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  1. 1. MARKETING STRATEGIESPromotion of Naples is very weak. The city has also a bad reputation, it’s known as dangerous and dirty. The image of Naples needs to be improved (using different marketing strategies) in order to have more tourists.
  2. 2. 1. PROMOTING NAPLES IN MASS MEDIASOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, micro-blog, etc.Advantages:• setting up profiles with company’s address and its offer;• promoting the company image in a effective way;• attracting new and maintaining old customers;• cutting costs of promotion and meanwhile increasing sales;• gaining useful information about customers’ needs and expectations;• developing the company’s offer.Recommendations:• creating a page on one of social networking services with information about Naples, itsattractions;• adding pictures and videos if possible, useful websites, incoming events.
  3. 3. 2.1 CREATING WEBSITE ABOUT CAMPANIA / NAPLESAdvantages:• expanding source of information;• immediate publishing of unlimited information and content;• availability for recipients (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).Recommendations:• Creating a professional website providing information about Naples such as:• Discover Naples (facts, history)• Accommodation (hotels/guesthouses/hostels/summerhouses/camping base with contact info, opening periods)• See & do (tours, activities, culture and arts, dining and entertainment, shopping,festivities)• Travel guide (Campania by air/ sea/ train/ bus; car rental; rights and obligations)• Maps, photos, videos, folklore music, FAQ
  4. 4. 2.2 ONLINE BANNER ADSAdvantages:• displayed across numerous web pages on the publisher’s networks;• easy way to build brand recognition;• very cost effective method of driving customers;• traceable, eye-catching, appealing and affordable pro-active tool for a business.Recommendations:• posting banner ads on national and international tourism websites.
  5. 5. PROMOTIONAL VIDEOAdvantages:• one of the best methods to promote services and goods• can be used for several years• provides personal interaction• both visual effects and sounds is an effective way of gaining a viewers attention• best way to spread a message• engaging and naturally catchy• fast and easy informationRecommendations:• present the main attraction in the city of Naples/region of Campania• make a video based on a story• it has to be creative and enthusiastic• publish it in online media for easy access
  6. 6. TELEVISION ADVERTISINGAdvantages• reaches large and diverse audience• creates desire• influences human behaviorRecommendations:• broadcasting TV advertising on national and international TVstations (Rai Uno, BBC, Travel and Living TV stations)
  7. 7. PARTNERSHIPS BETWEEN TRAVEL AGENCIESAdvantages:•visibility of Naples as touristic destination on market•easy to establish•increase profitRecommendations:•making partnership between travel agencies/hotels in Naples/Campania with travelagencies in Italy/other countries•creating attractive packages for tourists including accommodation, meals andtransportations
  8. 8. SOCIAL SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Social Tourism was found to increase family capital in the short term, and socialcapital—in terms of social networks, related pro-active behavior and self-esteem—in the medium term. These increases can be seen as beneficial for the participants and to wider society. Consequently it is suggested that Social Tourism may be a cost-effective addition to social policy.
  9. 9. TOURIST POLICY.• guardians/ office• people for Naples’s tourists• new tourist police offices
  10. 10. Zona Ospedaliera Tourism policy Bosco di Capodimonte Orto Botanico Via Scarlatti Montesanto P.Za Garibaldi Via Caracciolo San Martino