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Work History plus CV (1)


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Work History plus CV (1)

  1. 1. [Carleigh Tenzin] [10323 35th Ave NE] | [Seattle 98125] | [206-390-5997] | [] Work Experience [August- Present] [The Natural Path to Healing] | | [Woodenville, WA] [LEAMP, LAC]  Specializing in PIP/LNI Auto Accidents & Injuries. DR. Tan methods, TCM ZANG FU, Ear Acu, Meridian Balancing. [March 2015- Present] [Tenzin Modern Medicine LLC] | | [Seattle, WA] [Owner]  Specializing in Taoist Acupuncture, Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, Zero-Balancing, and Transpersonal Psychology [December 2013- December 2014] [Veterans Community Acupuncture Clinic] | | [Boulder, CO] [Manager]  Managed client intakes, treatments, facility, advertising and marketing [August 2012- December 2014] [Institute of Taoist Education & Acupuncture] | | [Louisville, CO] [Clinical Intern]  Managed client intakes, treatments, procured own client base, assisted in overall management of clinic: everything from taking phone calls, scheduling clients, processing paperwork, to ordering clinical supplies [August 2010- August 2011] [World Medicine Institute] | | [Honolulu, HI] [Clinical Intern]  Practiced Taoist Acupuncture, TCM, Chinese Herbology and Local Chinese Herbology under Dr. Chang; 64th generation Taoist Master. [2009-2010] [Energetic Medicine] | | [Kirkland, WA] [Acupuncture Assistant]  Assisted Licensed Acupuncturist in busy daily practice. Tasks included: moxabustion, turning over rooms, answering phones and booking clients. This clinic saw on average 22 clients per day!
  2. 2. Education [2011-2014] [Institute of Taoist Education & Acupuncture] | | [Louisville, CO] [Master's Degree in Classical Acupuncture] [2010-2011] [World Medicine Institute] | | [Honolulu, HI] [Master's Degree] [2004-2009] [Evergreen State College] | | [Olympia, WA] [Undergraduate Education]  Chemistry for the Health Professions, Bio-chemestry, Biology, Health and Nutrition Certifications [November 2012] [Delphi University] | | [McCaysville, GA] [Certification as a RoHun Therapist]  RoHun Therapy, Group RoHun, Spiritual Counseling & Philosophy [Color and Sound Healing Practitioner Certificate]  Chromotherapy, Aromatherapy, and Sound Therapy [Ordained as a Minister]  Granted the right to conduct inspirational services, & provide spiritual counseling [August 2007-August 2008] [Dahn Yoga] | | [Sedona, AZ] [Certification in Dahn-Hak Healing]  Korean Massage & Qi Gong Grants & Awards  Vermont Student Grants  Received two financial grants to continue my education at Delphi University  Head of Class, Institute of Taoist Education & Acupuncture 2014
  3. 3. Volunteer Work  Seattle Rotary 2004, Kids Without Borders Vietnam- worked in orphanages, donated medical & school supplies  Seattle Rotary 2008, Kids Without Borders Guatemala- worked in orphanages, donated medical & school supplies  Health For the Homless Seattle Present- Volunteer LAC services to the Union Gospel Mission