Renew The Love For Your Library


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Renew The Love For Your Library

  1. 1. RENEW THE FOR YOUR LIBRARY Carlene Walter Learning Support Facilitator Prairie Spirit School Division
  2. 2. The Discord
  3. 3. What image are you projecting?
  4. 4. In this ever-changing instructional landscape, how can we build a robust and innovative library program that will meet the needs of the 21st century learner?
  5. 5. DY LV me? btw u n me, S der a prob? KIT
  6. 6. START A CONVERSATION Harness collective intelligence imbued by technology to excite and empower students' literacy.
  7. 7. Response
  8. 8. learning objects databases ebooks BLOGS books RSS feeds Streamed media major Web portals audio books WIKIBOOKS GET A MAKEOVER Rethink Collection
  9. 9. Ministry of Education Databases
  10. 10. FIND THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE Network with others.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. MEG CABOT TO FIND MORE ABOUT MEG: • Website: • Meg’s Diary: • Myspace: • Myspace Group: • Teen Lit (MySpace): • Readergirlz: • Not Your Mother’s Book Club:
  14. 14. INVESTIGATE NEW PLACES Life beyond Google
  15. 15. The New Little Black Book
  16. 16.
  17. 17. FEED THE FLAME Share your thoughts.
  18. 18. FIND PERSONAL SPACE Create your own information place.
  19. 19. PLAY
  20. 20. BOOK VS. HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS • With books, it's always your choice if the liaison ends prematurely. • You don't have to worry about the awkwardness of trying to avoid your discarded book should you bump into it at a store. • You can tell it, quot;It's not you, it's mequot; • On thequot;You know, it| or even Picture Tools Format tab, you can actually is youquot; without hurting its feelings. create your own frames • It will also never insist on an exclusive and make picture no relationship, and one will think ill of you if you love more than one. corrections such as adjusting contrast and • You can take one to bed with you the brightness or cropping very first night you bring it home without your mother the picture for just the blinking an eye. right look. --Kim Kovacs; BookBrowse blog
  21. 21. Image Sources Books and Hearts Flickr Numbers Georgia Girl Quizzes Google Logo Image Generator Hot Librarian On Ice Library Love Little Black Book The Quiet Librarian
  22. 22. RENEW THE FOR YOUR LIBRARY Carlene Walter Learning Support Facilitator Prairie Spirit School Division