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The basics of HootSuite - how to sign up, add social networks and schedule posts.

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  2. 2. The agenda• What is HootSuite?• Why use it?• Getting set up• How it works• FAQ• Resources, additional training
  3. 3. What is HootSuite?• A social media dashboard• Lets you manage multiple profiles/platforms• Lets you time your posts• Allows you to view upcoming posts
  4. 4. Why use HootSuite?• Peak times for social media traffic don’t line up with traditional work hours.• You want to post content when your readers are most likely to view it, and share it.• Inner Circle 2013 includes Facebook and Twitter expectations seven days of the week.
  5. 5. Why use HootSuiteFor Inner Circle 2013, all reporters must tweet from their own professional account• News consumers are increasinglyturning to Twitter for headlines,updates and interaction• Reporters should tweet at leasttwice each day and multiple timesduring breaking news coverageGOAL Increase reach, community interaction andpotentially find stories and sources via Twitter
  6. 6. Why use HootSuiteFor Inner Circle 2013, newsrooms must post to Facebook every day of the week.Larger newsrooms also will have increased posting expectations. • Readers are typically more active on Facebook during the weekends, and we need to reach our audience then. • Posting more than twice daily gives more opportunity to promote your brand and content.GOAL Increase our website referral trafficfrom Facebook for more pageviews.
  7. 7. Why use HootSuiteHootSuite allows you to schedule Facebook posts and tweets from a single account. FACEBOOK 1-2 staff 6-19 staff 2 posts per day 5 posts per day 3-5 staff 20 or more 4 posts per day 6 posts per day TWITTER 2 tweets per day, seven days a week Expectation is the same for all reporters
  8. 8. Getting set up Sign up for a free account at• Use an email account that you’ll always have access to: (• Use a generic password that everyone in the newsroom can have
  9. 9. Getting set upTo add Twitter: (1) In the top, left corner, click your user profile icon (2) Under My Social Networks, click Add a Social Network
  10. 10. Getting set up (3) Click Twitter (4) Click Connect with Twitter
  11. 11. Getting set up (5) Authorize HootSuite to use your account by logging in to Twitter. • Type in your Twitter handle • Enter your password • Click Authorize app
  12. 12. Getting set upTo add Facebook: (1) In the top, left corner, click your user profile icon (2) Under My Social Networks, click Add a Social Network
  13. 13. Getting set up (3) Click Facebook (4) Click Connect with Facebook
  14. 14. Getting set upAdd social networks like Facebook and Twitter (5) Type in Facebook credentials (6) Click Log In, located at the bottom-right of the login screen (7) Click the “plus” icon to add the profile. Click the check mark to remove the profile
  15. 15. Getting set upAdd social networks like Facebook and Twitter (8) Check the box, ensuring a new tab is are created for your Facebook page (9) Click Finished importing
  16. 16. How it works Compose your post just like you would in Facebook or Twitter Cut and paste the link to Select the pages your story into the built-in you want to URL shortener publish toClick Send Now to post, or the calendar iconto schedule your post
  17. 17. How it worksHow to: Time-stamp a post Click on the calendar icon Type in your message Use built-in link shortener Select a date, time Click “Schedule”
  18. 18. How it works How to: Monitor scheduled postsClick on thepaper airplaneiconView yourupcoming posts
  19. 19. How it works How to: Alter or delete a scheduled post Click on the post Select the “X” You can also edit your post by selecting the “Edit” option.
  20. 20. FAQCan I delete Facebook content on Hootsuite?No. If you want to delete a post, you must log in toyour Facebook page and delete it manually.I’m using the built-in scheduler on Facebook.Do I need to switch to HootSuite?No. Using Facebook’s scheduler is fine. ButHootSuite allows you to add Twitter accounts, soyou can schedule tweets in advance.
  21. 21. FAQThe free version of HootSuite only allows fivestreams. I have six Twitter or Facebookaccounts. What now?HootSuite Pro, which lets you add unlimitedstreams, is $10 a month.If Pro isn’t an option, organize your streams usingmultiple accounts.Can I remove streams I no longer want?Yes. Under your profile, all your social networks willbe listed. To remove one, just hover over it, clickon the gear that appears and choose “Remove fromHootSuite.”
  22. 22. Resources• More information can be found in the 2013 Inner Circle Handbook. Download at• Contact your content team manager: Mike Turley Carlene Cox mturley@ ccox@ Sarah Corbit Brad Jennings scorbitt@ bjennings@
  23. 23. ResourcesTwitter for ReportersA basic session for reporters who have little or no experience with Twitter. Training will cover how and when to tweet, how to gain followers and will explain basic Twitter terminology. Also included will be ideas for posts, ethical boundaries and how to time-stamp posts to appear on non-working days.When: 2 p.m. Central, Thursday, Jan. 24
  24. 24. Resources"Coming in Print"Explains the strategy behind “Coming in Print” and offers suggestions on how to write engaging promotions.When: 2 p.m. Central, Friday, Jan. 25
  25. 25. ResourcesSeen-on-scene photo galleriesCovers how to maximize time spent taking and uploading seen-on-scene galleries and effectively translate those efforts into page views. Includes suggestions on where to shoot seen-on-scene galleries.When: 2 p.m. Central, Tuesday, Jan. 29