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Frank SanPietro happy monday


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This is not really business but Frank SanPietro classified it as such anyhow. I hope everyone is having a good day. We all know how crazy Mondays can go but it is almost over. be of good cheer.
Not of such great cheer is the Buckeyes this past weekend. Yes, they won. But they were not very impressive against this non ranked team, and i know this will show in the standings. Hopefully they whip those wolverines real good dastardly though. O-H

Check out Frank SanPietro and the University of Memphis too:

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Frank SanPietro happy monday

  1. 1. Apparently that is a serious no no. Hehe Carl Ceder: I love mondays. They allow me to get my week’s direction setup and I love that. I know they can be manic, but try to make the most out of them.