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  9. 9. carlos e. durkin art director From an early age, Carlos began building his career in the Southern California design community. He has held several prominent creative positions, including heading up the highly respected Graphics Division of Landmark Entertainment Group – one of the world’s preeminent developers of themed entertainment. Under his direction, Landmark produced architectural signage, presentation graphics, packaging and collateral literature for such clients as Universal Studios, ITT Sheraton, Samsung and Playmates Toys. He has also developed user interface applications for Mattel, video game graphics and packaging for Nintendo, print solutions for companies from Applause to Zeros & Ones and branding strategies for Western New England College. In all, Carlos brings award winning resources to every project, and occasionally brings bagels. Carlos, however, no longer brings a tie. carlos_e@email.com413.250.2325 o e email 3 2 232