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#VDT - A review of the process. EP. 2


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This is the second episode of #VDT presented in Sofia in 2014.

Visual Design Thinking (#VDT) is a prototyping, cooperative methodology and a set of tools.

It is a work-in-progress project, a process you should try in order to create more empathy and more co-creation with your clients, but also with your team. Customer cooperation over contract negotiation as the Agile Manifesto says.

VDT is an experience - centered method with a focus on visual languages and techniques, our interdisciplinary approach to visual web design.

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#VDT - A review of the process. EP. 2

  1. 1. http://www. How much a frustrating User Experience is harmful for your success? This is why we’re speaking in Italian right now.
  2. 2. http://www. foto del sentiero Paved the wrong way, just like not localising the website.
  3. 3. http://www. Carlo Frinolli @carl0s_ Passionate UX Designer and CEO at nois3. I like to break things to know how they works. Most of the times I have spare parts. Chiara Albanesi @lucciole Ethnographer, storyteller and visual designer. I believe in mistakes, and in fireflies. Co-founder @mokalab
  4. 4. + + http://www. + + What we’ll be doing today We’ll see what #VDT is about, just like real speeches. Then we’re going to get our hands dirty. ! Don’t turn your head we’re talking to you. Insights Case studies Three exercises! Discovery two row
  5. 5. http://www. There are two keywords here. User Experience
  6. 6. http://www. Ethnography Let’s talk about users.
  7. 7. http://www. Know thy user! Quality over quantity, relationships and shareholders (or stakeholders) over customers. ! I tell you a secret: Users are human not robots. They will fail badly. 
 Use a little bit of humanity then, please.
  8. 8. http://www. Why? Wifi Basic needs Safety needs Social needs Esteem needs Self-actualization
  9. 9. http://www. When? At the very beginning. When you need to know what’s going on.
  10. 10. http://www. How?
  11. 11. http://www. Useful tips Average users Forget to meet them: they don’t exist. Niches! Focusing on a niche will give better results than trying to meet everyone needs, at least if you’re not building the new Facebook.
  12. 12. http://www. Useful tips Heisenberg, my friend Do not pretend to be objective. Interviews are between humans, and you are too, after all. Data, big time use data. data are not evil. they can help you finding the right questions to ask. One more thing…
  13. 13. http://www. Take the right time for everything Listen, observe, take notes. And then think.
  14. 14. http://www. RIOS interviews for an open brand. CASE STUDY pt. I
  15. 15. http://www. Our three questions 1. The bar situation You meet an old friend in a bar just a few minutes after a RIOS meeting, and you start talking about what you're doing. How would you explain him what RIOS is? 2. Co-what? Think about the other people/companies members of RIOS. How can you define your collaboration with them? Try to use only few words.
  16. 16. http://www. Our three questions 3. The suitcase Imagine you are a salesman in a client's office with the RIOS suitcase. What's inside it?
  17. 17. http://www. ! ! ! Your turn: time for the theme! Exercise #1
  18. 18. http://www. Create a public bike sharing service in Sofia You have 10 minutes to write down 5 possible questions or topics for user research interviews.
  19. 19. “ ” http://www. 10 minutes! 5 questions/topics. share results on Twitter with #VDT #bgws14
  20. 20. http://www. Everybody loves stories. Even developers. Even if they won’t ever admit it.
  21. 21. http://www. Quit tech specs, go for user stories. I don’t mean it literally. But try to focus on what matters to end users, not to technicians, or ninjas.
  22. 22. “ ” http://www. As a <role> I want to <action> in order to <benefit> Yes, it’s from agile thinking.
  23. 23. http://www. Sir, User stories tend to be vague, sir. It's not a bug, Sir. It's a feature. An epic one.
  24. 24. http://www. Let's have an epic carpaccio And thanks Fabio Armani for showing this.
  25. 25. “ ” http://www. As a citizen I want to get a bike in order to ride in the city freely It’s kind of huge, right? Epic. Let’s split it up.
  26. 26. “ ” http://www. 10 minutes! Split the epic story into 5 smaller ones. share results on Twitter with #VDT #bgws14
  27. 27. http://www. All by myself!? So OK. We're doing all by ourselves? We researched for the users' identities, we decided for their user stories, alone?
  28. 28. http://www. Each project is a threesome. UX it's not only a love affair with users. ! It is a threesome. ! But don't be anxious, you will have toys EHM… tools to play with.
  29. 29. http://www. It’s all about attitude, Sir. © Daniele Tamagni - Gentlemen of Bacongo
  30. 30. “ ” http://www. You can think about brand in three parts: who you are, how you dress and how you act. ! Who you are is your brand strategy, how you dress is your brand identity and how you act is your marketing. Andrea Shillington, Branding for good.
  31. 31. http://www. So CO-Design. Since branding. Keep the client in the loop. Try and learn all you can from the client.
  32. 32. http://www. Wed in Florence co-design process. CASE STUDY pt. II: from sketching to branding.
  33. 33. http://www.
  34. 34. http://www.
  35. 35. http://www.
  36. 36. http://www. Samadhi visual co-design/ branding CASE STUDY pt. III
  37. 37. http://www.
  38. 38. http://www.
  39. 39. http://www.
  40. 40. “ ” http://www. Time for hints! Bike-sharing moodboard. !
  41. 41. http://www. Why we're doing this you say
  42. 42. http://www. It is now time to make web/app interface… Think responsive. It’s not only shrinking.
  43. 43. http://www. Responsive has lots of meaning • be ready for mobility • promptly respond to a query • applicable brand identities • right content → right context • right interaction → right context
  44. 44. + + http://www. + + Mobile first approach If you think mobile first, you’re going to face more challenges sooner. This will force simplify, organise better and reduce. Cognitive payload Complexity and clu er Streamline interface Long shadows?
  45. 45. http://www. Do not make the user think. Remember? They’re human and fail badly.
  46. 46. http://www. WMP2014 ! World Medicine Park CASE STUDY pt. IV
  47. 47. http://www.
  48. 48. http://www.
  49. 49. http://www.
  50. 50. http://www.
  51. 51. http://www. Time to design responsive stuff You have 10 minutes to design content for the bike sharing service, and to sketch a couple of very rough ideas about User Interface in different application contexts.
  52. 52. http://www. Digital totem 1080x1920 Smartphone (web)app 1080x1920
  53. 53. “ ” http://www. 10 minutes! Content and UI! share results on Twitter with #VDT #bgws14
  54. 54. http://www. Some useful tools we use. From mood boarding to prototyping, and feedback!
  55. 55. http://www. Pinterest for moodboards!
  56. 56. http://www. Déjà vu? POST-IT!
  57. 57. http://www. InvisionApp for prototypes
  58. 58. http://www. Zurb Foundation for Interactive Wireframes
  59. 59. http://www. Usersnap! For real, meaning feedback :)
  60. 60. http://www. Wrap up. How your bike sharing service will look like? Please share results on Twitter via #VDT #bgws14 :)
  61. 61. http://www. People we appreciated and helped us Bogomil :), Florian, Fabio, Pierluigi, all the nois3 team in Rome and Milan, Raffaele, Alessio, Claudia, all our students and clients and the Etnograph team.
  62. 62. “ ” http://www. Thank you, for your attention. Any question? ! Meet us later, or tonight. Be sure to get our freshly printed business cards! ! C+c