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EDSU 534 Flipping the Classroom


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EDSU 534 Flipping the Classroom

  1. 1. What is a Flipped Classroom 0 Delivering lectures online as “Homework” 0 Shifting engagement activities into the classroom 0 Teachers spend classroom time directly with students 0 Teachers provide hands-on instruction and support.
  2. 2. Advantages of a Flipped Classroom 0 Active vs. Passive Learning 0 Self-Paced Instruction – Stop and Rewind 0 Multiple Learning Styles 0 Varied Instruction 0 Social Interaction 0 21st Century Preparation
  3. 3. Flipped Classroom Challenges 0 Non-universal accessibility – not all students have access 0 Teacher time and effort creating online lessons and activities Two Steps to Flipping a Class 0 First Step – Create a share a web-based video to deliver instruction 0 Second Step – Create learning activities to use during class time 0 Questions to Ask Yourself 0 How do I deliver instruction? 0 How proficient am I with technology? 0 What are my budget concerns?
  4. 4. Types of Online Instruction 0 Online Videos 0 Homemade videos to university lectures 0 Example: Integrative Biology 131 UC Berkeley 0 Narrated Screencasts – Recommended for this Class 0 Screen capture with narration 0 Example: Intro to Chemistry (Bergman & Sams) 0 Videotaped Lectures 0 Set up video camera, hit record, and give lesson 0 Example: Math Help Click on links for examples
  5. 5. Applications for Screencasting: Creating your Narrated Video 0 Menu of Resources and Tutorials - 0 Screencast-o-matic - 0 Help Videos - 0 Screenr - 0 0 screen-capture 0 0 Jing Video Capture (TechSmith) - (Requires Download) 0 Jing Tutorials - 0 Capture a Video - video.html
  6. 6. Apps for iPad and Android 0 Apps for Teaching and Presentation - 0 Explain Everything - iPad and Android 0 Show Me iPad App - 0 Screen Chomp by TechSmith iPad App- 0 Screencast Video Recorder for Android - reencastfree 0 Easy Screen Recorder (No Root) - sibility.recordable
  7. 7. Simpler Options: Images and Narration 0 Student Presentations - 0 Voicethread - 0 PowerPoint and Picasa - slideshows-with-narration 0 Prezi - 0 Collaboration Tutorials - 0 with-Prezi 0 Adding Sound to Prezi -
  8. 8. Tips for Effective Screencast 0 Write a script 0 Control your environment 0 Ensure clear, consistent audio 0 Use the proper aspect ratio 0 Hide personal information 0 Limit mouse movement 0 Share your video through YouTube 0 May choose Teacher Tube of Vimeo but embedding videos may not work
  9. 9. ARCS Motivational Model by John Keller 0 Attention 0 Stimulate the Senses 0 Promote Active Participation 0 Use Multiple Methods 0 Arouse Inquiry 0 Use Humor – but not too much! 0 Relevance 0 Use Familiar Terms 0 Show Future Worth 0 Demonstrate Present Value 0 Build on Existing Experience Attention Relevance Confidence Satisfaction
  10. 10. ARCS Motivational Model 0 Confidence 0 Develop Clear Objectives 0 Allow for Manageable Growth 0 Create Successful Outcomes 0 Provide Feedback 0 Allow for Learning Control 0 Satisfaction 0 Create Intrinsic Value 0 Show that Knowledge is Applicable 0 Provide Reinforcement 0 Offer Genuine Praise Video
  11. 11. Problem Based Learning Project Based Learning 0Student Centered 0Problem Based – Real Life Problems 0Self Directed 0Teachers as Guides 0Collaborative Buck Institute for Education
  12. 12. Project Based Lesson Plan
  13. 13. Project-Based Activities 0 Lesson Plan: Connected to Group Unit Plan 0 Edmodo: Upload Resources Files, Websites, etc. 0 Flipped Video: Provide Direct Instruction 0 Online Quiz: Check for Understanding
  14. 14. Planning your Video Presentation for Direct Instruction 0What my video presentation is about? 0Who is my audience? 0What do I want my audience to know, feel, or do? 0How will my video contribute to my project- based lesson? 0What subject matter content will I teach? 0How will my video help students learn the subject matter content?
  15. 15. Planning your Video for Flipping the Classroom 0 What will students do in the classroom after they have watched my video and viewed my resources? 0 What other resources do I want to show in my video? 0 How will I begin my presentation? 0 What will be in the middle part of my presentation? 0 How will I end my presentation? 0 What will I show or do to make my presentation interesting?
  16. 16. Creating a Script for your Flipped Video Click to View Tutorial Resources by Bill Myers
  17. 17. Collaborative Learning Activities in the Classroom Benefits 0 Constructivist Learning 0 Diverse Perspectives 0 Supportive 0 Social Development 0 Teamwork and Responsibility Strategies 0 Determine Topics for Group Work 0 Develop Operating Standards for Groups 0 Create Tasks that Require Collaboration 0 Offer a Means of Peer Evaluation 0 Create a Competition Amongst Groups 0 Be Conscious of Group Size and Ability 0 Assess Individual and Group Performance