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Cheap dental implants in the UK


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Your dentist knows best if you are a candidate for dental implants. If you have lost a tooth or a set of teeth due to some accident or incident than dental implants are your best bet to get your teeth and your smile back.

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Cheap dental implants in the UK

  1. 1. Cheap dental implants in the UK
  2. 2. The replacement of teeth with dental implants is becomingmore popular as the price of dental implants becomes moreaffordable. Cheap dental implants is probably not a goodphrase to describe the kind of treatment which you areconsidering but surely its something which many patientstake into consideration when making a decision as to wherethey choose to have dental implant treatment. At BrightonImplant Clinic our dental implants cost just £995 whichincludes the dental implant, standard titanium abutmentand final porcelain crown.
  3. 3. What about Cheap dental implants treatment ?Our team of surgeons have the experience to treat bothsimple and complex implant cases. We provide options forpatients with multiple missing teeth like implantoverdentures or all on four implants. Our prices are allinclusive with Xrays, CT scans and surgery included withinthe price.
  4. 4. What about Traveling abroad for Cheap dental implantsMany patients choose to travel abroad for dental implant treatmenthowever the costs are actually higher than having dental implant treatmentat Brighton Implant Clinic. We do provide a price guarantee promise thatwe are the lowest price dental implants in the UK today. We are proud tooffer this excellent treatment and service to our patients at an affordablelevel.You may wonder how this is possible when many other clinics charge morethan double of what we charge ? The secret is as follows …. our clinics workalmost exclusively with dental implant treatments. Our clinics have beendesigned with dental implants in mind and hence we are completelydifferent to a ‘general dental practice’ offering dental implants occasionally.We purchase materials specific to dental implants in larger volumes hencenegotiate better prices with suppliers. We pass these saving on to ourpatients. We do our best to make dental implants affordable to as manypeople as possible.We strongly believe that when choosing the best dental implant clinic foryour dental implant treatment, price should not be the main concern.Seeing a reputable surgeon with extensive experience in dental implanttreatment is very important. The clinic providing the service should have aproven track record and be reputable.
  5. 5. So here are the reasons why we believe we can provide Cheap dentalimplants :1. Our clinics are specifically designed for dental implant treatment, this means that dentists, nurses and lab technicians work exclusively with dental implant treatments. This is a very important point as everyone is therefore more experienced in dental implants if this is carried out 6 days per week.2. We use our buying power to purchase dental implant materials in large volumes, hence we negotiate better prices and pass these onto our patients3. We use our own dental laboratory for producing dental implant restorations. This ensures that we do not to outsource most of our dental implant laboratory work to other dental laboratories. This saves money and again these savings are passed onto the patient.4. We use a proven dental implant systems known as Legacy which is made by Implant Direct Sybron. The implant design has been used very successfully for over 20 years and the implant surface is proven scientifically. These products are used by hundreds of dentists in the UK successfully. The products are certified by the FDA and CE marked.5. We provide affordable dental treatment at one clinic. This is cheaper for the patient. Many general practices refer patients to specialist implant clinics for implant surgery, then patient returns to the referring dentist. This adds time, inconvenience, stress to the whole process. At Brighton Implant Clinic everything is taken care of under one roof.
  6. 6. Contact US :Hove BranchBrighton Implant Clinic12 Church Road | HoveEast Sussex | BN3 2FLTel 0844 815 1414Email : brightonimplantclinic@gmail.comBrighton BranchBrighton Implant Clinic79 Southall AvenueBrighton | East Sussex | BN2 4BATel 0844 375 6789Email : BranchBrighton Implant Clinic2 Market StreetHailsham | East Sussex | BN27 2AETel 0844 387 8300Email :