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Apps For Student Workflow


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Apps For Student Workflow

  1. 1. WorkflowforPowering Up StudentsCarlene Walter
  2. 2. Digital WorkflowReceivingTask(s)WorkingCollaborativelySharing Workwith IntendedAudienceReceivingFormativeAssessmentRevisingbased onFeedback
  4. 4. - Get your files anywhere- Easily share with others
  5. 5. -Google DriveCreate and Collaborate Synchronously
  6. 6. SkyDrive- access and sync files from almost anywhere
  7. 7. Evernote
  9. 9. Dropbox…open in another
  10. 10. Workflow withDropbox1. Each student shares a Dropbox folder withthe teacher.Note: Teacher can organize the students folders intheir Dropbox as subfolders of a class folder.2. Students open work in Dropbox and saved totheir folder.3. Teacher opens the folder, provides feedbackusing apps such as iWork, Notability, orExplain Everything, and resaves in Dropbox.
  11. 11. Google Drive
  12. 12. Workflow withGoogle Drive1. Each student shares a folder with teacher.Note: Teacher can organize the studentsfolders in their Google Drive as subfolders of aclass folder.2. Students upload work to Google Driveand save to their shared folder.3. Teacher accesses the shared folder andprovides feedback. Google Drive saveswork automatically.
  13. 13. SkyDrive- access and sync files from almost anywhere
  14. 14. Workflow withSkyDrive1. Each student shares a SkyDrive folder withteacher.2. Students work within the SkyDrive app andsave to their folder or send it to as sharedSkyDrive folder.3. Teacher accesses the shared SkyDrive folderand provides feedback, and resaves the work.Note: If the teacher does not have a device that hasa Skydrive app, a browser can be used to view theirSkyDrive storage.
  15. 15. Evernote
  16. 16. Workflow forEvernote1. Teacher, in a premium Evernoteaccount, shares a notebook with eachstudents and provides editing rights.2. Students complete work in Evernote orintegrated apps (such as Skitch orPenultimate), and save to the sharednotebook.3. Teacher accesses the work, provides feedbackin Evernote or integrated app and returns thework to the student’s shared folder.
  17. 17. ShowbieShare work from apps via WebDAVDoes not require students to have an email
  18. 18. SHARING WORKOther than Collaborative Apps, iCloud Storage or Email
  19. 19. Print without PaperStudentworks in anapp withprintcapabilities1Studentsubmits viavirtualprinter onPrintopia.2Studentreceivessubmittedwork withfeedback3
  20. 20. Don’t have a Mac…
  21. 21. Don’t Print…Transfer!
  23. 23. GoodreaderMark-up PDFs: text boxes, stickynotes, lines, arrows, and freehand drawings
  24. 24. NotabilityAnnotate PDFs: handwrite, type, andrecord.
  25. 25. Explain EverythingAnnotate File: handwrite, type, andrecord.
  26. 26. PenultimateProvide feedback with notes or annotateimages.
  27. 27. Digital WorkflowReceivingTaskWorkingCollaborativelySharing Workwith IntendedAudienceReceivingFormativeAssessmentRevisingbased onFeedback
  28. 28. ShareExpectations)_ModelAppropriate Use_ExpectTransparentLearningPrepare Students
  29. 29. Prepare Students• Share responsibilities and expectations• Train routines and procedures• Model appropriate use• Teach specific apps which will be used often• Give students time to explore
  30. 30. REMEMBER…
  31. 31. It’s Not About The DeviceCritical ThinkingCollaborative ConversationsEngagementInquiry-Based LearningSharing Learnings with Authentic AudiencesIt’s About Teaching and Learning Differently