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2014 Internet Usage in the Philippines


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A complete analysis of the 2014 internet usage in the Philippines.

This presentation also covers the following:
1. Philippines Total Population as of August 2014
2. Number of Internet Users
3. User Growth
4. Global Ranking
5. What Social Media Websites Users Usually Visit
6. Internet Speed in the Philippines Year on Year

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2014 Internet Usage in the Philippines

  1. 1. An Infographics About The Internet Usage In the Philippines 2014 Covering The Following: • Country Population • Number of Internet Users • Philippines Internet Speed • Number of Social Media Users
  2. 2. Country Population As of August 2014 • Philippine has a population of 100,840,845 • 7th most populated country in Asia • 12th most populated country in the world • Excluding 12 Million Filipinos live overseas
  3. 3. Internet Penetration, User Growth & Global Ranking • While the Philippines has a population of 100,840,845, there are and 39.8 Million internet users in the country. That’s 4 out of 10 Filipinos • There is a 10% User Growth This Year • Global Ranking Stayed The Same at #14 spot
  4. 4. Social Media Users In The Philippines 2014 • 3 out 4 Filipinos have a Facebook account That’s 30M versus 38.9M • 1 out 4 Filipinos have a Twitter account. That’s 4.9M versus 38.9M • 2 out 4 Filipinos access YouTube. That’s 24M versus 38.9.M • 1 out of 16 Filipinos have a LinkedIn account. That’s 2.4M versus 38.9M
  5. 5. Internet Speed In The Philippines Year on Year • 2010: 0.90 mbps • 2011: 1.10 mbps • 2012: 1.60mbps • 2013: 2.00 mbps • 2014: 2.70 mbps Philippines internet speed is one of the slowest in the world considering the value of money a subscriber is paying for.
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