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Make The Most Of Your Digital Asset- Altekrea 2014


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Make the most of your digital asset. A presentation for artists to learn to strategically share their content and content assets.

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Make The Most Of Your Digital Asset- Altekrea 2014

  1. 1. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR DIGITAL ASSET! Carla Wright Altekrea 2014
  2. 2. PROMOTING YOUR DIGITAL ASSET You’ve put the time in and now you want to show it off to the world right? If you build it they will come = FALSE! So…how do you drive traffic?
  3. 3. CREATING CONTENT TO DRIVE TRAFFIC Digital content is much more than just written word, its:  Videos  Audio  Podcasts  Music clips  readings of your book  Photos  Slideshows  Graphics  Posters  Comic strips  Covers
  4. 4. CREATING CONTENT TO DRIVE TRAFFIC Content includes the Meat and Teaser! The meat is what you would post on your site, your shop or include in your kick starter campaign and the teaser. The teaser is what will pull traffic to your desired page. Now, where you share that content is the trick!
  5. 5. BE ENTICING To drive traffic you need to inform others beyond just saying “Hey, check out my Kickstarter page”. Entice them with an example of your work 1. Share an image or a small set of images  make sure you always give the link to your Kickstarter page, website or digital shop 2. Share details such as  what you’ve been doing  why it’s cool and/ or why they should care
  6. 6. EXAMPLE “This is [name]. He’s an engineer that built himself super human equipment so he can continue his mission to save [name] and stop [name] once and for all. He is also the main character of my web comic that I’ve been writing for 3 years. My goal is to get that comic published and into book stores. Help make that happen & sign up for your copy today!” TIP: Include a link to your campaign and images of character.
  7. 7. MAKE SURE THE CLICK SATISFIES! When they click, make sure there is more information provided than what they just read in your social post! TIP: Consider yourself as the viewer of the post. If what is behind that link isn’t what you would expect to read from that post then rewrite!
  8. 8. WHERE & HOW TO SHARE Facebook and Google Plus Post on you’re personal page and your fan page but also on other community’s pages or groups that you know will take an interest, for example, maybe your fine arts alumni group, a comic fan page, etc.
  9. 9. WHERE & HOW TO SHARE A friend’s blog or other relevant blogs that take submissions! This is a great way to drive relevant traffic to your shop, site, Facebook page, etc. TIP: Always include details on how they can connect with you via social media.
  10. 10. WHERE & HOW TO SHARE Other Social Channels Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, etc. TIP: Use relevant hashtags. Try:
  11. 11. WHAT TO SHARE A single project, a new comic for example, can be repurposed to create a lot of content so you can talk about the same topic for a while. Consistent activity will appeal to your audience to get them to continue to come back and take a look. Let’s look at an example for one content asset
  12. 12. WHAT TO SHARE  Give an overview of the premise of the story  Intrigue with details of the main character  Demonstrate how characters evolved  Talk about where you plan to take this story…Into a series? A set of web comics? Graphic novels?  Show a glimpse of a scene to intrigue them. If possible, definitely end with “read more here” You have options you just have to think about how you can pivot the content and use it in a similar yet different way.
  14. 14. CONSIDER THIS BEFORE YOU PUBLISH Your Content Is it Click/Link Worthy? Is it styled to appeal to both humans and machines? Does it offer a Visitor Journey?
  15. 15. IS YOUR CONTENT WORTHY? Is the title interesting enough to get clicked? Is the rich snippet text intriguing enough to get clicked? Rich snippet text is the text that automatically appears on Facebook, G+, etc. when you paste a link. This is often the first 55 characters of the text on that page.
  16. 16. IS IT VISUALLY APPEALING? Your goal is to create content people will watch or click on or even better, share. But first…  They must find your content (Search Engines, Social)  They must decide it is worth their time (Quality/Relevancy)
  17. 17. IS IT VISUALLY APPEALING? Engage visitors and appeal to search engines by:  Using visual aids  Tell the story in less words and break the text up.  Add alternative text and title the image or video something other than img123.  Avoiding dense paragraphs of text  Headers, images, and plenty of white space  Using section headers or numbered lists  Easy to scan  Meaningful
  18. 18. DOES IT CREATE A PATH? When a visitor is done reading what they came for, what do they do next? If you don’t tell them, they will likely leave. Offer a next step with a link such as:  Related posts or other content by you  Share this  Connect socially  See more photos here  Buy/Donate/ Attend upcoming event
  19. 19. LET YOUR PASSION SHOW Getting people to see your content is not an easy task but a key behind all of it is passion. All of you have it within you to explain and communicate what you are doing and let that passion show through!