Duran duran - girls on film


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Duran duran - girls on film

  1. 1. Duran Duran – ‘girls on film’ video analysis
  2. 2. So again I will be analysing another music video, this research is really helping me not onlyto understand more about the conventions and stereotypes of music videos, but also toallow me to come up with some more ideas about; shots, editing, lighting, andcamerawork techniques.Ive chosen Duran Duran - girls on film to analyse today as Ive never seen this video (tobe honest until this year I thought the lyrics were girls on girls) and also its not recentmusic video so it contrasts the last video I analysed!Here it is firstly;Duran Duran - girls on film
  3. 3. Some background information:•Its their 3rd single from their first album, and became one of their signature songs.•It was released 13th July 1981 and became extremely popular via radio•The video was directed by the directing duo Godley and Creme and was created two weeksafter MTV was launched, I thought this was especially interesting as it reflects my researchbefore this post that MTV had a huge impact on music video history, therefore this musicvideo perhaps shows that this is true!•The uncensored video caused and uproar and it was banned from BBC, it was also demandedthat the video was heavily edited for MTV and other showings.So for this music video I have also decided to focus more on applying Goodwins theories to it,and how it fits in with the conventions of the theories - the outcome is interesting as it fits inwith some and pushes the boundaries of other theories.
  4. 4. Links between music and visuals:•Although there are few definite direct links between lyrics and visuals, the entiremusic video is based on the song lyrics.•The lyrics describe a perhaps raunchy photo shoot,paparazzi, and taking photos of a seemingly famouswoman, and the business of either modelling be itpornographic or safe.•This is linked with the video as there are numerous shots related to photoshoots and the paparazzi for example the set is laid out as a catwalk, and alsothere are numerous flashes which seem to be from cameras taking photos of themodels.•The raunchy aspect is shown through possible sexy situations, like the beautifulwoman massaging the man, the mud wrestling scene,
  5. 5. Genre characteristics:• Poprock is linked with performance of the band, which obviously happens a lotthroughout this video• The bands outfits are also conventional of theirgenre; they’re wearing soft punk/glam rockclothing for example bandannas and tight clothing.• Also a lot of bands, but especially rock and metal bands around this time wereoften associated with beautiful women which is definitely reflected in this video!There are numerous women in small amounts of clothing throughout the video,fitting with the conventions of the genre!
  6. 6. Links between visuals and music:• Although there isn’t a direct obvious link between the music of the song andthe editing or visuals, the visuals and concept do fit in with what the song isabout.• There are a few direct links to the music beats, for example when the sumowrestlers stomp in time with the rhythmic beats of the music, and also with theintercutting shots of the drummer playing drums and the woman massaging theman in a way which accentuates the drum beat in the music.
  7. 7. Record label demands:• There are lots of close-ups of the lead singer, a common demand of the bands recordlabel so that the band is recognized for singing that song, and the band can begin creating amotif of them performing in their videos. Like one of the first shots where you can see theband in the background and the camera zooms until it’s a close-up of the lead singers face!• Regular jump cuts to the lead singer allows the audience to recognize and relate to theband. Although the other band members are not shown as much as the lead singer due tothe fact that the record label probably demanded that only the lead singer gets close ups,however the band still do have some mid-shots on them so they are still seen.• A lot of the shots of the band are low angles, this makes the band look like they havepower and status , therefore making the audience feel that way too.
  8. 8. Voyeurism:• There’s a lot of preference to looking at women in this music video, mostly because this iswhat the song is all about!• The first shot is of a camera, so setting up the idea of voyeurism already. You then see theband through the viewfinder.• The entire way through the music video there are clips of videoing beautiful women andtaking photos of them via photo shoots and catwalks!
  9. 9. Intertextual references:• There are definitely intertextual references because, again, the song is all about capturingwomen on film and cameras, therefore it would be conventional for the music video tohave different types of media in it!Camerawork:• This video uses a huge range of camera shots; from close-ups, long shots, low angle shots– which are mostly used on the band and so gives them a high status.Editing:• Most shots are 2-3 seconds long, there is an establishing shot of the band which is long.The editing isn’t exceptionally fast paced but this fits in with the pace of the song.Mise-en-scene:• The mise-en-scene fits with the raunchiness of the song; massage oil, mud wrestling (andin the unedited version theres alcohol, fur coats etc) which all fit in with the mood of thesong.Lighting:•Used to create a catwalk mood, fog, bright lights and flashes to show cameras.