Mexico 2010, a visual poem (por: carlitosrangel)


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(sep.2010) A joint project of many members of CR Galleria in order to rescue the spirit, roots and culture of Mexico and Mexicans, with gratitude and acknowledgement to each of the project participants, achieving among all translate the essence of Mexico as a true visual poem.
Original concept and general production: Carlos Rangel

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Mexico 2010, a visual poem (por: carlitosrangel)

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  2. 2. The sun awakens gazing at Mexico City with exceptional clarity and warmth illuminating the breath of “Don Goyo” (a plume of Popocatepetl volcano) Foto © Ana Rosa Moreno (1/12/2005)
  3. 3. The sun floods of neatness the access from the former hacienda to the vineyards of Casa Madero in Parras, Coahuila Foto © Juan Carlos Romo y López Guerrero (20/10/2007)
  4. 4. The smallness of human becomes evident in the generous vastness of the Sierra de Janambres, Tamaulipas Foto © Sergio Niebla (18/07/2010)
  5. 5. In monochromatic geometric perfection is the décor of the canyon vault in Augustinian Ex Convent of San Juan Bautista in Tlayacapan, Morelos Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes (09/08/2009)
  6. 6. The palm and the tower of the church of San Antonio de Padua gaze at their mutual slenderness in Cárdenas, Tabasco Foto © Guadalupe Chiu (27/08/2009)
  7. 7. Scissortail gulls take flight among the mist and loud flappings in the Rofomex Mine, La Paz Bay, South Baja California Foto © Jesús Muñoz González
  8. 8. The innocence of the pure souls lean out spontaneously in the eyes of children of the Mixe ethnic group in Ayutla Mixe, Oaxaca Foto © Dr. Matteo Guarino (26/03/2008)
  9. 9. Delicate silk dresses up in colors in the rebozos [shawls] of Santa María del Rio, San Luis Potosí Foto © Juan Carlos Romo y López Guerrero (14/07/2009)
  10. 10. Before immolate itself becoming oil for the benefit of man, the jojoba generously offers its beauty in Baja California Foto © Silvia Vidales Rubí (26/05/2010)
  11. 11. A black pigeon offers itself as a volunteer to crown Our Lady of Guadalupe in the old church in Zapotlán, Jalisco Foto © Ergo Roderich
  12. 12. Through the mist and the ancient Mayan jungle overlooks The Palace, in Palenque, Chiapas Foto © Gloria Ortega Villanueva (01/01/2009)
  13. 13. In the style of ancient Greeks, from a modern amphitheater is contemplated the beauty that has made Acapulco Bay, Guerrero ,internationally famous   Foto © Rosa Abeyro
  14. 14. Life discreetly leans out through a little window to look if someone goes up or down this steep street in Zacatecas Foto © Juan Carlos Romo y López Guerrero (02/05/2010)
  15. 15. In the middle of lake of Pátzcuaro, purepécha women prepare with modest exuberance delicious charales and the exquisite white fish in the beautiful island of Janitzio in Michoacán Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes (01/04/2007)
  16. 16. Muslim Art crowned with a Renaissance-inspired dome is complemented with Gothic elements, creating an eclectic harmony in the sixteenth-century Mudéjar Fountain known as La Pila , in Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas Foto © Gloria Ortega Villanueva (27/12/2008)
  17. 17. The quiet Beach of Las Islitas [Little Islands], invites for enjoying its vast solitude in San Blas, Nayarit Foto © Franco Esteban Navarrete (31/01/2010)
  18. 18. The peace of convent life still remains in the Ex Convent of La Concepción , in Puebla, today transformed in a hotel Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes (25/10/2005)
  19. 19. Intricate embroideries enhance the symbolism of the attire of the Voladores de Papantla [Papantla Flyers] in El Tajín, Veracruz Foto © Guadalupe Chiu (29/08/2009)
  20. 20. The facade of the Church of El Carmen , San Luis Potosi, proudly displays its numerous eighteen-century ornamentations, in a magnificent manifestation of churrigueresque baroque. Foto © Juan Carlos Romo y López Guerrero (14/07/2009)
  21. 21. Amongst the forest, the fog and the coldness at five in the morning, appears the smoke of the cabin inviting to warm in Basaseachic, Chihuahua Foto © Martín Rosas Suazo (27/02/2009)
  22. 22. A cozy warmth is felt in the former cloister of the Franciscan Ex Convent of Tochimilco, Puebla Foto © Carlos Giordano (11/2009)
  23. 23. Like crystal needles are the thorns of cactus that honors brother Sun in Ayutla Mixe, Oaxaca Foto © Federico Villanueva Damián (18/01/2009)
  24. 24. Monte de la Estrella [the Mountain of the Star], Citlaltepetl Volcano (Pico de Orizaba) wears its white winter garments, Veracruz Foto © Gabriel Cubides (05/12/2008)
  25. 25. Around the IX th century, ancient farmers from Paquimé culture, in Chihuahua, were housed in these rooms in the Cave of La Olla , that still amaze in XXI th century Foto © Guadalupe Chiu (2/06/2007)
  26. 26. The ceremonial sacredness of the Mixe culture is reflected in the preparation of Ma’atsy (“Machucado”) which in Ayutla Mixe, Oaxaca takes place on August 1st “to scare hunger” when approaching difficult months for obtainig food. Today it is also prepared for significant events . Foto © Federico Villanueva Damián (19/07/2009)
  27. 27. Cross of pots and bowls in the Church of San Lorenzo Riotenco, México State Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes
  28. 28. As the last present of the sun, rocks reflect the golden light at the sunset in Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit Foto © Teté Acosta (25/07/2007)
  29. 29. The bright red of the facade and dome, with the decorative complement of the door, give a touch of color to the dryness that surrounds this Church in Aguas Blancas, Zimapán, Hidalgo Foto © Sergio Niebla (01/09/2009)
  30. 30. In the archaeological ruins of El Meco, Cancun, Quintana Roo wanders a coati with playful innocence Foto © Bertha Arel Con (02/02/2010)
  31. 31. All the characters who starred in the Mexican Revolution Movement in 1910 are present in the wall of the Government Palace in Durango (partial view) Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes (17/03/2008)
  32. 32. Time and oblivion have left their trace in Xalapa, Veracruz Foto © Carlos Rangel (12/09/2004)
  33. 33. Musktë'j mëët jaapyëkxjä'äy tyäk cuentpëkp, in Mixe language is the ceremony to welcome the musicians and visitors with the intention to offer them the best treat possible. Once finished the reception ceremony, the bands lead the tour to reach the site of the feast in Santo Domingo Tepuxtepec Mixe, Oaxaca Foto © Federico Villanueva Damián(27/05/2010)
  34. 34. Quarry saints, angels and cherubs live together with foliage and fruits in the baroque facade of Zacatecas Cathedral Foto © Gloria Ortega Villanueva (01/05/2009)
  35. 35. Stoically solitary Maguey flower withstand the force of the wind in the archaeological site of Teotihuacan Foto © Carlos Rangel (03/02/2010)
  36. 36. A stone window overlooks the Purépecha life in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán Foto © Carlos Rangel (18/06/2005)
  37. 37. Doña Toña prepares lunch with the most delicious flavor that gives the comal , ember, and its secret ingredient: the love for her husband and family, in the community of Texán Paolemeque, in Hunucmá, Yucatán Foto © Fernanda Gallego Janet (02/2010)
  38. 38. All an enigmatic encyclopedia artistically carved in stone at door of Yaxchilán, Chiapas Foto © Gloria Ortega Villanueva (15/06/2010)
  39. 39. Lonely cross of the town of San Andrés Ixtlán, Jalisco Foto © Ergo Roderich
  40. 40. Silent horizon with scent of a sea in Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo Foto © Juan Carlos Romo y López Guerrero (19/07/2007)
  41. 41. All minerals, all colors and shining of quartz cautiously show up in the Valenciana Mine, Guanajuato Foto © Carlos Rangel (27/01/2010)
  42. 42. Exquisite delicacy in the Altar de Muertos [ Altar to Deaths] of Huaquechula, Puebla Foto © Carlos Giordano (11/2009)
  43. 43. Elegant and parsimonious arrogance of white peacock in Ex Hacienda La Estancia, Pedro Escobedo, Querétaro Foto © Juan Carlos Romo y López Guerrero (24/06/2007)
  44. 44. Golden jewel of Porfirian eclecticism 1907 in the monumental stairs of the Post Office building [Correos] in Mexico City Foto © Carlos Rangel (04/02/2010)
  45. 45. An ample and genuine joy is manifested in the equally ample smile of the beautiful woman in Veracruz Foto © Mony Lucatero
  46. 46. Of clay brick and mortar is gently coated the Ocotlán Basilica, as one of the most beautiful examples of poblano-tlaxcaltecan baroque style Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes
  47. 47. Merchants, florists, carpenters, butchers, farmers, all participate in the preparation of the monumental flowers carpet for the festivity of the Holy Trinity, in Cholula, Puebla Foto © Guadalupe Chiu (2/06/2007)
  48. 48. Meditative silence invites to absorb the energies from the ancient Mayans who lived in Calakmul, Campeche Foto © Juan Villarreal (26/08/2009)
  49. 49. Before the evening party, for a moment all is in silence and stills on the dock of San Carlos in Nuevo Guaymas, Sonora Foto © Martín Rosas Suazo (27/02/2009)
  50. 50. Silent light is filtered through the colors in this artistic stained glass of the Colegio de San Idelfonso, in Mexico City Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes (01/04/2007)
  51. 51. As above, so below in the Valley of the mirrors, Acambay Mexico State Foto © Juan Carlos Romo y López Guerrero (23/03/2007)
  52. 52. Upon the domes of the Church of San Diego, the moon crowns the sunset in Guanajuato to the rhythm of the bells Foto © Carlos Rangel (27/01/2010)
  53. 53. Lonely backlight dance of the ibis in Fierro Laguna, Casas Grandes, Chihuahua Foto © Audencio Guillén (11/10/2008)
  54. 54. At sight: Rose-colored almost abstract surrealism. For taste: A succulent dish that not everyone dare to taste, maguey worms in Zimapan market, Hidalgo. Foto © Sergio Niebla (01/09/2009)
  55. 55. Purepécha girl, proud of its indigenous ethnic group from the region of Michoacan Foto © Luis Mendoza Bolio (28/3/2010)
  56. 56. In Chalcatzingo, Morelos, hills seem to emerge from nowhere in the middle of the vast semi-desert plains Foto © Rafael Ocampo (24/08/209)
  57. 57. The indigenous soul, lover of nature, interprets on its own way the imported baroque, in the Church of Santo Domingo in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes (30/11/2009)
  58. 58. There have been millennia of permanence that corn has taken root in the life and Mexican cuisine, offering its particular flavors and impeccable colors in these corncobs in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas Foto © Paulina Latapí (14/05/2010)
  59. 59. A monastic window of Nativitas Ex Convent peacefully overlooks the sacred mythical mountain of El Tepozteco , in Tepoztlan, Morelos Foto © Elizabeth Castañeda (27/07/2010)
  60. 60. The moon with its secrets fills the annex to the Carmelitas Teresianas Convent nuns (Teresitas) in Queretaro Foto © Juan Carlos Romo y López Guerrero (03/08/2009)
  61. 61. The sea shows its feminine side at the sunset in Isla de los Venados [Deers Island] , in front of Mazatlán Bay, in Sinaloa Foto © Paulina Latapí (20/07/2010)
  62. 62. The singing of the birds glad the street and the work of the shoemaker in Naolinco, Veracruz Foto © Carlos Rangel (30/12/2004)
  63. 63. Between clouds and fumaroles chat Volcán de Fuego (Fire Volcano, front) with Volcán de Nieve (Snow Volcano, back) in Colima Foto © Ergo Roederich (18/09/2005)
  64. 64. Subtly the waterfall drips on basaltic prisms in Santa Maria Regla, Hidalgo Foto © Rafael Ocampo (07/2010)
  65. 65. The Imperial Eagle consuming a snake on a cactus, surrounded by elements that refer to Mexican Nationalism, gloriously crowning its monument in Celaya, Guanajuato Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes (29/09/2005)
  66. 66. The majestic Peña de Bernal becomes insignificant and transparent when the skies speak with water. Foto © Juan Carlos Romo y López Guerrero (30/08/2007)
  67. 67. In the same blue language talk the sky and the cornices of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes (29/11/2009)
  68. 68. Lush of color and Mexican fiesta flavor in the trajineras in the lake of Xochimilco Foto © Beatriz Navarrete (21/04/2006)
  69. 69. Tropical birds show off their colorful role in the middle of lush vegetation in Xcaret, Quintana Roo Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes (13/07/2004)
  70. 70. Between heaven and Earth floats impressive the peak of Nevado de Toluca volcano in Mexico State Foto © Bernardo García Esquivel (20/02/2010)
  71. 71. 300 years of crossing the river light up the stone bridge in San Juan del Río, Queretaro Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes (09/02/2010)
  72. 72. Magic light prints warm devotion to the pews of the Church of Santa Clara, Queretaro Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes (31/3/2008)
  73. 73. As a stone guardian appears this mask in the Mayan archaeological ruins of Tulum, Quintana Roo Foto © Guadalupe Chiu (22/08/2009)
  74. 74. Burning aridity en the Dunas de Yeso [Dunes of Gesso], Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila Foto © Laetitia Richard (2009)
  75. 75. Between the sky and the mountains lies the magic of Light and the vastness in the State of Nuevo Leon Foto © Juan Carlos Romo y López Guerrero (20/10/2007)
  76. 76. Profound introspection of man in one of the side chapels of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City Foto © Teo San José (04/02/2010)
  77. 77. Dichromatic solitude in the San Marcos Lagoon, in Jalisco Foto © Ergo Roderich
  78. 78. The magnificent entrance to the Cueva de los Murciélagos [Bat Cave] in the surroundings of the Presa de la Boca in Santiago, Nuevo León, is so perfect that raises all sorts of questions. Foto © María Teresa López Guajardo (01/01/2007)
  79. 79. With white sonority shares its freshness the Tamul waterfall, in Huasteca Potosina Foto © Guadalupe Chiu (03/04/2007)
  80. 80. The Purépecha face of time, furrowed by life, dresses up for Palm Sunday in the Huatépara, in Uruapan, Michoacán Foto © Luis Mendoza Bolio (28/30/2010)
  81. 81. At the border of the states of Puebla and Veracruz outlining the silhouette of Pizarro Mountain at sunset Foto © Carlos Giordano (11/2009)
  82. 82. From the jungle of La Tovara springs, the herons wander their whiteness in San Blas, Nayarit Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes
  83. 83. Many nuns came to chat while they laundry their habits in that old washing places of the Ex Convent of Santa Catalina of Sena in Oaxaca. Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes (024/11/2005)
  84. 84. Perfect harmony between atmosphere and time to sit and contemplate in Cerro Gordo, Mexico State Foto © Carlos Rangel (3/10/2009)
  85. 85. Although nowadays is a main tourist attraction of undeniable charm, mystery, legend, pain and suffering have left their mark on the thick walls where five centuries ago was the prison of Fort San Juan de Ulúa, in Veracruz Foto © Mony Lucatero
  86. 86. The Gateway to the Jardín de Piedras [Stone Garden] is all a poem of dreams and agaves, in Tamaulipas Foto © Sergio Niebla (19/01/2010)
  87. 87. Surrounded by baroque ornamentations, our Lady of Guadalupe embodied in a painting by Jose Alcíbar, shares her blessings from her sanctuary (XVIIth Century) in Aguascalientes Foto © Dolores González
  88. 88. As yesteryear, the corridors of the cloister of the Ex Convent of Santo Domingo are bathed with golden light in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes (31/11/2009)
  89. 89. Just before saying good bye, the sun shines on with its last rays the pond of Santa Rosa Jáuregui, in Querétaro Foto © Paulina Latapí (24/01/2009)
  90. 90. Lobby at backlit evokes past times yet present in Valle de Bravo, México State Foto © Carlos Rangel (3/10/2009)
  91. 91. Perfect round wooden beams support the roof of the Palace of Quetzal-Papalotl, Teotihuacan Foto © Carlos Rangel (03/02/2010)
  92. 92. Between clouds of humidity and silence awakes the sacred mountain of Zempoaltépetl nestled in the Mixe zone of Oaxaca Foto © Federico Villanueva Damián (16/07/2006)
  93. 93. Desiderio Hernández, a relevant figure of Mexican mural painting, interpreted the history of the people translating it on the walls of Government Palace in his native Tlaxcala de Xicoténcatl Foto © Mina Ramírez Montes
  94. 94. The agaves stain in blue the vast plains of Jalisco for becoming later the finest tequila. Foto © Paulina Latapí (17/07/2010)
  95. 95. Cuauhtémoc sailboat visits the port of Veracruz in the last stage of the international historical bicentennial tour along the costs of all Hispanic America Foto © Wilhelm Castillo (25/06/2010)
  96. 96. An explosion of color lights up the skies of Mexico City filling the evening with festive poetry on occasion of the bicentennial of Mexico Independence and the Centennial of the Revolution Foto © Juan Carlos Romo y López Guerrero (28/07/2010)
  97. 97. Music : Canción Mixteca & México lindo y querido interpreted by Enrique Chía, piano Original photography : Rosa Abeyro, Teté Acosta, Bertha Arel Con, Elizabeth Castañeda, Wilhelm Castillo, Guadalupe Chiu, Gabriel Cubides, Fernanda Gallego, Bernardo García Esquivel, Carlos Giordano, Dolores González, Matteo Guarino, Audencio Guillén, Paulina Latapí, Ma. Teresa López Guajardo, Luis Mendoza Bolio, Ana Rosa Moreno, Jesús Muñoz González, Beatriz Navarrete, Franco Navarrete, Sergio Niebla, Rafael Ocampo, Gloria Ortega Villanueva, Mina Ramírez, Carlos Rangel, Laëtitia Richard, Ergo Roedrerich, Juan Carlos Romo, Martín Rosas Suazo, Teo San José, Silvia Vidales Rubí, Federico Villanueva Damián, Juan Carlos Villarreal Images © Copyright of the authors General concept and original graphic montage : Carlos Rangel with gratitude and acknowledgement to all participants in this project Santiago de Querétaro, México, September 2010 it is appreciated to respect this work without alteration para la versión original en español favor de contactar: [email_address] o descargar de: otras producciones del mismo autor: