfor identifying and reporting errors? Yes.The program contains a highly sophisticated error recognition and reporting mechanism. The AggFlow Configuration Advisor highlights problems or potential problemscaused by incomplete or conflicting data including inconsistent crusher operating parameters or gradation curves. The Configuration Advisor alerts users to the potential problem and provides problemresolution opportunitieson the spot - including error reporting mechanisms to the BedRock Support Team. Do I need training before I can use the program? No. The program is so easy to use that most new users are fully "up and running"within an houror two. The HELP system, which contains several training videosand other helpful information, is integrated within the program so it is always available forreference.Please do not hesitate to call or email the BedRock Sales Team if you have any questions when getting started. Training is always available should you wish to explore all the capabilities of the program. ProgramAspect: AggFlow AggFlowSite Delivery: USB Key Required Internet delivery,no USB key required Number of Plants that can be analyzed: Unlimited 1 Only Number of Licensed Users: 1 only Unlimited Plant Files Saved: Locally on user’s computer On BedRock Software, LLC server only Internet connectivity: Not required to operate program Required to operate program The Global Standard In Plant Optimization
  12. 12. Contact Us! Telephone: +1-360-576-5403 Email: